Editorial in Oil Industry Trade Magazine Focuses on LENR Threat

Many thanks to reader Steve Jacobs who sent this comment today ( I just got home and approved it — all comments from first time posters are moderated)

“I am from the petroleum industry and LENR is now being watched closely. An article was just published in the July Journal of Petroleum Technology. I authored it. LENR is definitely on the radar.”

I was able to find an online version of the article which is a guest editorial in the JPT entitled “On the Precipice of a New Energy Source” co-authored by Steve Jacobs, COO of Decision Strategies, Patrick Leach, CEO of Decision Strategies, and David J. Nagel, CEO of NUCAT Energy.

Decision Strategies is a Houston, Texas based consulting firm that advises the petroleum, chemicals, and oilfield services industries. NUCAT Energy provides educational and consulting service in the field of LENR.

I thought the introduction was very thought provoking and appropriate. It starts out:

In the late 1850s, the whaling industry was in a veritable boom in the town of Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Business was great and many in the whaling industry believed that increased demand would continue for decades to come. But in 1859 oil was discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania by Edwin Drake. The rest is history.

That was 150 years ago. A small but increasing number of people around the world believe we are on a similar course, except that this time it is the petroleum industry that might be threatened.

The article then goes on to provide an overview of the history and current state of LENR, and discuss its very disruptive nature should it emerge as a useful source of energy.

The authors do not predict that LENR will definitely replace petroleum’s place as a primary energy source, but are willing to countenance that it is a real possibility. They emphasize that the petroleum industry needs to be prepared to deal with the possible disruptions that could come if LENR pans out to be a viable alternative energy source. They state:

If proven to work, what impact would LENR have on the petroleum industry? It is difficult to say for certain, but it would undoubtedly be significant. The vast preponderance of oil is used for transportation and heating which would now be competing with LENR. While there would still be need for petroleum chemicals and other applications, collectively these end uses represent less than about 20% of each barrel. Natural gas would not fare much better; its main applications are heating and electricity. If LENR works the impact on the petroleum industry, power generation and coal industry would be enormous.

It’s quite a significant thing in my opinion, for an article like this to be published in a respected publication in the petroleum industry. The Journal of Petroleum Technology is the official magazine of Society of Petroleum Engineers. I would not be surprised if this starts a conversation among professionals in the oil industies, and leads to more attention being paid to the emerging LENR story.

To read the article you will need to go to this link, http://www.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=116298 and choose ‘Contents’ from the menu at the top. The article begins on page 18.

For an html version, go here: http://www.mydigitalpublication.com//display_article.php?id=1104768

  • Jim O’

    It is significant that the industry folks are publicly acknowledging the threat to their industry. However I think it is very naive to imagine that they aren’t (at the highest levels)very aware and concerned about the threat. I would bet a large sum that they have been working behind the scenes for a long time supressing this and other alternative energy sources that threaten their global power. The humiliation of Pons and Flieschmann did not occur in a vacuum and the oil industry’s tentacles extend far beyond their government influence and have going back to JDR himself!

  • Albert Kimee

    Doesn’t Rossi also hold a patent on a process that turns toxic waste into oil? That is extremely useful like you say making synthetic oil. Rossi is so brilliant and we know the Nobel Prize is next!

  • GreenWin

    Turns out this story is actually bigger than it might seem. On a cursory look at Decision Strategies client list and an overview of their consulting services – they appear VERY well connected to worldwide petroleum.

    If one needed to leak the news of a disruptive energy source to the biggest energy players – Decision Strategies is a good choice.


    A post by Gordon suggests the petroleum industry could weather this transition reasonably well by marketing the chemical feedstock use of oil. As consumer demand for material goods and services increases – use of petro-based plastics, fertilizers, food products, pharma, etc. will all grow. In this scenario, oddly, LENR moves petroleum out of fuels (except aerospace/diesel) and into chemical feedstock.

