Why LENR Might Not Be Embraced (Guest Post)

Many thanks to E-Cat World Reader Adrian Hodson for sending this response to my article “Why LENR Will be Embraced” which was published on July 8th.

We all hope on this forum that LENR and the commercial e-cats are real and that they will trigger decent living for all humanity and a more peaceful world. However, in going about our daily lives, we may lose focus on the worlds most pressing problem: nuclear weapons.

  • The West has effectively failed to peacefully resolve the “conflict” with Iran.
  • The situation in the Middle East is a tinderbox.
    • Iran is Surrounded by US Troops in 10 countries.
    • Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said that the Islamic Republic has up to 150,000 missiles pointed at Israel.
  • The likelihood of a war with Iran this year is probably greater than 50%
    • The Iran War Dial: a high-profile panel of experts from the policy world, academia, and journalism to periodically predict the odds of conflict. Their most recent estimate of the odds of war with Iran within the next year is 36 %
  • The likelihood that nuclear weapons will be used is almost certain. All it would take would be a murderous attack in the narrow Straits of Hormuz, or a missile attack on Israel, of which there are 150 000 available.
    • The US believes it has nuclear supremacy. Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press wrote in Foreign Affairs in 2006, “Today, for the first time in almost 50 years, the United States stands on the verge of attaining nuclear primacy. It will probably soon be possible for the United States to destroy the long-range nuclear arsenals of Russia or China with a first strike.”
    • The US never renounced first use of nuclear weapons.
    • The US president has agreed on using nuclear weapons on Iran. President Obama has said “that he was carving out an exception for ‘outliers like Iran and North Korea’ that have violated or renounced the main treaty to halt nuclear proliferation. “
    • NATO promoted the first use of nuclear weapons in a report entitled “Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World: Renewing Transatlantic Partnership” Quote: “The first use of nuclear weapons must remain in the quiver of escalation as the ultimate instrument to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction” (p. 94) .
  • Once nuclear weapons have been used in the Middle East, global nuclear war is highly likely.
    • Ukrainian arms dealers smuggled 18 nuclear-capable cruise missiles to Iran and China in 1999-2001
    • It is alleged that if Israel was ever devastated by any kind of war or attack it would retaliate in indiscriminate “Samson Option” attacks against not just on Muslim cities, but against European and even Russian targets.
    • Human behavior is completely unpredictable in the face of existential threats.

Clearly, global nuclear war is a reason why LENR might not be embraced.

One possible way of preventing this apocalypse would be if the Iranians were to receive a public demonstration of LENR as an energy source. The above scenario then falls apart because the Iranians could not claim they need Uranium based nuclear energy.

Both the notable commercial LENR developers, Leonardo and Defkalion have expressed humanitarian reasons for developing their technology. I therefore call upon them to publicly demonstrate their devices in Iran, or at least address the Iranians when they publish news of their commercial developments. This is urgent. Tinkering with marketing schemes and refining prototypes are insignificant compared to what could happen in the coming months.

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Adrian Hodson

  • Mike Hatcher

    @Stefen, war is not always about profit. It most frequently comes down to differing principles and parties unwilling to compromise. There may be an element of profit but I know of no war where there was a “winner.” War is devastating to both sides and any “profit” merely offsets tremendous losses. War is about stubborn hatred on the part of the aggressor and defensiveness on the other party or parties. It always has been and always will be so.

    As far as the conflict in the middle east stopping LENR?? The author here is completely missing the point. Iran isn’t building nuclear weapons because they want energy and no amount of clean harmless energy is going to stop them from seeking after nukes. Your perspective on the situation is quite naive. If energy ever was even considered it is merely an excuse and sweeping it away by providing another solution will not solve the problem, for another excuse will replace it.

  • kwhilborn

    The sun exploding would also stop LENR, as would a huge renegade asteroid destroying Earth.

    This was the stupidest article I have ever read. Perhaps the author should get a job at yahoo news.

