“Photos Will be Published”

This is very brief, but I thought this would be of interest to readers here. This exchange was just posted on Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Question: “Please ing. Rossi post some pictures of your twenty 600° reactors at works.”

Rossi’s answer: “Photos will be published along with the report.”

Photos in and of themselves are not going to be the kind of thing that will convince people of the validity of Rossi’s claim about the E-Cat, but if they are published alongside a convincing report with third party validation, it could help provide a solid bank of evidence. It also would just be interesting to all the people who want to know as much as possible about this project and have yet to see what we have been talking about for a long time.

  • CIHT fan

    Few weeks, some school kids in Italy showed the design of a lenr heat producer with all details, called Athanor.
    Not one person or entity has been able to replicate that!
    What is missing here?

    • Ged

      There have been attempts to? I would love to see the reports, as I haven’t heard anything.

    • dragon

      The last info on this is from this blog/forum:


      Email from Ugo Abundo to Daniele Passerini.

      “by: Hugh Abundo
      a: Daniele Passerini (22passi) to: Daniele Passerini (22passi)
      cc: [omitted], Francesco Celani, Domenico Cirillo, [YYY]
      data: 24 giugno 2012 20:33 Date: June 24, 2012 20:33
      oggetto: Re: ipotesi Abundo Subject: Re: hypothesis Abundo

      We will have something to say well, I hope, we are always confronted propositivamente, we now have the opportunity to make known officially a collective point of view.

      A group is building in Ostia a copy of the reactor to replicate the tests
      – [ZZZ] has already built a replica and is beginning the tests
      – At [omitted] of Rome, Faculty of [omitted], we have made ​​arrangements to conduct their responses and measures to
      – [XXX] is a volcano, is building a device that turns the problem of measuring the yields and will probably rise because it allows to tune the behavior of the phenomenon on the exact needs of the plasma
      – And finally we have prepared our laboratory almost “post-Pirelli”, but in the meantime we have been working with the firm because, in addition to having built two reactors calibration (one to the other cathode resistor and carbon), we with a specific group of competent laboratory will be available soon, “unleash hell”.
      In a few days I will provide to provide a framework document to Daniel of these activities: plans, photos etc..

      Many warm greetings to all.
      C. Hugh Abundo & C.”

      So, they are preparing something with some yet unkown company and other labs in order to “unleash hell”. Sounds promissing.

  • georgehants

    The Ultimate E-Cat Cold Fusion Transmutation
    Our world is a harsh place that can induce despair in the hearts of many, but the E-Cat cold fusion technology is about to provide the ultimate transmutation.
    By Hank Mills
    Pure Energy Systems News

    • jacob

      georgehants, thank you for the link, i can totally relate to Hank Mills and his very well rounded story, which gives a clearer picture of reality and would like to encourage everyone to read his story ,and maybe read it twice,it gives many clues that may go way beyond current accepted big bang hogwash ,and we may well enter a new age of hope for tomorrow, where we as a human family can provide a better world for our loved ones and really will be able to feed all hungry mouth’s on this planet, a new age of abundance may well be, just around the corner.

      Thank you, Hank

      • Kim


        Thanks Hank


    • GreenWin

      Very well said Hank. Thank you.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Regarding the possibility of a Popular Science article forthcoming as mentioned recently and the comments about the 1993 treatment of the subject in that publication I looked up the 1993 article. It is available to read (preview complete article) at the following google books site.


    Having read the article there I have to say that I found it very interesting, informative and as balanced as we could possibly expect? Really, I was favorably impressed and look forward to seeing what they have to say now.

    I’m thinking about buying a copy of the magazine as the cover says “Cold Fusion, Fact or Fantasy”. It will look nice next to my collection of pure nickel coins that will be arriving soon. I need a hydrogen focal point for my display. Any ideas?

    • Tyler

      Very interesting read indeed.

      I thought it was quite well balanced, showing both sides of the debate. A little eerie the quote from Eugene Mallove given what happened to him, “Cold fusion will end the oil-age beginning now. The so called scientists who slander cold fusion will eat mountains of crow. The party’s over for the science bigots, they are the walking dead.”

      Interesting the commentary also about Rothwell, McKubre, Storms, etc and the positive results in Japan/Italy.