    And if Shell, Exxon, etc. chose to invest in LENR power plants – they can replace gas pumps with fast-charge electric power points for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

    • bob reidel

      who in their right mind would trust the oil companies?. for anything? the only force for change is a larger force. LERN must become mainstream.

  • LENR is just a big hoax.
    These guys like Rossi have nothing!

    The oil industry guys are too smart to believe in any thing like this.

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch or free energy! – ha

    😉 😉

    lol Shhh Shhh

    Don’t wake up the giants.

  • GreenWin


    • GreenWin

      “Futures Movers: Crude-oil futures drop below $87 a barrel”


      • dfnj

        We will know if LENR is real if oil does not rise above $90/barrel March 2013.

        • Ged

          Honestly, LENR likely won’t have any effect on oil prices (which are determined by oil production vs demand), until LENR devices are far more widely distributed and entrenched. That’ll be a good decade from now at the earliest, likely.

          • dfnj

            Speculators control oil prices more than supply and demand from the data.

          • PersonFromPorlock

            Oil producers would want to move their product before demand dropped catastrophically because of LENR, though: that would mean (as soon as LENR was confirmed) an increase in supply and so lower prices.

            • mcloki

              It’s not he price of oil per barrel that has the oil execs worried. Most of their shareholder value is derived from their assets in the ground. ie profitable reserves. If oil demand, price per barrel goes down, then only the cheapest producing wells become feasible. Therefore their actual producing reserves will go way down and subsequently so will their share price. Oil will always be used by man. The emergence of LENR just means there will be less OIL needed.

  • dfnj

    Big oil will spend billions to suppress LENR in order to make trillions. 9/11 was probably a false flag operation in order to presever the status quo and drive oil up to $240/barrel. Do you really think these people are going to let a handful of hopeful inventors destroy their cash cow?

    • not suppress, just capture.
      best way is FUD (on radiation, hydrogen…), then support crazy regulation that forbid home/SMB usage.

      seems already starting in some forums.

      • dfnj

        The FUD will be easily disproven by a well accepted theoretical model.

        The bigger problem is dropping a billion dollars on buying any company coming close to market and then stopping any products from ever reaching the market.

        The only way this technology would ever have an impact is if someone sold a carburetor type unit and everyone was able to build their own reactor engines. In other words, people would have to be able to build their own home reactors. I am sure it will be completely illegal but if millions of people do it, it will not be able to be stopped. It will be a gold rush in your home’s basement.

        • jacob

          Dave,it could be similar when prohibition took effect in the 1920’s,when rockerfeller gave one million dollars to a bunch of women against
          husbands drinking,back then all stationary gas engines ran on alcohol and the men probably hada swig or two before they filled up the fueltank,Henry Ford wanted to run his model t’s on alcohol,but Henry needed some money to put in an assembly line to built the ford’s,Rockerfeller told Henry he could get all the money he wanted,if he could make those babies run on gasoline.
          Since gasoline was a waste product back then,Rockerfeller was dumping gasoline in the rivers a night,Prohibition solved some of his problems,farmers could not make their own alcohol anymore,and had to convert their polution free stationary engines to gasoline.

          Maybe we have to pedal LENR units like AL CAPONE smuggled alcohol.

    • Omega Z

      There will be no $240 a barrel Oil.

      At a $120 Oil the market declines. At a $150 the market crashes. At $240 a barrel there would be no World economy & no buyers. Only Chaos.

      I agree that there are a few Idiots in the World who dream of this, but they have no comprehension of economic balance.

      • dfnj

        I don’t know where you live but in New Jersey deflation is a bigger problem right now with oil at $80 per barrel. The economy is getting significantly smaller each year. Millions of people are out of work.

        The so call “growth” rates do not provide enough jobs for the population of young people entering the workforce every year. I would argue by definition this is deflation.

        • Omega Z

          They Only real deflation I’ve seen is in Home Values.

          That’s because people can’t afford to buy which drops demand which drops home values.