  • edog

    Eh?? Pretty out there!!
    WTF…. give Iran LENR tech and that will cool down mad religious extremists in power??
    Doubt it… Irans Leaders want nuke weapons so they can remain in control.

    Besides, at 2006 rates of export production, Iran’s oil reserves would last 98 years if no new oil was found… which could be a 1000 years if they are isolated and use their oil reserves at home.

    On a more serious note.. if you are looking at effects of possible LENR side effects.. Spanish coal miners are throwing stones, because the government(EU-Germany) wants to cut their industry subsides… Decentralised power generation would put these 30 000 miners out of work so quick their head lamps would spin…

    Maybe this is what we should be putting our thoughts and arguments into… serious fast real world effecting scenarios.. that may happen if Roosi has a real ecat in his bag …. comments??

  • renewable energy guy

    most wars are started by mistake…lets say Syria heats up…air battles commence and some how Iran sticks its nose in and and gets smacked a little, some missiles fly at Isreal…maybe a little mustard or sarin mixed in and boom…isreal drops a 50KT somewhere in Iran…

    maybe a near all out nuclear war is what its gonna take to get the world to cool off for a few decades…

    • GreenWin

      Sorry reg – most wars start with carefully made plans to make it appear to be a mistake.

  • Stefan Flueler, Zurich

    What has LENR to do with a war against Iran?

    War is much like an investment. You only do it, if there are real chances for a profit, or at least if you are rewarded a viable trade-off.
    From my point of view, there is no profit in sight regarding a possible war with Iran, neither for the U.S., nor for Israel.
    Simply, because the defense state of Iran has reached a point of “mutually assured destruction”, vs. Israel in any case. Regardless of Israel having a vivid interest to eliminate its major competitor for dominance in the Middle East, it won’t attack Iran, due to the prohibitively high costs which such a move is bearing.
    It was also in the strategic interest of Israel to attack the close Iranian proxy Syria at its weakest moment some months ago, but Israel idly sat there watching, instead of using that formidable opportunity to attack Damascus.
    The U.S. not even have the incentive of attacking Iran on the grounds of being their competitor. For them, the cost/benefit trade-off is even smaller than for Israel. Well, there’s a lot of oil and natural gas located in Iran. But already the Iraq war has been demonstrating the faultiness of such a motivation. That war cost the U.S. many times more than the war booty in terms of Iraqi oil and gas was worth. The U.S. went to war, because they were led by a completely inept president, who fell for the baseless arguments of the NeoCons (during the run-up, the then deputy defense minister Paul Wolfowitz even advertised the war against Iraq as being self-paying, due to the vast natural resources of Iraq).
    If LENR succeeded, making a case for a war against Iran would even be catchier, as LENR would diminish the worth of Iranian oil and gas considerably.


  • Sojourner Soo

    What a load of nonsensical anti-Iranian rubbish propaganda. That was a bust, eh Frank? Geez.

    • dfnj

      Iran is about the size and population of California. Iraq is about the size and population of New Jersey. Iran currently has 12 factories capable of producing weapons grade aluminum tubing that can be used in manufacturing centrifuges. Iran is too big to attack. The US military should stick with Granada Wars.

      The US has been at a constant state of war now for almost 70 years. The country is broke. WWII has been over for a while now. Time to close our military bases in Europe. To our European friends, PLEASE KICK US OUT!!!!

  • FlanOBrien

    I see no deconstruction of the facts posted. Facts are not politics. It seems most posters believe in MAD as a security measure, even in the Middle East. If nuclear war reduces humanity to the Stone-age, can the Ostrich posters please tell us in which store will they will be purchasing their ecats?

  • Anonymole

    Real reasons why LENR might not be adopted:

    • It’s not possible to build commercially viable units, regardless what AR/DGT might declare.

    • AR/DGT turn out to be frauds there by polluting the LENR mind share and casting cold fusion back into another P&F’esque dark age.

    • The oil cartel wakes up, shakes its lumbering head and clandestinely silences all LENR parties.