      Looking at the ad in the magazine for a PC made me laugh. 486-25MHz with 1MB RAM. The PC has come a long, long way since then (from 1M transistors in 1993 to 2B transistors today), is it so inconceivable LENR could go from 1W to 10kW in the same 20 years?


      • Robert Mockan

        A problem with balancing is presenting two sides of a debate as if both sides are equally supported. In 1993 the experimental support for the heat effect was enormous. The skeptics had become emotional in extreme. They tried to refute the experimental evidence by implying, even in 1993, that the scientists were incompetent or worse. On the first page of the article the reader is exposed to terminology that biases any preconceived notions they may have about the subject. They are told about “audacious claims”, about “pathological science”, and how the “majority of physicists and chemists dismiss the claims”. Balanced? In my opinion no. I admit I am more used to scientific journal articles, so maybe I am mistaken about what constitutes balance in Popular Science articles. But the article is also sensationalized, and some quotes are inaccurate, taken out of context, or otherwise used to imply other than professional scientific conduct. For example the comment is made that there were 40 or so positive results after 1989 up to the time of the article. How about closer to 3000? The term “cold fusioneers” for another example. That description has never been applied by the scientists conducting research into the subject to themselves. Much of the article was about how it could not be fusion according to known science. In their 1989 publication Pons and Fleischmann in fact commented that the experimental evidence indicated an unknown nuclear process. I remember when I first read that article in 1993. It looks just as bad now as it did then to me.

        • NJT

          Robert, you are very astute scientist. Good critique of a very poor report. Lets hope this new guy can do better…

        • GreenWin

          Robert, the 1993 article was published under the auspices of the Times Mirror Company – a front line member of the mainstream media. Since then PopSci magazine was sold to the Bonnier Group – a Swedish multinational with a portfolio of media companies. Let’s hope the open mindedness in Swedish thinking allows this story to be far more even-handed than its predecessor.

  • Gisli

    Why are so many convinced that the e-cat will make the oil price crumble? I think it is possible that the long term effect of e-cat is that oil prices will remain high. II think it is possible that the economic boom that e-cats could generate in the whole world and I believe specially in the third world countries could give a boost to demand for oil and therefore that the price of oil could remain high. In the e-cat economy the oil price could be high without hurting economic growth.

    • dfnj

      Because oil prices are controlled by market speculators banking on peak oil and the aftermath.

  • GreenWin

    @ Georgehants:

    Skip over the skeptos and check this out: comment from an NPA paper “Bose-Einstein Condensate: Hidden Riches for New Forms of Technology and Energy Generation: Potential Glimpse into Inner Reality” Prof. Donald Reed, SUNY

    “The discernible trend is that in terms of the underlying contextual quantum engine possibly underpinning physical reality, everything is becoming, or at the very least is capable of masquerading as everything else. Beyond space and time we may find that physics could be the art of the inter-changeable. But in the proliferation of these startling masquerades, physical science is also taking on more than ever the aspect of creative art, in a medium that, with the advances of modern technology, is proving far less constraining than it once seemed.”

    Atoms mimicking photons, photons acting like atoms. Next we’ll discover we’re living in an artificial holographic world!!


    Have a lovely evening (in UK… I’m goin’ swimmin in USA)!

    • georgehants

      Thanks GreenWin, It’s a Wonderful World when one’s mind is open.
      Everything is possible, one just has to wait and see the things that many people thought where impossible arise.
      If they don’t then nothing lost, wait for the next Wonder.
      Peace everywhere.

    • Stephen Taylor

      Green Win, that’s a good find. The author seems quite enthusiastic regarding Y.E. Kim’s LENR theories and Bose Einstein Condensates in general. A difficult read for me but worth the effort to get what I could from it.

  • Sheikh Mubarak

    Actually nuclear power is giant ghost hiding inside the atom.

    • Ged

      You mean the Higgs Boson? Interesting application of that theory.

  • dfnj

    Strange response from warm regards below. How many products do you know are being sold for $1.5 million where the seller says, “Just buy one and all your questions will be answered.” I love Italy and the italians but $1.5 million is a lot of love.


    The 1 MW plant is on the market. If you want data, you need money.

