National Instruments LENR Slide Show Now Available

Thanks to Daniele Passerini of for making available the slide show which was used in a recent presentation by Stefano Concezzi, director of National Instruments’ Science and Big Physics Segment at a July 2 meeting in Rome.

The presentation seems to have been intended to communicate that National Instruments is ready and available to work with researchers in the LENR field — that they see this as a valid scientific endeavor and they will help provide the hardware and software instrumentation that is required for the precision measuring that is needed.

Here are some notable quotes from the slideshow.

The term they use for LENR is “Anomolous Heat Generation” — which avoids controversial labels. They say:

An independent thesis research at the University of Texas at Austin found that more than 180 experiments around the world reported anomolous high production of excess heat in Pd-D [palladium-deuterium] or Ni-H [nickel-hydrogen]

Either there is an unknown physical event or there is a need of better measurements. In both cases NI can accelerate innovation and discovery.

NI says that they want to identify the top 10 researchers in this field and establish research cooperation relationships with them. In the slide show the researchers that they identified as people they are working with so far are:

Prof. Kim, Purdue University
Prof. Hagelstein, MIT
Dr. Mace, Los Alamos National Lab
Prof. Duncan, University of Missouri
Prof. Levi, University of Bologna
Prof. Violante, ENEA

In conclusion the slide show states:

There is an unknown physical event and there is a need of better measurements and control tools. NI is playing a role in accelerating innovation and discovery.

It seems clear from the way NI is reporting here that they want to be very cautious in how they present their involvement with LENR to the world. In their public stance they are able to have it both ways in fact; their instruments can either confirm the effect, or uncover the mistakes that may be leading to a false view. But while they are remaining neutral, by associating themselves with the top researchers in the field they are positioning themselves well to become a market leader in providing measurement systems and instrumentation if and when LENR becomes more widely adopted in research and industry.

  • The Plumber

    all these comments and the news are interesting. When lenr products hit the market I am sure I will be installing them at break neck speed. This will be great all plumbers and HVAC guys. I have a plan to take advantage of that. Great, outside of that, my real interest is in how we as individuals should play this. It is sure to be the biggest tech balloon so far.

    • The Plumber

      bubble not balloon, oops

  • Sanjeev

    Ni is developing a custom computer platform based on GPU processors and an associated library that will be capable of modeling LENR based quantum mechanical processes with a bent toward Bose Einstein Condensate theory. This math is very hard to solve and needs extreme processing power and speed.

    http:[email protected]/msg67729.html

    I do not know how accurate this info is, but here it is. NI has become the first major player in LENR, who is not in shadows.

    • Ged

      The information is accurate enough, it’s all right there in the slides. NI is even working with spintronics and quantum computing to try to crack this; and have said they confirmed Dr. Kim’s ELTB results.

      This is based on Dr. Kim’s work on Equivalent Linear Two Body systems leading to Bose-Einstein condensates, as I posted below. This theory shows how LENR works; which was featured in one of Dr. Kim’s published papers on the subject.

  • MatheuEdog

    Good work people. A pleasure to read!

  • Omega Z


    Watch for NEWS on Monday July 23,2012– About good news on Italy & the E-cat

    • Barry

      You’ve said that twice Omega. What’s going on?

      • admin

        I’d like to know, but I expect we’ll have to wait.

        • Barry

          But this is the age of instantaneous gratification. We’re going to have to wait for four days? Such cruelty.

  • GreenWin

    See re: potential fake Defkalion post “Leaving Greece…”

  • Red_Baron

    NI is an internationally recognized company, has a name and an image to protect, are clearly recognizing that there is an anomalous thermal phenomena to be investigated, are encouraging the research of this phenomenon and posing as employees in these investigations. A company as big important to only make such claims very solid indications of a phenomenon very promising and feasible. The Mitsubishi also investigating these phenomena. The Siemens is often cited as a partner in the use of heat to electric power generation, never denied or disproved these claims. Like most of us know Cold Fusion or LENR is real, no doubt. The question will be strong enough to break the resistance of the oligarchies and established power chains. Hopefully that can happen. Every day new facts corroborate that LENR is a real energy source, feasible and virtually inexhaustible. Let’s do our part to support, disseminate and inform everyone what is happening, what may be the biggest revolution experienced by contemporary society.

