Rossi: Certifier Requires E-Cat Fuel to be Changed by Contractors

I think this is the first piece of information that Rossi has released with regards to certification of the domestic E-Cats. On Saturday I sent this question to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

In the recent interview you held with Free Energy Systems you mentioned that the recharging of the fuel for the domestic E-Cat would be done by an approved contractor. In the past you have said that the consumer could replace their own fuel cartridges. Will this still be possible? Charges for service calls can be quite high, as you know — and if the recharge is as simple as changing the refill in a pen, it should not be a problem for most users.

Rossi replied:

You are right: I said so before the certification process; the certificator demands that the refuel is made by a certified operator.
Warm Regards,

So far Rossi has been very tight lipped about anything involved in the certification process but we now have learned a little about what their requirements are. Requiring a contractor to come to homes twice a year is going to add quite a lot of cost to the ownership of a domestic E-Cat — the service charge will cost far more than the fuel involved. Probably the concern of the certifiers is because of the possible exposure to toxic nickel powder, which seems rather overblown since the cartridge is probably tightly sealed until it is inserted into the E-Cat reactor. Anyone who pumps gasoline into a car is risking exposure to a toxic substance, and that doesn’t seem to be a safety concern in most places.

However Rossi is going to submit to the demands of the certifying bodies — he really has no choice if he wants to get these units on the market — but this news will probably be somewhat of a disappointment to the customers who, according to Rossi, have so far pre-ordered around 600,000 domestic units. This requirement will mean the cost of E-Cat power in the home will be more than many had hoped for.

  • Chris

    Before you put the new stuff in, you gotta get the old stuff out. Right?

    But anyway (unless Rossi’s claims are exaggerated or something), I predict lots of professionals requesting certification for doing the job. No doubt less cheap than the powder itself but, if certification is only based on safety matters, then competition ought to make things reasonable.

  • Stefan Flueler, Zurich

    > “E-Cat fuel only to be changed by contractors ?”
    Come on, if refueling is as easy as replenishing an ink pen, it will only be a matter of time until suppliers pop up, who sell the corresponding refueling kits off the shelf, detailed refueling instructions included.

  • Michael

    …when I red this article , my first thought went to Rockefeller and his petrol lamps: most of you will certainly remember that anecdote where old Rockefeller was giving away free thousands of petrol lamps, but then he told to the “end users ” of that present, that the lamp, to work would need to be filled of petrol, and the big business for Rockefeller where the sales of petrol! Here the big business, will be the ECat Ni powder and cartridge supply and installation.I hope that as every good italian, AR will find a way, after certifications, to by-pass legally the hurdles which will be posed by the various lobbies.A simple suggestion…. why not offer a week end crash course for customer, with a practice examination at the end: it would be for sure a a success .
    Anyway we should keep our eyes and ears more than open………

  • Gordon Docherty

    I get my (water-filled radiator) heating serviced once a year by a certified heating engineer. I would still need this to be done even with a Rossi Boiler (currently, the hot water is provided by a gas-fired boiler). So, if the e-cat were built to be recharged only once a year, then the cost of cartridge change-over would just roll up into the cost of servicing the heating – it would take no more than 5 minutes, less time than it takes to clean the gas boiler burners now (this is required to keep the gas “burning clean”). I know this is not a solution for everyone, but for all who currently have a gas-fired boiler with central heating, it’s a God-send. Of course, for electricity generation, the picture is slightly different but, then, just like the man with the red flag in front of a motor car, the likelihood is the need for a qualified cartridge changer will likely diminish. As I don’t have to hide from my car as it is filled up with all that explosive, poisonous, dangerous petrol or get an engineer in just to turn my gas boiler on and off, so I would rather expect a network of engineers to be on call more for the unusual issues and emergencies rather than just daily operation. Still, I suppose the “red-flag man” knee-jerk reaction was only to be expected – and will probably go the same way as things settle down and the fuddy-duddies move on to wave their sticks at some other newfangled thing…

  • Omega Z

    Would like to point out an overlooked Fact.

    E-cats are good for 6 months run time.

    The 1st E-cats will be used primarily for winter heating & possibly hot water needs during this time. How many months will you actually need it for this purpose. 3 to 4 months depending on where you live.

    Refills will not be required until you actually use it for 6 months running time. Not calender time. Also they would not be economical at all just for hot water use which is why I stated hot water needs only during heating season.

  • AnonyMole

    Rossi says “Boo!” and you guys go:

    • Boo? – does that mean he believes in ghosts?
    • If he believes in ghosts then he must be religious.
    • He must also think himself mortal.
    • And if he’s mortal then his time on Earth is limited, therefore
    • He’ll be announcing e-cat news sooner than later as
    • His fear of death and the unknown will weigh on his conscious so that
    • He releases the e-cat in an attempt to redeem his soul.

    • Barry

      One thing I like about E-cat world is, relatively, you don’t get inundated with negitivty. You might want to try it AnonyMole.

      • AnonyMole

        Serve me up a cup of reality and I’ll gulp it down. A plate of substantiated facts and I’m a glutton. Hearsay and “he said”‘s leave me feeling empty and suspicious.

        • Barry

          Come on AnonyMole, don’t tell me you’re a doubting Thomas.

        • Liriel

          Same here. So far, I’ve haven’t seen anything *really* substantial at all, and haven’t seen anything even slightly substantial in months. Just more and more talk, without substantiation. I really hope it’s all true, but I haven’t seen the evidence needed to support that.