    *Dear Antonella:
    You are right, anybody can buy a 1 MW plant and make all the tests he wants
    and obviously anybody is free to give information to anybody regarding a
    property of his.
    Warm Regards,

    On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 9:18 PM, Terry Blanton wrote:

    > On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 7:52 PM, Akira Shirakawa
    > wrote:
    > > On 2012-07-04 23:00, Jed Rothwell wrote:
    > >
    > >> I do not know why it is #12
    > >
    > >
    > > Maybe 12 stands for 2012 ?
    > >
    > > By the way, I posted here to point that apparently a Popular Science
    > writer
    > > was there and will be doing a 4000 words feature story.
    > >
    > > Source:
    > >
    > http://pesn.com/2012/07/07/9602127_Jim_Dunns_Report_on_LENR_conference_in_Williamsburg/
    > “Unfortunately, very few people believe Rossi is being honest and
    > forthright. He is gradually losing his followers and admirers. He
    > needs to promptly show some actual test data, and pictures of the 20
    > supposed 600C test units.”

    • Robert Mockan

      A Popular Science writer? The last big Popular Science article about cold fusion was in 1993. Even though there was ample evidence proving cold fusion back then the article was a political hack job done to discredit the entire cold fusion field. The major quotes in the article were by pathological skeptics, and political appointees nominated to discredit the research, and imply that the real scientists studying the field were all frauds.

      Since the media is much more controlled now than then, I expect Popular Science to remain true to form.

      • GreenWin

        Robert, unfortunately PopSci is another mainstream buff book tool of the of the insane oligarchs. Fortunately, no one takes it seriously:


        • jacob

          there was a time, where one could advertise high milage carburators or purchase plans for building free energy devices.
          such things are no longer advertised in the back pages of Popular Science,or Popular Mechanics, compare and get an old copy 30 years old to a new one today.

          Most Media and newspapers are owned by a few,not because they want to get rich,but used to control and manipulate people with hogwash,and used for propaganda to gain support for war mongering .

          • NJT

            Yes, Mother Earth News Magazine was a good read for alternative energy solutions (plans), but they too have nothing to say as far as LENR (Cold fusion) is concerned.

    • Don Witcher

      One of the points that the skeptics used to make about Rossi’s published test results and pictures was that the tests were never of sufficient duration to satisfy.

      Now the complaints are that Rossi is not publishing immediately everything he is doing in spite of the fact that there is an obvious need for long duration tests to prove a new reactor concept. Come on guys. You can’t have it both ways.

      • GreenWin

        Don, it’s like they’re… PAID to complain!

        • dfnj

          Yes, I get paid. Yes, I complain. But contrary to your delusions, the two are mutually exclusive.

          Have you ever seen Hagelstein present his data on the NANOR. Come on guys, we should expect something better from team-Rossi.

          • georgehants

            dfnj, I think we can give Rossi a little more time without abusing him and complaining to much.
            When he gets near to MIT and main-line sciences 23 years of proven fraud, denial and incompetence maybe we can start shouting.

            • Jimr

              I agree, however how much more time do we give him, the end of July,end of Aug, end of the year, end of 2013. He may still have problems in the control of his Ecats for years.

            • dfnj

              “abusing him” oh please!

              Two flags go up. First, when asking appropriate questions the cultists claim it is an ad hominem attack.

              Second flag, the conversation so easily shifts from being about the data to being about Rossi.

          • jacob

            dfnj,please don,t take it personal ,it is water under the bridge now ,all is forgiven , and GreenWin is far from having delusions,but you Dave, don’t have delusions either,but I know, we all have strong opinions about things,and we should give each other the freedom of choice to voice our opinions,this world would be a perfect place to live, if it wasn’t for the people,and Dave you have made some great comments,but let us not get stuck in the mud again.
            thank you both

  • dragon

    Regarding Jim Dunn`s PPT report for ILENRS-12, he is saying that (maybe he found out somehow there, from somebody that knows more inside story) Defkalion`s Hyperion Launch scheduled for August – possibly in US.

    If that is true, than in August, maybe at the time of ICCF-17, Defkalion will come out… with Hyperion (the smaller, maybe improved version of 5 reactors).