    • Rossi dies in a horrible run-away reactor fire along with an entire team of engineers. The Vatican publicly denounces LENR as the work of the devil.

    • Magic is discovered being used by a group of teenagers camped out in an ancient castle in Wales; statues of flying pigs are seen at the gates of said castle. “With magic who needs muggle energy?” stated one of the red headed youth.

    • Castro, in his final throes of death, has ordered one of Cuba’s secret cruise missiles to be launched at Miami. The retaliation by the U.S. sparks the Argentinians to launch their secret warheads at Paraguay, which sparks Australia to launch missiles at New Zealand (whom they say have those weak accents anyway and deserve to be annihilated). The result of course is the final extinction of the Kiwi bird species, the favored pet of the British Queen, who convinces Parliament to loose their arsenal at Ireland, those damn Aussi sympathizers). Well, the Irish are not happy about his, and close down all the Intel plants which, of course, is where the National Instruments A/D boards are made which, as we all know, is what all the LENR laboratories are using to run their experiments. Without A/D instrumentation LENR is history thereby quashing the last hope of the human race, nearly free energy by low energy nuclear reaction.

  • astralprojectee

    Cold fusion might be just what the Muslims need to free themselves. It would take a long time. But would be the fastest way to do it. That is not to say we would be Immune for attacks of a couple of decades at least. Perhaps we will have extremist sects for a long time but the majority can move to liberation.

    Now I propose that cold fusion companies try to set up a distributor in or close to Iran ASAP so that the people of Iran will be able to stand up and say we don’t need nuclear power. We have something much better. We don’t need war any more. We don’t need to fight Israel. Even though politics in Iran will never say that there are many radicals in Iran the support the current leaders that believe that we need to some how dismantle Israel, what ever that takes. We don’t need to fight for resources. As a matter of fact cold fusion companies could send some information of the liberating power of cold fusion technology too. So you not only show them that they don’t need nuclear power, but you also show them, the real power of this technology so that they can start liberating themselves mentally from brainwashing they do in Iran and other countries. Of course you would say that indirectly.

    youtube Iranium

  • dfnj

    Imagine a world in which each person in it is treated like a priceless piece of fine art.

  • dfnj

    Imagine a world in which each person in it is treated like a priceless piece of fine art.

    Here’s the problem with the governments of the world. It has nothing to do with the “system”. All the world’s problems have to do with people in power. The problem with power is it makes the people in power have contempt for the people under their influence. There is a point where the power-holder no longer respects the humanity (either out of fear or pity) of their subordinates. Something clicks inside the power-holder’s head and the power-holder no longer sees their subordinates as human beings but as sub-human animals. The golden rule no longer applies and “insects” are squashed in response to psychopathic emotions.

    The power-holder rationalizes their own behavior based on the idea that the sub-human scum are not deserving of any respect or human decency. Any respect given at all would mean the power-holder is no longer in power. This cycle of contempt by the power-holders gets repeated over and over again at every level of society.

    If humanity is going to make any progress, at some point we need to create new tactics to influence our leaders and people in positions of authority. We will need new tactics that will ease our leaders’ fears. These new tactics will have to be very subtle. So subtle that they would not create any additional fear-reaction in the power-holder. We need new tactics that will influence our leaders to never stop loving and respecting humanity. Otherwise, we will continue to see false-flag terrorist attacks in order to preserve the status-quo. Or some other type of extreme heinous attack against humanity.

    Changing the world is not going to come from LENR. If you want to change the world for the better, try to imagine a world in which each person in it is treated like a priceless piece of fine art.

    • dragon

      I remember when I was little, that when a kid was acting out (like trying to bark orders and such) to others, then the kids will just leave him alone and play with other kids. That was possible because the other kids were not dependent on the bad kid.
      So, with the prospect of decentralized LENR energy, maybe we will not be dependent on our leaders so much and will not play with them any more when they start becoming little monsters. That is how they will never get enough power to mess up with us. All modern leaders have too much power on their hands.