          Nearly everything is directly affected by the price of oil. Higher Oil prices. People pay more for less. Less products purchased means less jobs. It’s a self feeding entity. Except for temporary plateaus at the top & bottom the economy is ether growing or shrinking.

          Were presently in a precarious situation. With Oil presently dropping, you will soon hear certain business is picking up. Then the price of Oil will start climbing & it will be reported that business is starting to decline.

          The answer to this situation is ether increase Oil production to exceed world demand/growth or a cheap or highly competitive replacement. LENR is the only replacement at this Time that fills these requirements.

          One other thing. Every dollar increase in Oil means 60 cents leaves the Country. Less then half returns by way of foreign purchases of our products.

          Deflation due to the total situation may be inevitable. However, thou not likely, If wages are maintained & prices decrease would be a good thing. You & everyone else can purchase more which puts more people to work who also purchase more products. This too can be a self feeding entity. The Economy will grow or grow faster.

    • Ged

      Have to say, the fact they are watching this with such apparent concern is utterly fascinating.

      The need for petroleum will never go away (look at all the plastics around you), and in fact oil companies could benefit from using LENR for powering their cargo ships and mining operations.

      LENR or not, the automobile industry is already starting to work towards becoming oil independent, and that’ll probably be the biggest blow they’ll take.

  • Barry

    A huge impact on big oil may happen sooner than we think. The more Cold Fusion becomes a reality the less appealing oil stocks become. Up till now it was a sure thing. They had us over a barrel (no pun intended). CF will put a damper on future stocks. It may be too early, yet again we may have seen oil prices peak.

    • Omega Z


      I don’t believe Oil has peeked. Agreed when LENR comes to market there will be some chaos & possibly some major price fluctuations for a while do to uncertainties. Then people will begin to understand that this will actually be a slow transition.

      People Google up charts & go Wow. These guys are going to get hurt bad. Charts are very deceiving without details. Listing a percentage used for transportation lacks details. Details such as the 6 inches in depth of asphalt we drive on is included. Which I might add is partially replaced on a regular bases. This is just 1 detail of many. It’s not all about what goes into the Tank.

      No doubt the demand for Oil will decline, but I believe most people over estimate the amount & the pace. With lower prices, it will be redirected to other purposes. If your the MIT Video Barry then like me, we live in a more advanced Economy. We have a tendency to forget that the Majority of the World isn’t. Cheaper Oil will be directed to products for those Countries as their economies benefit from LENR. Thus picking up a lot of slack in the Oil demand.

      The same effect on Natural Gas & Coal. Thou Coal will take a much bigger hit over time.

      • Asphalt is 5% petroleum products, 95% rock. I used to work at Chevron, and with the people at Chevron Asphalt group.

        Refineries already run at a loss. They are not profitable, have not been for years. The fact that Nickel is widely abundant (esp compared to petroleum) means the Oil Industry will shrink to the size of the dairy industry by 2020, IF the LENR technology is finally unleashed. Why Rossi does not let all comers to his lab is beyond me…

        • Omega Z

          Between 5% & 10% depending on it’s use. Figure that for 2 million miles of roads not including cities & it becomes significant. That’s just the U.S.

          But my point was it’s just 1 of dozens of items all lumped into 1 statistic.

          I’m also aware that refineries ran at a loss for over 2 decades & were actually subsidized by other parts of the Oil industry that were profitable. Good reason for that. Without refiners, no one makes money.

          However they have been profitable since Oil prices surpassed $60 per barrel. This is because processing is percentage based on the price per barrel.

          In any respect, I doubt Oil demand will drop by more then 50% for decades. This just requires a smaller amount of replacement wells be drilled verses those that shut down when exhausted.

          Consider the Millions of additional miles of roads that will be built. The Billions of additional products produced for the Majority of the Population that presently don’t have these Items that require Oil.

          LENR may have come about in just the nick of time. But realize that These LENR products don’t only have to replace Existing Infrastructure, But also has to feed an entirely new bass. Majority of people in the world use wood, coal & even dung to heat their homes & cook with. LENR will undoubtedly raise their living standards & thus consumption of Oil involved products.

