I have very recently come across a bit of news from someone whom I consider trustworthy who has knowledge of developments surrounding the upcoming E-Cat test and report which gives an encouraging picture. If the plan that I have learned about is fulfilled, when the report comes out it could be quite convincing to the wider world. I am beginning to understand why recently Daniele Passerini of 22passi.blogspot.com has been so positive in his outlook. This is all I will say at the moment.

Andrea Rossi today said on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that the report of the testing will be published ‘within September’ — so there looks like there will be some more waiting. I believe that the wait may be worth it.


  • edog

    Very Good thread guys and girls!!
    Open minds are smart minds.
    Keep digging!!!!
    And thanks Frank for having a place like this! Much appreciated

  • Anonymole

    Oh good. More innuendo. More scuttlebutt. I live on this stuff. Breathe it even. If I had a nickel for every “Rossi up and coming news” event I could have afforded to move to Belize and ignore all this delicious non-news.