  • joe j

    Lots of speculation about the great things that could be done with the ecat. I think we need less speculation about what to do with an ecat and worry more about if there will be an ecat.

    The title should be “Why a Dilithium mediated warp drive Might Not Be Embraced”

    • dfnj

      How much time can you imagine if the big bang in our universe was the result of a star collapsing to a black hole in another dimension.

      For hundreds of years nature has always turn out to be much stranger than anything we could ever imagine. It’s not too hard to accept the possibility of a metal lattice collapsing from releasing heat could overcome the Coulomb barrier with ions trapped in the lattice. The lattice will breath and the world will have its energy.

      • joe j

        I can’t heat my home in winter with my imagination but i can with a Carrier gas furnace.

        Thanks to Exxon Mobil my family will not freeze to death, their survival does not depend on Rossi’s secret device.

        • Barry

          Thanks to Exxon Mobil I’m paying $800 a month in the winter. My familys finacial survival is a big concern. Revoulutionary inventions begin in the imagination.

  • When LENR is adopted countries such as Iran will fall in to poverty and the potential for nuclear war will be minimized.

    Even when LENR reaches mainstream media, the price of oil will crash to $20 to $40 US.

    It should be in the US governments highest priority to work with Rossi so they can control the technology and IP so banning sales of the e-cat to rogue countries.

    It would be way cheaper than what they spend on their defense budget just now!

    The US is almost broke. They can’t afford to attack Iran now or in the future!
    LENR I would think would be their only tangible option to per-sue.

    Not that I like the idea ha

    • astralprojectee

      I doubt Iran will fall into poverty once LENR is put into place. Unless everyone else gets cold fusion before them. It would all depend on if LENR would be available to them around the same time everyone else is getting LENR around the world.

    • dfnj

      I agree the US is broke. Time to close our European military bases. To our European friends out there, please, kick us out!!!

    • Omega Z


      I disagree. The last thing you want is for Iran or anyone else to fall into poverty. This provides the exact situation where recruits for causes come from. People who are down & out with nothing left to lose.

  • clovis

    Hi guys.
    Its nice to have a conversation without debate, and leave the politics and
    religon out of the conversation.
    Although i think that world politics will become more and more involved to a point where it all has to change.—smile

    • astralprojectee

      The things about LENR and politics is that it allows politics and voters to free up their time to focus not so much on the economy or healthcare or any of the major questions. But that resources can go to the things that have been neglected for a long time in Washington. Like legalizing medical marijuana, doctor assisted suicide with patient consent, closing all loopholes to corruption going on in politics. And then you can start focusing on really novel things.

  • Shane D.


    May I suggest you stick to what has already made this THE place to come to for the latest on LENR? Most of us don’t come here for politics.


  • John Tess

    Ridiculous and alarmist post. What does one thing have to do with the other. Dribbling on about Iran does and trying to tie it to a refusal to adopt LENR is a real longbow. I understand not much is happening with LENR at the moment but don’t pad out this site with self indulgent drivel. It serves no purpose whatsoever.

  • daniel maris

    Laughable analysis.

    Not to say that the threat of a nuclear disaster isn’t very real e.g. from some crazy incident in North Korea.

    However, the idea that the Iranians would have any interest in LENR (apart from preventing it) is risible.

    The best defence against nuclear war is to press for worldwide liberal democracy – there is after all no prospect of France launching a nuclear attack on the USA or Italy…no two democratic nations have ever gone to war with each other – it’s always been dictatorship versus democracy or dictatorship versus dictatorship.

    As someone else here said, one doesn’t come to this site for pathetic political diatribes and one will quickly stop coming if that’s all that’s on offer.

    What about the confirmation of LENR by the EU’s Directorate of Research
    and Innovation on the back of research by three respected organisations?

    Why haven’t you featured that?

    • John

      “no two democratic nations have ever gone to war with each other”

      Sorry but this is wrong. Hitler was democratically elected. He attacked the UK which was also a democracy. Bear in mind that Iran is also a democracy. Okay, it’s a corrupt democracy with vote rigging but it’s still a democracy.

