Brian Ahern to Announce ‘Nanonickel Breakthrough’ is Product of ‘Asymmetric Magnetism’

This short comment by Brian Ahern, CTO of Vibronic Energy, was posted on Peter Gluck’s Ergo Out web site today.

I am announcing the nanonickel breakthrough at the New Energy Symposium in NYC on Wednesday. I am saying the energy is real, repeatable and of useful output. I will also state that it is not of nuclear origin. I will say that it is a manifestation of asymmetric magnetism. This explains the lack of radiation accompanying my 21 watts of thermal excess power. Defkalion is getting even better results and others around the world are as well.

The energy landscape is going to change in a viral manner.

The New Energy Symposium is being held at 7 World Trade Center from July 17-19th, and Virbonic Energy Technologies is listed as one of the presenters there. Ahern has been working in the nickel-hydrogen reaction field for some time now, but neither he, or any other researcher in that field as far as I know has mentioned that the Ni-H reaction is a product of ‘asymmetric magnetism’. That sounds like something that would come from Steorn, rather than people working on LENR. Very curious.

  • ffonz

    CIHT fan on July 17, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    I don’t care about the explanation.
    Show the working device.
    Otherwise, it is just a load of crap.
    If you show a working device, you get my money,
    …and others will give you a nobel prize.

    So far..(out of all the Gibberish)..
    this earns my “Best Comment” award…
    [] for clarity of vision..
    [] for brevity of expression..
    [] for factual commonsense…
    [] and much more besides.

    Way To Go ‘CIHT fan’.
    []   : )


  • Bob

    It is now the 19th. I have heard no “big bang” announcements from any news networks on the revolutionary process that was to be announced by Mr. Ahern. Did he show up this time? Anyone have any information on what was presented?


    • Ged

      I’m wondering this myself. What happened?

    • Wayne

      He CANCELED !

      • admin

        Again? I know he backed out of a similar event last year — can you provide more info, or a link?


  • dfnj

    RE: “Asymmetric magnetism exceeds my quota of nonsensical jyberish for one day”

    Rossi’s E-Cat is the only true technology out there!

    • Barry

      Dave, you talk out of both sides of your mouth.

  • Stephen

    What the heck is “asymmetric magnetism”??

    Does anybody know a precise (or even vague) definition of that? Otherwise there is a very little difference between the statement up here and saying LENR is caused by an army of magic pixies…

    And also… if it is not nuclear, where the heck is the energy coming from? I really hope not from the magnetici field… oh no…

    • Ged

      That just means the magnetic field is stronger towards one direction than another. It takes energy to break magnetic symmetry. Take a look at this research investigating the effects of asymmetric magnetic fields on tunnel junctions . Nothing new or mysterious about asymmetric magnetic fields. They are an effect of energy, as you point out; they do not produce it.