    • Sanjeev

      I’m not aware of any such official announcement by DGT. So it can be his guess at most. However DGT will present something in iccf17, it may or may not be about their launch.

      From their last press release, they are still in initial experimental and testing phase. I feel it will be difficult to go from here to a full product in one month.

  • I hope that the third party won’t be an Italian third party. Rossi has connections with at least one Swedish university and everyone knows that Swedes are trustworty.

    If the third party is from a country like Greece or Italy I don’t think people will trust it as much as if they are from Sweden, Germany, the US or the UK.

    Rossi should let a third party from a country other than Italy verify his reactors.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      What’s to keep this “verification” from becoming a repeat of what they did to F&P 23 years ago?

      • AB

        F&P did not have complete control of the reaction. Many factors were unknown. Most people that tried to replicate it failed (and a few who replicated successfully didn’t disclose it, but that’s a different story).

        A reactor that can be started and stopped at will is impossible to deny.

  • I think that if Rossi releases a quality report that has been done with proper scientific rigor, involving competent university personnel and a respected data collection and measuring company like National Instruments, it will cause more than a small ripple across the skeptosphere.


    • dfnj

      He hasn’t released a quality report so far. I doubt it will be any different than what he has done before. The so called “data” will be nothing more than opinions made by people Rossi believes are respected authority figures. Everything with Rossi is about respect more than product.

      I find it interesting the way you criticise the competition with your picture. This is not a pissing contest. It is amazing to me that the Rossi cultists think any questions posed are somehow ad hominem attacks against Rossi.

      • jacob

        Dave,give it some more time,more news will come,and R&D is unpredictable,as far as a time line is concerned, and yes Mr. Rossi has been overly optimistic as far as time is concerned,and I know he keeps doing it over and over again,it is a typical trait of an overly optimistic Inventer, he has the goods and I am sure changes in design are still being made as we speak,not because what they had didn’t work, but they keep improving the E-cats at the same time.
        I am a full time inventor,and I sell my inventions and all are custom built,and I speak from experience,and if I have to worry about some one copying my stuff I should just stay in bed.I am innovating my Industry and I welcome if someone wants to copy my inventions,and there have been many.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      What if Rossi’s “secret sauce” is SkeptoylentGreen?

      • GreenWin

        Egads Iggy, “SkeptoylentGreen… is PEOPLE!”

        • NJT

          Just the pathoskeptics – Uh, the Mary Ugo’s are not really intelligent forms of life…

  • scott thomas

    Seems like a great year for scientific discovery with both the higgs field and lenr being validated .

  • dfnj

    I sure want to believe in the hope. But if fossil fuel and the internet have not made any progress for humanity why would anyone think LENR would make any difference.

    It’s funny how people with incredibly strong opinions talk about taxes being too high have so little passion at all for how much the monopolies and cartels are charging for products and services. It does not matter how much we pay in taxes. What does matter is the purchasing power of our take home pay.

    New technology is NOT the answer to humanity’s problems. Our governments would rather have us dead than pay our retirement and healthcare benefits.

    I want to have hope. Sometimes I can imagine a World where each person in it is treated like a priceless piece of fine art. But not today.

    • Tom

      Did I read that right? Fossil fuel and Internet have not progressed humanity?! But if anything will surpass those achievements it’s LENR. If I can power everything in my life with a handfull of nickel and hydrogen, there’s not much left to tax.

      • LENR is only work, not fuel
        you can tax work.
        and consumption, that you consume with the cash you don’t pay for fuel…

        don’t think like in the previous century.

        LENR is productivity gain, thus it is good.
        question on how it will be shared depend on the political structure.

        • Tom

          Would I be wrong to say instead of paying money for tax, I could pay it in energy produced?

      • GreenWin

        Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

    • PersonFromPorlock

      It’s funny how people with incredibly strong opinions talk about taxes being too high have so little passion at all for how much the monopolies and cartels are charging for products and services.

      I think you’ll find that those who criticise high taxes also usually criticise the big government those taxes make possible as being the vehicle through which monopolies and cartels operate. Licensing, for instance, is a wonderful way to make a potential competitor’s start-up costs prohibitive.

    • Robert Mockan

      You said: “..Our governments would rather have us dead than pay our retirement and healthcare benefits.”