  • Sandy

    The United States might offer to give Iran 1,000,000 E-Cats in exchange for Iran abandoning its uranium enrichment program. That offer would promote the adoption of LENR technology.

    And the use of uranium fission for electric power generation would gradually be phased out worldwide.

    • dfnj

      First, one E-Cat has to exist before you can manufacture 1,000,000 gifts.

  • daniel maris

    Laughable analysis.

    Not to say that the threat of a nuclear disaster isn’t very real e.g. from some crazy incident in North Korea.

    However, the idea that the Iranians would have any interest in LENR (apart from preventing it) is risible.

    The best defence against nuclear war is to press for worldwide liberal democracy – there is after all no prospect of France launching a nuclear attack on the USA or Italy…no two democratic nations have ever gone to war with each other – it’s always been dictatorship versus democracy or dictatorship versus dictatorship.

    As someone else here, one doesn’t come to this site for pathetic political diatribes and one will quickly stop coming if that’s all that’s on offer.

    What about the confirmation of LENR by the EU’s Directorate of Research
    and Innovation on the back of research by three respected organisations?

    Why haven’t you featured that.

  • GreenWin

    M. Hodson might just as well take his shoe off and pound the podium, shouting Weapons of Mass Destruction!! This is the mainline FUD used by the political elite to terrify the public. Which itself is interesting signalling a final desperate attempt to derail the introduction of abundant, low cost energy. But Mr. Hodson is an extreme cynic to think the American people will fall for yet another war mongering cry – this time against Iran. Here is the purported “enemy:”


    LENR will make its introduction and the world will have one less vital commodity to fight over. And FYI Mr. Hodson, Iranians have access to the internet and those interested in nuclear physics are well aware of cold fusion and its progress. Iran is spending all of $7.6M (the crumpet budget for ITER) on “fusion.” Very scary.


    • freethinker

      So now when we are done with this “bunk”, can we discuss AR and ECAT some?

      On the question ” 1. Will the report be sent to PESN for public viewing within the month of July, August or after?” in JONP from Mark Saker, AR respond : “within September”. Is this the validation report on 600 deg ECAT? I think so. It is amazing how the tantalizing few weeks turn into months…

      • GreenWin

        You sure you’re in the right place?

  • vbasic

    I visit this website for information on the E-cat, LENR, ‘cold fusion’, Andrea Rossi and his competitors. Not a political diatribe. Horrible.
    From the title, I was expecting an analysis of situations where even with successful LENR products, people may not buy. Which was an interesting concept. As others noted this isn’t it.

  • Jason

    The disagreement with Iran is similar to the war on Iraq. Iraq was invaded because Sadam Husein started selling oil for Euros instead of dollars. The weapons of mass destruction were economic and financial. Iran is in the most risk of being attacked because they are now selling oil for gold and Indian rupies. Momar Qudafe was removed because he was introducing the gold duram for his country. Global trade is settled in dollars and the dollar is backed by the military machine. If oil is not traded in dollars you can expect those trillions of dollars to find their way back to the USA resulting in hyperinflation. If oil is no longer needed to the same extent because of the decades long rollout of LENR technology the petro dollar collapse might be slow enough to avoid a hyperinflationary depression in the US.

    • Nono242

      Totally agree with this analysis. The main risk for LENR not to be embraced comes from petro dollar industries/companies. And by extension the governments from where those industries are implanted /alleged: See here US, and EU.

  • Sheikh Mubarak

    The year 2012 is very critical – Could be the end of the world.

  • Robert Mockan

    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” – Albert Einstein

    And maybe after the insane oligarchs of the world are all dead we can finally have… civilization. Some LENR reactors would be nice to have around then.

    • dragon

      If I remember correctly, that is the prediction of Star Trek First Contact: in 2063 the world is decades after a great nuclear war (probably finished second decade of 2000) that left the few survivors with almost no working civilization at all, for many decades. The only event that changed that situation for better was contact with another civilization.