    Best regards to all.

    • admin

      Thanks, RB

      That’s my hope for this site. The way I see it, the LENR phenomenon should be the talk of TV news, university lectures, papers, mainstream web sites, political debates, etc. But that’s just me.

      • Red_Baron

        My dear friend, you are giving an excellent contribution, a good job. Let’s go on believing the coming changes.

        Best regards…

      • Dean DeHarpporte

        I certainly agree that LENR should be huge headlines all over the world if only because it WAS a huge press story in 1989. P&F said they had evidence of excess heat and that was enough to electrify the world. Today we have much better evidence by many more scientists of the very same thing: excess heat has been produced by LENR. Yet today the press is all but silent (kudos to 60 Minutes). WHY???

        I hope P&F live long enough to receive the Nobel, which they almost certainly will be awarded some day.

  • Barry

    “There is an unknown physical event and there
    is a need of better measurements and control
    tools. NI is playing a role in accelerating
    innovation and discovery.”
    It is great to hear NI say what so many scientist have refused to say for twenty three years. Thanks for the good work Daniele.

  • Bertuswonkel

    DGT gets lots of bad comments because they haven’t demonstrated anything. I am not so quick to judge considering that pons and fleishman got a lot of bad press because they released results before understanding what was going on, this made replication of the effect difficult. It seems to me that some caution is advised before making any bold statements. I think we will have to wait until 13th of august to see what they have to say at the ICCf conference, DGT is one of the first speakers,

    • freethinker

      Sorry, but I think the comparison between DFG and P&F is way outta line, you know…

      • Bertuswonkel

        I did not intent to compare people, I was comparing a situation. They always said the are going to present results at the right time and place. Now they are one of the first speakers on a larger international LENR conference. I am just saying, lets see what they have to say first.

        • dragon

          Well apparently, what they have to say is that they leave Greece.

  • Andre Blum

    Frank, that is a fine analysis you made: NI can claim fame by facilitating *both* the delivery of proof that LENR is real *and* the debunking of it.

    Still, the fact that after they had been intimate with Rossi (their spokeswoman has confirmed this) they seem to have widened their interest in LENR is a good sign, and in some way may be interpreted as endorsing Rossi (?)

    • jfab

      “may be interpreted as endorsing Rossi (?)”

      hmm… nope.

      • psi

        Actually, if you read the exchange, the NI spokeswoman directed readers back to Rossi’s original statement about the relationship. So, actually, yes, “may be interpreted as endorsing Rossi” regarding the relationship would be correct. It would not be correct to extend this to “endorsing Rossi” about anything else. The distinction is critical. What NI said endorsed Rossi’s statements about their relationship (questioned by Krivit) in the most emphatic way possible.

    • artefact

      At least they should got the impession that he means it serious.

    • daniel maris

      The conclusion is unambiguous. Anomalous heat reactions are real physical events. A conclusion is a conclusion, when all is said and done. Yes, they’re finessing things as you would expect a big company with many interests to do, but I think their view is clear.

  • GreenWin

    It makes sense that National Instruments would step in to sponsor (in part) some of the LENR/F&P Effect research. Not only will their equipment be promoted – but they are a company that likes to be seen leading state of the art science.

    If you note the mention of a thesis report from University Texas, Austin, – while I could not find a thesis paper I did come across this paper from Ed Storms and Dr. W. T. Grimshaw of The Energy Institute at University Texas:

    It addresses the skeptical criterion of Irving Langmuir’s “Symptoms of Pathological Science,” Carl Sagan’s “Baloney Detection Kit” and Shermer’s “Boundary Detection Kit.”

    The conclusion is: “The original claims made by Profs. Fleischmann and Pons stand and are now supported by a well documented body of work. When the criteria for science versus pseudoscience are applied to FPE, all of the criteria appear to be met. It is therefore concluded that FPE, and the research into its causes and conditions, are legitimate science rather than pseudoscience.”