          If a Person really wants something to be concerned about, Think about paying for something you don’t need or want.

          Both Wind & Solar farms have been guaranteed by Governments to be paid for their Electrical production if shut down for any reason. If they show they have 1Mwh of production available, but not used, they will be paid for it.

          Governments did this to entice them to build these Multi-Billion dollar systems along with up to 1/3rd of building costs being guaranteed by the tax payer.

      • Barry

        Good points Omega, In the Tao philosophy, when Yang becomes to large it collapses on itself. The balance swings toward Yin. I’m not sure this is what is happening with big oil but it gives me some satisfaction to think so.
        I’m going to bribe my step-sons into making a video on the distribution of wealth. Ten people sit down in front of a pie. Each person represents 10% of American society. The first person comes in and takes 70% of the pie. He feels like he paid for it and did a lot of organisation to get the pie made. You can imagine whats left for the bottom four people. Big oil, banks and insurance companys have charged more and more where the rest of us have recieved less and less.
        As a self employed person, my insurance for my family, if i paid it, would be 20 thousand a year with a 7 thousand dollar deductable. meaning I would pay 27 thousand a year before I recived a penny back.
        A big part of the dream of CF for me is the collapsing of the Yang at the top. Omega, please tell me it’s so. Peace, Barry

        • Omega Z

          Yes Barry

          This world is screwed up. When a Big Bank gives a CEO $30 Million bonus after running the Bank into the ground all I can do is shake my head.

          Their reasoning is if they didn’t, he may go to work for the competition. My take would be Let Him. Knowing I would soon have 1 less competitor.

          I understand the Pie analogy, But Life has also taught me that had everyone got an equal share, their would be several thinking they got short shifted.

          My analogy has been 1000 people with 1 splitting his million dollars equally ($1000 each) & most wanting to know where the rest went. People have trouble with numbers & the bigger the number the worse it is.

          Health care is a touchy subject. The System has gamed the consumer & you have mostly the Pro or Con argument. Divide & Conquer.

          People complained about cost & the Government fixed it for the Health Care System. They will get their money whether the consumer has it or not no matter how high COSTS go. They mostly gave them a blank check. We got the Shaft.

          As for LENR, I’m hoping it will give back some of the Freedom we’ve lost. I’m not naive, I know it wont fix everything & I doubt all the benefits will come to the consumer nor would I expect it to. It’s the nature of the beast & doesn’t matter if your part of the 1% or 99%. People are people.

          I have zero problems with a person getting rich. It’s how & what they do with it.

          If Rossi comes thru with E-cats & gets rich, Good for him. If he donates half to a good cause or puts it to use developing other things to improve peoples lives that’s great. Even if this makes him richer. On the other hand if he just shuffled the money just to make more that would be sad. But if he delivers E-cats I would forgive that. Unlike others who never produced anything EVER to benefit others.

          Being Self-Employed you know things like an E-cat takes Capitol. Lots of it. We know where that Capitol will come from. Let’s hope this isn’t the $49 Light bulb that saves you $50 over it’s 50K hour lifetime. Oh- And the dam thing only lasts 20K hours.

          Collapsing of the Yang at the top? Sorry Barry. SOME Names & Faces may change. Don’t count on a Collapse…

          Have a good day…

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Assuming Big Oil does perceive LENR as a threat, I would look for the smarter companies to diversify away from production and exploration and invest more in “downstream” chemical products. I’m betting that some oil companies try to merge with or take over fertilizer and chemical companies, such as CF Industries, Dupont, Celanese, Monsanto,etc.

  • jacob

    Concerns for the threat of the looming LENR future,maybe unjustified.
    After looking and doing a little math ,I came to the following assessment of life with LENR,

    first of all, it would increase the spending power of people from all walks of life,and if one added the total extra dollars that would be spend in the local economies,savings from energy expenses ,would be a huge boost to the economy,all cash would stop flowing to the oil barons and spend on furniture ,cars, electronics etc.boosting retail and job creation,including extra income for government.