      Now THAT is a statement!

    • jacob

      Dave,I too believe a person should be treated special,and we are over taxed ,and taxed on our after tax income,but the system has failed,and we are upset,who is going to fix it,LENR is not going to solve all problems,but it is a step in the right direction.

  • Stephen Taylor

    More new information: This via vortex (thanks Lou)
    New experimental data in “Nature” supports our hypothesis
    Technical Update
    Lewis Larsen, President and CEO (Lattice Energy LLC)
    July 6, 2012

    [Open in new window]

  • Sanjeev


    “A Popular Science writer was there”

    Will the mass-media ban be lifted soon ?

    PS: His ppt is worth checking.

  • Claes

    I think Rossi has everything to gain by keeping as many as possible in the sceptics category until he’s gotten quite a distance along the way. His goal, of course, is to get these things out, not to convince anybody of the reality of the technology. Whether you, I or anybody else besides those directly involve believe in it or not is irrelevant. Becoming a blip on too many powerful industries’ radars too early can’t do anything except hurting him.

    • dfnj

      IMHO, he is only hurting his brand recognition by having questionable demonstrations like the one last October. He should remain quiet until his technology works absolutely perfectly.

      Pretty much everyone accepts something spectacular is going on with the excess heat in the LENR experiments. The real trick is being able to claim you have absolute control over the process. Saying you have achieve 600 degrees or you have a solid state device is pretty much meaningless in my humble opinion.

  • I wonder who will appear in the photos with AR. Will he follow DGT’s lead and mask their faces?

    Seeing twenty brand new E-Cats hooked up to an array of instruments will at least give an indication of how much money is being poured into the engineering effort.

    I just hope that massive gen-set is nowhere to be seen this time… That was a bit of a worry back in October last year.

    • GreenWin

      I have it on good rumor that Rossi will attend photo ops with Bill Clinton AND President Obama… and oddly, Willy Nelson (of bio-Willy fame.)

  • georgehants

    How Tepco glossed over Fukushima’s vulnerability
    Fukushima’s crippled Reactor 4. Photo: 5 July 2012 The authorities were “negligent” in preparing for a disaster, the report concludes
    The devastating conclusion that Japan’s Fukushima nuclear meltdown was an accident waiting to happen has grabbed the headlines.
    But the investigation has also unearthed worrying questions about the catastrophe and its human cost that deserve attention.
    Buried in the main body of the official report are new insights into how events unfolded and how as many as 60 local residents died as a result of the muddled response.
    Most coverage has rightly focused on the finding that the meltdown was a “man-made disaster” caused by unhealthy collusion between the power company Tepco and the government regulators meant to oversee it.
    That condemnation is all the more powerful when one thinks of the disaster’s implications: a national spasm of fear, genuine concern that the reactors were dangerously out of control and a human legacy in which thousands of people are still living as refugees.
    Long report here.

    • AB

      In my opinion, this article is damage control. The message is basically:

      “The disaster was ‘man-made’. As long as proper procedures are followed, nuclear power is safe. Most of the damage was caused by a psychologically unprepared TEPCO and government.”

      No mention of the effects of the escaped radiation or that forces of nature are not under human control and were underestimated.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      “a national spasm of fear, genuine concern that the reactors were dangerously out of control”
      All fomented by alarmists like you. Thousands die in tsunami and none die in nuke failure. Thousands die in tsunami but Hitchcock music only plays at nuke scene. Another day in the life of a anti-nuke religionist.
      Yes, LENR will be big improvement over nuclear but why squander your credibility by being a drama queen?

      • atanguy

        Iggy Dalrymple:
        You won’t mind if we can use your garden or your garage to store radioactive waste,I heard that Tepco has plenty of it and it’s safe,it won’t kill you or your children and grandchildren right away,except of course if there is tsunami,earthquake,flood,hurricane,etc.. But that never happen,except in the dreams,nightmares, of drama queens…

  • H. Hansson

    * Undated
    * Not signed

    This is just another message in the “almost pregnant” category.

    • H. Hansson

      ….referring to the Defkalion PDF.

  • FastBuck

    I noticed today that Defkalion posted a Press Release on their website on 6/29/12. Check it out:


    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      “Old” news, unfortunately.