  • Andre Blum

    In the twitter section I see this tweet from a guy named David Nygren:

    Defkalion leaving Greece! ? 2012-07-18 ‪#lenr‬ ‪#defkalion‬ ‪#ecat‬ ‪#coldfusion‬


    The link points to, and the complete contents of the letter by Xanthoulis posted there are:

    Defkalion Green Technologies is hard and and continuously working for the last two years to achieve the huge in usability phenomenon of cold fusion (LENR) which has the potential to change positively the global energy environment,
    by setting Greece in the epicenter of this and giving our country a new dynamic for economic growth.
    Noteworthy that similar research efforts take place around the world, creating a race where Defkalion seems to lead.
    Our company is upon it’s most critical decision up to now.
    Having spent our own resources, having created a group of loyal to the project Greek proffesionals (technicians, scientists, proffesors, economists etc) while not receiving any government support on our efforts, so far on our vision Greece was first.
    Many claimed that cold fusion is something impossible, let alone get done by a Greek company. The reality has prooved thas was not. Organizations like EU,(European Commission and European Parliament), NASA, US Navy, publicly traded companies from America, Canada, Germany and England and universities abroad have visited us and have turned their attention to our achievements. We believed that we will succeed and ultimately vindicated.

    Trying to “secure” that international prestige innovative technology for Greece, the last three months we communicate with investors by the term “We STAY in Greece.”
    Unfortunately the difficult and unpleasant situation that our country is undergoing finds investors negative. There follows the most critical during our existence decision. To have to leave our country so that another country benefits from our worldwide invention.

    We have very favorable proposals from Australia, Switzerland and Canada which we take into consideration.

    We thank those who believe in change and a better future.

    Defkalion Green Technologies

    • daniel maris

      Memo to DGT:

      You haven’t demonstrated anything, so don’t expect us to get excited by this.

    • GreenWin

      Nothing on their web site. This text derives from a Twitter account – unsigned and unverified. Any confirmation that this is an email written by Xanthoulis??

    • Sojourner Soo

      Please let it be Canada.

      • Hampus

        Sweden would not mind some more cold fusion factories, we already have rossi’s factory.

    • Andre Blum

      By the way, I’ve seen much(!) better english from Xanthoulis. Was this written in haste and/or anger?

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        It’s a (machine?) translation from Greek.

    • Bob

      Hmmm.. interesting.
      1) It does not surprise me that a government is so blind that they cannot see a possible gold mine staring them in the face.

      2) It does bother me a bit that a company “has too pull up roots” and move to another country to continue research. Investors care little about where the research is done. Canada may want you to build factories to produce the product for example, but they probably do not care about a one building / 15 employee research operation at this stage. Showing investors a working product will get the money, not where the building is located.

      If Defkalion states that this “abandonment” by the Greek government will now cause a long delay in reporting third party test results, then I would be VERY skeptical about thier true progress, product and if they even have anything. If they go ahead and release thier demos, data and third party names with a statement they are moving production somewhere else, then I would not be nearly as cautionary. Possibly even understanding.

      However, they cannot keep putting off “showing the goods” or they will have put the last nail in thier coffin so to speak.

      At least Rossi has said from day one that his proof will be selling units and has not made too many promises of third party tests, etc. (He has not sold any yet either, or at least to anyone willing to publicly acknowledge it anyway.)

      Who knows, but if Defkalion backs out on publishing third party testing now, they have clearly shown thier bluff and had to lay down a Pair of Deuces!

    • artefact
  • artefact

    the link to does not work.
    Thank you for your efforts,

  • Joseph Fine

    It’s Bose Einstein, not Bode Einstein. A lot of grad students and researchers are going to be writing their theses using NI equipment.

    -Joseph Fine

    • Andre Blum

      and it’s anomalous, not anomolous. 🙂

  • Ged

    Also of interest is the slide that states NI has confirmed Dr. Kim’s ELTB (Equivalent Linear Two Body) results. This is one of the theoretical models that predict and describe deuterium fusion (LENR aka Cold Fusion) events in a metal such as palladium, by generating a Bose-Einstein condensate. Dr. Kim has published this theory as applied to LENR back in 2010 (he’s been publishing about ELTB since 2002 at least: ).

    This seems to suggest that the mechanism of LENR may be the ELTB theory, as experimentally investigated by Dr. Kim and now confirmed (in what context?) by NI.

    • Ged

      Ah man, my post is still in moderation.