Would You Buy a Domestic E-Cat? (New Poll)

Here’s a new poll for a new week. Since there has been so much discussion about the domestic E-Cats since we learned that self-refueling is not an option, (fuel cartridges will need to be installed by approved contractors), I thought it would be interesting to see how people feel about installing a domestic E-Cat in their home for the purpose of providing heat and hot water. Of course this assumes the E-Cat works as advertised and will become available for use in homes.

I have put a few different options for answers in the poll. Let me know if you think there should be another category. Also feel free to discuss your opinion on the matter in the comments below.

  • Larry

    I’m already on the list to get one of the first ones.

  • Compraria um E-Cat doméstico, desde que houvesse sério monitoramento na distribuição e comercialização; e desde que o custo/benefício evidenciasse vantagem significativa de produção de energia em relação às fontes convencionais – aqui no Brasil é a fonte hídrica (hidrelétricas).
    De nada valerá essa invenção (E-Cat) se o preço da energia for igual ou superior ao preço convencional.
    Porém, mesmo que seja ótimo investimento, pelo perfil político brasileiro, acredito que seria difícil essa tecnologia aqui chegar, em face das barreiras ideológicas, das ignorâncias sem explicações, das invejas, do medo do novo…


  • Stefan Flueler, Zurich

    > “Would you buy a domestic E-Cat ?”
    It depends. If I should happen to stumble upon a
    working LENR reactor (e-cat), which is able to produce
    the claimed massive amounts of heat engergy without
    any energy input from the surrounding world, except an
    initial input of electrical energy and only sustained
    afterwards by a slow flux of hydrogen gas, I would buy

  • Tim

    I don’t see any reason to have have one in the house (with installation, maintenance etc )

    I just want this tech to be used to produce very cheap and green electricity

  • In French, we have an expression : ” to put the plow before the oxes ! ” ( placer la charrue avant les boeufs ) to explain that the acts are done in the wrong order. Yes, Mr Rossi, we would buy an e-cat, but you must before really convince peoples that it works !

  • GreenWin

    Frank and all, this looks to be impressive:

    “brian AhernJuly 16, 2012 2:48 PM

    Dr. Brian Ahern,

    I am announcing the nanonickel breakthrough at the New Energy Symposium in NYC on Wednesday. I am saying the energy is real, repeatable and of useful output. I will also state that it is not of nuclear origin. I will say that it is a manifestation of asymmetric magnetism. This explains the lack of radiation accompanying my 21 watts of thermal excess power. Defkalion is getting even better results and others around the world are as well.

    The energy landscape is going to change in a viral manner. “