  • I feel this essay was ridiculous. The US would not use nuclear weapons against Iran, and it would do everything it can to prevent Israel from using them. All the missiles Iran has won’t help it over come US aerial attacks on their launch facilities. The post reflects a certain degree of panic over the reality of Rossi’s claims. I believe the author hopes to persuade Rossi to come out into the open with his devices and his plans by creating an implausible scenario where Rossi can claim he is saving the world. While the goal of the essay may be laudable, it is so unlikely to succeed as to be quixotic.

    • psi

      While I have grown allergic to the word “ridiculous” on account of its frequent use to describe things that to me are reasonably obvious, I tend to agree that a scenario of US first use of nuclear weapons in Iran is to a very high degree unlikely. The boldness of the request is, on the other hand, highly quixotic and the alleged benefits unlikely to proceed from the requested actions. Let us all hope that serious conflict with Iran can still be avoided. The Iranian people are very far from anti-American. Iran is a young and eager nation with bad leadership.

    • GreenWin

      Quixotic is an endearing term. This is more comic.

  • Daniel M. Basso

    Would you care to explain what sense does it make for Israel to attack European cities?

    • Robert Mockan

      Many people are clinically insane. What they do does not have to make sense, even to them.

  • dragon

    There is more to this Iran War than just pure economic reasons, aka oil. There is an underlying problem with letting China going forward the way China wants.
    USA, if it goes to war with Iran, it is not because of Israel, but to contain China on the resources level. The only way US can stay super power is to effectively make China a colony of the West. And it will try that by forcing China to go to resources through USA only, aka USA will manage China resources the way USA wants.
    That is why the war is in the air. It is all about China (and Russia to go along with it).

    So LENR will be great to have and to show to the Iranians. But the real war is about China.

    • China is already working hard on LENR. Almost all of the co-authors on papers done by Randell Mills’ hydrino reactors are either Chinese or Indians. Unfortunately, although it will certainly change the equation, there is little chance that we will beat China and India to the first commerical use of LENR. They spend real money on it!

    • dragon

      As military strategist Carl Von Clausewitz once said, war is just an extension of politics by other means.

      In the end … USA and the Europeans are fighting China, not the other little players.

      So if war comes, it is not about energy, it is about jobs. Do you think your kids will have jobs 20-30 years from now? If not, you understand what is the next war about.


  • AB

    Iran should have nuclear bombs so the US cannot threaten them with war. As much as I dislike them, nuclear weapons have contributed to lasting peace.

    • Robert Mockan

      Actually, without a delivery system, nuclear bombs are not much of a deterrent. On the other hand, ballistic missiles with multiple warheads, moving around continuously by rail and covered so the enemy never knows exactly where they are, ready to launch at a moments notice, and targeting all your enemies bunkers where the insane oligarchs plan to hide when the word goes out to destroy them… now that would be a deterrent. A defense against invasion, occupation, or attack by any enemy using weapons of mass financial destruction. No need to target major cities or the mass populations of other countries. Just target the insane oligarchs, when they run, and where they hide. Insure that the insane oligarchs die in a conflict, and a lasting peace will break out everywhere on earth.

      • dragon

        Until the next batch of insane oligarchs will take their place.

        • astralprojectee

          This can only go on so long until the truth of reality permeates everywhere and everyone will be liberated by truth. In the meantime we are still evolving to the point.

    • at last an intelligent comment.

      Nuclear bomb in geostrategy is known to be a tool to sanctuarize the homeland. it is not an aggressive weapon, except if like US you try to build a shield.

      Iran is a straneg country, that fall into a theocracy, after a long period of a classic CIA-installed dictatorship, and after CIA dump the dictator.

      it is much more educated, especially girls, than many pretended to be rich countries.
      there is a big demand of human right and privacy, that is blocked by the “council of expert” (in religion), that capture all real power and prevent elected leaders like achmad dinejad to have any real power.

