Cold Fusion to be Featured on CNBC TV Tonight (July 17th)

This is just a reminder that tonight there will be a program entitled “Scientific Breakthroughs” broadcast on the US financial cable network CNBC which will feature a segment about cold fusion. You can read the billing for the show here.

The program will be aired at 9:00 p.m. ET and again at midnight. There does not appear to be any live streaming of broadcasting from CNBC on the Internet, so it looks like you will need to have access to CNBC programming on your TV to watch it live.

I thought I would put up an open thread here so that people who are able to see the whow could report to other readers. The fact that the piece is showing tonight indicates that there are people in influential positions in finance and the media paying at least a bit of attention to the cold fusion story. I guess we will see tonight how up-to-date CNBC is on what is going on.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can report back to the site about the contents of the show!

  • Joseph Fine

    I watched the program last night. It covered Michael McKubre’s work at SRI on Palladium & Deuterium and also mentioned work by the Naval Research Lab, also on Pd/D systems. The show also covered Rob Duncan’s visit to Energetics Technologies in Israel. There was absolutely zero mention of Nickel Hydrogen systems or anything at all about Leonardo Corp/(Rossi) or Defkalion. In my opinion, the coverage of the Large Hadron Collider was much more interesting.


    • petrolero

      sounds like the regurgitated 60 minutes show of a few years back. No new information on cold fusion for the masses!

      • Ged

        Well, to be fair to the CNBC guys, there was some new information for people following up from 2009, if months old for us. And… not much of it.

    • joe j

      They should only cover legitimate science being done by reputable scientists.

  • georgehants

    Forget CNBC the N.Z. media has a wonderful report on Cold Fusion.

    At last, cold fusion
    18 July 2012Yes, that’s right — this is clearly a scam.
    What surprises me is that hucksters like this are allowed to get away with publishing these claims and invitations to “pre-order”. This is clearly an Aussie attempt so you’d think that the ACCC would be coming down on them like a tonne of bricks — perhaps they will — eventually.
    If you’re interested in a little more background on the claims made by this crowd, take a look at the “inventor’s” track record and the response of the existing science community to his claims. Wikipedia has a lot of good information on that.
    Read all at —

    • It’s like reading ‘mary yugo’s’ rabid maunderings on ECN from early last year, before he was banned first time around. Shame the ‘article’ isn’t signed – do they have crows in NZ? Its an online rag, so I wonder how many of their readers have followed the story at rather less biased sources and know the real score?

  • andreiko

    Vrijwel alle nieuwsmedia zijn afhankelijk van reclame van multinationale ondernemingen.Ik vind dit een groot probleem ,omdat op deze wijze het nieuws gestuurd kan worden door de multinationale ondernemingen met alle
    negatieve gevolgen voor””objectieve berichtgeving”” zo ook nog de invloed van overheden.

    Belangrijke ontwikkelingen voor de mensheid ,kunnen op deze manier vertraagd worden door manipulatie van de media en dus de burgers!

    De hoogstetijd om ons hier tegen te weren!

  • tv man

    Did anyone record the new one?

  • joe j

    The future of the human race is getting closer, just a few months to ignition. This is real science.

    NIF delivers 500 terawatt UV laser to fusion target

    • The NIF research has nothing to do with the creation of a power fusion reactor. They are gathering data that can be used to test computer codes used to simulate fusion. The data provides test cases that act as benchmarks that are compared with the simulations. The computer codes will be put to use in the design of atomic weapons.

      • joe j

        🙂 I don’t think you know what “computer codes” are.

    • alex

      It’s real somthin….

      How about expensive for starters. Hot Fusion is so wasteful.

    • Pat Plummer

      I had a classified invention with the US patent office for a few years related to Cold Fusion. Cold Fusion is a reality but involves a dewar of Superfluid Helium with transducers and the back ground on some of this work can be seen with the work of two fine scientists in this area in sololuminesence Doctor Putterman and Ken Suslick. The model for this work exists in our Unification of Physics book on Star Generatng System.I look forward to discussing this work with collaborators in a joint venture

      Pat Plummer 619-646-0375

  • GreenWin

    So far the CNBC 60 Minutes is simply a rerun of the 2009 segment.

    • cx

      thought so

      • Tyler

        Essentially a replay with a short intro added at the start and a small part at the end about University of Missouri Bob Duncan as well as McKubre continuing their research, but nothing else.

        Good 3yr old video about Pd+D but I’m disappointed they did not add anything new about NI+H.


        • s

          Please point us to any independently verified, peer reviewed documents that show Ni-H LENR delivers the COP and power output that many entities claim. If you can’t find any it’s likely the producers of the show couldn’t find any either.

          • Lu

            The show 60 Minutes likes to tell stories, the more controversial the better. It’s not necessarily about reporting factual data. I would say that LENR/Cold Fusion makes for quite an interesting story–true or false. That’s why many of us follow this site so closely.

          • Andrew Macleod

            While several people are claiming high output and power gains the video isn’t about what kind of gains they are getting…’s the fact that they are getting gains at all, something “science” had deemed impossible or poor measurements. As for a “peer” reviewed papers don’t even get me started on how flawed that whole system is, I will admit that the system is better than nothing but not by much.

