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I have just added a new forums page to E-Cat World. You will see the link on the menu bar above. I had created some forum space last year, but activity was not very heavy and I deleted them (I think an unused forum is rather a sad thing to see). Since there seems to be an uptick in interest and participation here I have decided to put the forum page up again and see what happens. I hope it is a useful addition to the site — it will be a place where readers can start their own threads and discuss with other readers. I plan on getting involved there, too!

Please remember that the posting rules for the site will apply for the forums too — and will be enforced. I am using Vanilla software for the forums, and so you will need to create a separate login even if you have already registered for the main site (which runs on WordPress). If you had a login for the old forum, I’m sorry to say it has been deleted, so you’ll need to re-register.

I hope that the forums will be useful to you and provide another venue for discussion of the world of LENR. It will allow people to post new topics, which are not always easy to find in the current comment sections under blog posts. I have created some general categories in which people can post their comments — those can always change, and I will be glad of your suggestions on how we could improve things over time.

Thanks to all the users who help make this an enjoyable place on the web. I am delighted that there are so many well informed and good spirited folks participating here!

Frank (admin)

  • GreenWin

    Andrew Breznick “The Future Of LENR And Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Discusses The E-Cat” One interesting note is the use of AISI 310 steel for the reaction vessel – speced temperature at up to 1149C. This would appear more than adequate for the 600C e-cats.

  • GreenWin

    Brian Westenhaus at OilPrice has updated their CF Progress Report – this is more stage setting for the disruptive news coming:

    In other “news” Krvit is still trying to convince the world the production of tritium, He4, low energy gamma, elemental transmutations, and excess heat does not constitute fusion. He posts today a dialog with an unidentified journalist and makes the following claim:

    “Mainstream scientists knew this, and this is precisely why so many of them treated it with contempt and still do.

    JOURNALIST: I’m not sure what this means. Mainstream scientists knew what? That cold fusion experiments weren’t, in fact, cold fusion?

    KRVIT: Yes, you are correct. Mainstream scientists knew that LENR did not look like fusion. It failed the Duck Test. They knew it didn’t walk like fusion, didn’t talk like fusion, and therefore wasn’t fusion.”

    This attempt to hair-split in order to save mainstream science face seems desperate. And why treat a curious, fascinating effect like F&P with “contempt?”

    “To err is to wander and wandering is the way we discover the world, and lost in thought it is also the way we discover ourselves.” Kathryn Schulz, Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error

    • AB

      You may dislike Krivit for his blatantly obvious agenda against everyone not endorsing the WL theory, but as far as I know, there is not yet a satisfactory answer to the question as to what is happening in LENR or cold fusion. Since the WL theory is being taken seriously by NASA and other noteworthy groups, one shouldn’t dismiss it yet. It might actually turn out to be correct.

      I agree that Krvit is dishonest here – the WL theory has not yet been proven to be correct so he shouldn’t try to present it as THE explanation for LENR.

      • GreenWin

        No dislike of Krvit, but I do question the agenda to whitewash the reprehensible reaction of mainstream science to F&P. Anomolous heat and indications of nuclear byproducts should never elicit “contempt” from a real scientist.

        “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” William Paley

        As for the WL theory science, there are MANY problems unexplained as noted by Peter Thieberger,PhD Brookhaven National Lab:

        How does a “heavy electron” accumulate a 1MeV charge e.g.??

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Full video of Stefano Concezzi (National Instruments)’s segment during the last LENR Workshop at the Italian Parliament house in Rome.
    Slides (in English) can be seen:

    • Ivan Mohorovicic
      • AB

        Dr. Mace from Los Alamos National Labs is new to me and judging from a quick (and admittedly superficial) Google search he is not mentioned in connection with existing LENR research. I’m guessing he is new to the field – that would be good news. Nothing says renewed interest in LENR as new researchers working on it.

        • Ged

          Very interesting indeed. LANL has produced some incredible research, having their hands in this pie makes me seriously look forward to what they determine.

        • GreenWin

          Douglas G. Tasker, Jonathan L. Mace, Steven J. Pemberton – all LANL scientists who have published work on the Fleischmann Pons Effect:

          You can be assured there are lots of scientists working on this phenomenon these days – many of whom we have not heard from. That is changing rapidly as the community realizes the publish LENR or perish syllogism.

  • georgehants

    Frank, may be better to just have the forums page,
    then add your leaders as a new forum topic.
    May be less confusing to just have one page for comments.
    Also for forum comments to be sorted by latest comments move the topic to the top.
    Might already do that I suppose.

    • georgehants

      Ha, the latest comments on the forum do move to the top.
      Best as old topics move down and new popular ones keep going.
      Also do not have to search for latest comments.

  • When there’s no news, you have to find something to do…

    • Ged

      We just had a flurry of news. It’s a good time for a break.

  • Sanjeev

    Joined !

    Thanks Frank. The time is ripe now to discuss this stuff seriously rather than an occasional comment here and there.