    Job losses could be about 1 person for 3 new jobs created,
    assuming 1 job lost in the oil business would create 1 job in the LENR field,
    Assuming trucking jobs would increase due to more stuff moving to businesses and stores due to people buying more in retail,setting off trucking jobs hauling and delivering fuel oil.
    new jobs could mainly be created in the retail business.

    AS I mentioned before,the money stays in the community,and will benefit all.

    Adding up the total sum of money leaving our countries to purchase crude oil is staggering,I would be better to use our own oil and produce value added products like plastics.

    • Anonymole

      Fossil fuels are a huge drain on most 1st world economies, absolutely. Although this country has a circuitous relationship with Saudi oil money, (we buy your oil you buy our t-bills), other countries like Japan are deeply impacted by a constant drain, $100m per DAY! in oil import expenditures. China, India, Indonesia all would benefit from your reasoning. Cash would stop flowing out, stay inside the country and expand each economy.

      So your point is well taken. The replacement of the oil economy must be one of our prime directives. Of course, the Iranians, Venezuelans, Iraqis, Russians, Nigerians are not going to be all that happy about it.

      And when we speak of “big oil” it’s not this country’s corporate powers that LENR activists should be cautious of. U.S petroleum corporations are small potatoes compared to state owned/run oil oligarchies. That is one reason I doubt Rossi and DGT. It’s an odd conspiracy like reason I’ll admit, but, the threat these two offer the world’s oil “heavies” is, if what they have espoused is true, immense. The simple fact that they are still alive says to me, that, the Putins, Chavezs, Ayatollahs, etc. of the world don’t believe them.

    • joe j

      Too bad its all a pretty fantasy. There is no magic energy utopia in store for the human race. 50 years from now things will much be the same as they are now, there may be some new exotic sources of power like laser based hot fusion.

      But no free/easy energy…Sorry.

      • Joe “Too bad its all a pretty fantasy. There is no magic energy utopia in store for the human race.”

        Joe, you are either blind and deaf or one of those evil patho-Skeptics who thrive on causing mischief in the world. Everyone else can see that CF/LENR is real and will transform out world substantially. Einstein told us about the nature of matter and energy. Now we have a way to extract the atomic energy residing in the Ni+H matter. jdh

    • dfnj

      RE: “first of all, it would increase the spending power of people from all walks of life,”

      I can’t get past this statement. If tomorrow you cut all federal income taxes to zero the cartels and monopolies would just raise prices to absorb any slack.

      Sorry dude, there is just no end to the slavery in sight. Oh well, life is tough.

      • dfnj “there is just no end to the slavery in sight.”

        If we spend a fraction of current costs for electrical power for our home, fuel for our car, there will be an increase in our spending power for all other things: clothes, entertainment, travel, etc. So, how can the ‘cartels’ “raise prices” if we don’t need their oil??? jdh

      • jacob

        I can’t see oil high ever again

  • Anonymole

    Reasons to write the article:

    • Decision Strategies serves the petroleum industry, keeping their name in front of oil executives is paramount. They have a history of articles for this publication as well as others.

    • LENR is a hot, buzz worthy and controversial topic, perfect to instigate discussion in the industry, thereby keeping their name in the news.

    • Decision Strategies in in the business of wide ranging geo-economic and political analysis, LENR has simply bubbled up to become a news worthy factor in any comprehensive energy analysis.

    • If LENR comes to be commercially viable, Decision Strategies will have established themselves as knowledgeable in the subject and therefore the go-to firm for understanding the impact on the industry.

    • Steven Jacobs is a forward thinker and progressive in his world views.

    • Establishing a theoretical “base point” where it can be assumed the oil industry currently is stationed in regards to LENR awareness so as to placate LENR advocates while the petroleum sector simultaneously undermines progress in the field. A diversionary tactic if you will.