            • Pachu

              +1 about the peer reviewed concepts you made.

            • Warthog

              IMO the future of “peer review” is a format exactly like this forum, with the full paper as the “article” and review comments (from anyone) beneath. Start the first few reviews with “requested reviewers” (open or anonymous, as they wish) and then open to anyone. Call it “OPEN REVIEWS” (like “OPEN SOURCE”).

    • GreenWin

      Very disappointing. Only the 15second wrap up mentioned Dr. Duncan’s expanded research at University Missouri “with 8-9 scientists,” and that Mike McKubre “continues his research.”

      NOTHING about the NASA videos or DARPA updates or Italians at CERN or commercial products coming to market. 60 Minutes of old crap – no wonder they licensed this to NBC – it cost em bupkess.

      Present day “press” does not exist.

      • Lu

        Thanks for posting. I expected the old version and then a bit of more of an update of stuff we already know (but it would have been nice to hear it at that level).

        Oh well. Although nothing really definitive has happened…yet. I expect that to change in the next 1-3 months and maybe then we’ll get a new episode on the Sunday night CBS version. The Rossi saga is worth a good episode by itself.

      • Ged

        That is an incredible let down. So much for their whole “updated” bit. Other than for a few seconds, which I guess is enough to count for them.

        I agree with Lu on what my expectations were. At least we know not to expect so much next time.

        • daniel maris

          The media have been a dead loss across the board. I think it underlines how much these days we are thrown back on our own resources through the internet.

          I don’t just mean it’s pathetic in terms of not confirming LENR – I would be equally happy if someone shone the torch on Rossi or DGT to find out what’s really going on or who that Fioravanti guy was – but – nothing, nada.

          • Ged

            Completely agreed on all points.

  • hadamhiram

    Will the content of this program be different than the previous 60 Minutes program aired in 2009? I hope it isn’t just a re-run. The 2009 segment is on youtube:

    • Ged

      It’s an updated production, from what they say. Similarly, there will be a segment on the LHC after the cold fusion one, which should be updated with the new stuff on the search for the Higgs.

  • Andrew MacLeod

    Dunno if this has been posted before. The video is kind of old however they have some pretty funny cut scenes between segments.

  • Methusela

    Someone posted some cnbc livestreams at ecatnews. Can’t check ’em as I’m using an iPad.

  • John E

    I am a little surprised that there has not been a presentation on LENR on the site.

    There are a number in the “community” that mention it, but never, from what O could tell, a presentation.

    Does anyone know anything about TED?

  • NJT

    This software may allow for watching TV programing (FREE they claim) on your PC running windows. I have not tried it and can’t as I use a Mac, but you be the judge…
    Here is the link:

    • Sojourner Soo

      A computer network technician informs me this software is dangerous and will do all sorts of nasty things to your computer.

  • cx

    Are u sure this is not a repeat of 2009 ep there’s was an article on pesn about this.

  • Veblin
    • Ged

      Thank you!

    • Veblin

      Sorry, some bad news.
      Those CNBC streams may be CNBC Europe and may not show the 60 minutes program. They have the same programing as CNBC USA when the stock market is open but have different programing at other times.

  • AstralProjectee

    Can someone record this show and put it on youtube for everyone?

  • CIHT fan

    It would have been on 60 minutes, 600 days ago, but for one working device publicly available.

  • georgehants

    It will be interesting to compare tonight’s show with the knowledge that most people on this page have.
    We are amongst the few Experts in the World on Cold Fusion.
    From a purely non-technical point of view we know more than any scientific, establishment or governmental “opinion experts” from the known knowledge that is in circulation.
    This cannot include clandestine research and investigation from agency’s that are not in the public domain.

    • georgehants

      When the BBC eventually do a report on Cold Fusion I wager the spokesperson will be some main-line academic who has never even heard of P&F except that they are well known frauds.
      He will talk in official, knowledgeable tones for public and media consumption that play down the facts of the story except to congratulate wonderful academia for it’s breakthrough.

      • georgehants

        Frank why are some of my comments going to moderation please.

        • Ged

          Mine have done that too at times. I think it’s just the system’s filter watching how rapidly we comment.

          • georgehants

            Ged, but that means the World has to sometimes wait to see our magnificent comments. Ha.

            • M. Hat

              It appears that Shaw cable which offers CNBC in Canada (I have it) is not going to carry this LENR program. Is it just a coincidence that they are headquartered in Alberta, the oil capital of Canada? Is this a simple oversight, or something more sinsiter?

        • dfnj

          Me too.

    • Antonella

      🙂 amazing but true!

    • georgehants

      When the BBC eventually do a report on Cold Fusion I wager the spokesperson will be some main-line academic who has never even heard of P&F except that they are well known crackpots.
      He will talk in official, knowledgeable tones for public and media consumption that play down the facts of the story except to congratulate wonderful academia for it’s breakthrough..

  • Ged

    Dang… I have no access to a TV for that. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be an internet stream. If anyone finds one, please post here (and likewise I will if I can). Cool that there is actually two airings.

    The other segments also look interesting.

    • Gary

      will be watching up here in Canada.