      It is straneg to imagine, but achmad Dinejad was chosen because it is not a religious but a nationalist. the bomb is a theater play to pretend he does something, and also to protect homeland from US bombing. It was decided when US invaded Iraq, and clearly planned to invade Iran just after. Hopefully/sadly it get the anticipated stupidity and horror that we know (in fact that we only see the surface. most of the losses are not soldiers but families, education,future, hope, peace, love…).

      Aggressive message agains Israel is an easy comedy, to please his opinion, and to forget that the real enemy is …
      SAUDI arabia, PAKISTANESE talibans…
      hopefully/sadly the geostrategic and historical culture of US mass (and to a lesser point of europe), prevent people to understand that.

      Iran, when it will soon have busted the council of expert will be an emerging democracy, with a strong state to protect the law, and thus with time, the human right.
      much better hope than Mexico.

      I imagine rationally tha US leaders, like eropean leaders are only playin theater about Iran bomb, just to please israeli and their undeducated opinions.

      Israeal, it is sad for me to admit, and it is confirmed by friend locally, is the real bomb in the zone.
      You can see how the treated their only possible allies around, Lebanon, Egypt, … more stupidity is hard to imagine. This country have nomore rationality, and it is the only one, much before north Korea, that I imagine being able to use the nuclear bomb, because it is becoming a democratic theocracy, worse even tha Iran, because at least Iran is an oligarchic theocracy, having a brain in private.
      Israel have the brain of an armed homeless under LSD pursued by a gang of imaginary hounds in the forest.
      On the opposite Iran is a mafioso family suspecting the other big mafioso family to have put a contract on them, and trying to convince them to hold it, or they will kill the boss daughter.

      For now Iran seems to go toward a now kind of strategy, just deterring attacks with the “capacity to build the bomb soon”… a colder war.

      about LENR, it can cool down the local temperature about Oil…
      it will block the cash flow of the Saudi, so they stop infecting all the muslim and semi-muslim world with their well financed sectarian ideas.

      by theway, note the followig facts (I am married with someone in that domain of competence):
      – US have supported the brother muslim in egypt (and support them globally) because they have the potential to unify the zone
      – Saudi is financing the rebellion in Syria, which mean that we can expect a Taliban-like revolution after.

      If you are afraid of bombs, look for the Israeli first, then the Pakistani (and Saudi), then US non nuclear forces (but I hope they are calmed now)…

  • Ged

    Since Iran does not have nuclear weapons, it’s highly unlikely the US would ever use them. The US is far too oriented towards conventional wars, hence why it never used its arsenal in any other war since the last, desperate days of WWII.

    On the other hand, Israel may well use its nukes on Iran if Iran launched a full scale attack. This in and of itself is not apocalyptic, as Israel has a limited arsenal. However, such a sudden conflict may drag other nations in, such as Pakistan; who would have a perfect opportunity to finally attack its long standing foe, India. Both of which have larger nuclear arsenals and the will to use them.

    For the US, such a war probably wouldn’t affect us much in a direct sense (other than economic repercussions, which could be devastating); but for all of eastern Europe and Asia whom would have to deal with the fallout, it could have dire consequences.

    I agree with Zedshort. This has very little to do with LENR.

    Only thing that would really keep LENR from being embraced from what I see, is either an alternative that beats it out in every metric, or collapse of civilization. But neither is worth worrying about (though the former would be awesome).

  • The posting of this “topic” is foolish. Nowhere in the article does it make the case for why LENR will not be embraced. In fact, toward the end of the article it suggests that only by a demonstration to Iran of LENR can a peaceful coexistent by achieved. I want public demonstrations, you want public demonstrations, we all want public demonstrations of LENR and this is another weird contortion of that demand. This is only another of an infinite sequence of articles that wish to usurp some type of authority by shouting about danger and instilling fear in the reader. Listen to me, listen to me, “Be fearful, be very, very fearful.” Pure bunk.

    • GreenWin

      Agree 100 percent. Bunk.

      • Barry