    • Maybe Mr. Jacobs got paid a few bills for the article.

    Why contact a group of LENR speculators to help push the exposure and coverage of your article I wonder. Hubris? Acknowledgement of the hotness of LENR? Subterfuge?

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Anon, those are plausible reasons for the authors to write the article but why did the editorial staff publish it? Perhaps the article addressed a pregnant question in the industry. Maybe the journal asked the authors to write the story.

      As for why Jacobs contacted ecatworld, maybe he’s a fan of the blog and it’s one of his info sources.

  • andreiko

    Relevant aan LENR is de omzetting naar electriciteit zodat door electrolyse direct of indirect waterstof vrijgemaakt wordt uit water.Voor opslag van waterstof( indirect )kan aluminium gebruikt worden 2 AL2+6 H2O + katalysator geeft
    2(AL2O3)+12H welke fuseren tot 6 H2 waarbij energie vrijkomt ,1kubieke decimeter AL heeft dan een calorische inhoud van 37179 Kcal[ na verbranding van H2 tot H2O + de bindings energie H+H en de vorming van 2(AL2O3).]dit is een voorbeeld van een milieu veilige energie omzetting.

  • Robyn

    I am glad to get this confirmation of the Petroleum Industry’s awareness of LENR, but I was already certain they had an eye on it. These guys aren’t dumb about their profit sources.

    And I also feel sure there will be (have been) radical efforts to suppress competing technologies such as LENR. (Radical, as in “fatal”) We’re not merely talking about oil company political corruption, buying out innovators, shelving alternative technology patents, or payouts to war lords, we’re talking about the whole Saudi Arabia and the whole Middle East, and Russia. Hell, we’re talking about Texas.

    So, I’m not short on conspiracy theories.

    But I think there is no chance of stopping the move away from petroleum.

    There are two main reasons:

    1 – The negative consequences of an oil economy are dramatic, and increasing.

    The only way to perpetuate that economy is to hide those consequences, and efforts to do so, while clever, simply run up against reality. Citizens tire of endless war for oil. Global Warming is too obvious to be ignored (so you have seen big energy pivot to claim that it is real, but not man-made). Hiding the consequences of petroleum has grown increasingly difficult with the internet. And oil is simply expensive.

    2 – Technology is growing exponentially, while oil is barely growing at all.

    With the advent of room-temperature super-conductors like Graphene (which is also a super-capacitor), the ability to store, and move energy will grow exponentially. And Graphene is just the first of the 2D elements which have been discovered. It is estimated that there will be many more.

    Nanotechnology has shown radical promise in creating super efficient solar collectors. Biotech firms are creating bacteria that generate energy from any number of sources.

    But aside from energy generation, nanotech is being used to create radical efficiencies that make alternative technologies far more financially viable.

    Then there’s LENR.

    The technologies that are being developed today simply outmatch anything oil has to offer.

    But the oil companies have seen the writing on the wall. Try as they might, rather than suppress these innovations, they will inexorably be drawn into them, because innovation will be the only game in town.

    As I said, these guys aren’t dumb about their profit sources.

    • Sanjeev

      Money attracts corrupt and unethical people. The politicians and businessman are in bed with oil producing nations/cos only for the sole purpose of making money.

      When they will see that LENR is a better source of money they will dump them without a second thought. Corrupt people are not faithful in any way.

      There are many more advanced countries other than those oil slaves, that are growing fast and oil politics don’t affect them. US, Arabia etc will be last to accept LENR, but they will.

  • Gordon Docherty

    If I worked in the oil industry, I would not be so worried – chemical feedstock demand may currently only run at 20% per barrel, but the likelihood is that will easily expand to 100% (and even beyond) with a world with more opportunities for all… Indeed, introducing LENR now will actually help unleash much locked up potential, massively stimulating economies around the world without serious negative consequences to the environment but with very many serious positive consequences for improving living standards – and hope – around the world. Further, if the world had remained with whale oil, there would not have been a massive surge in economic activity, many, many people would still have died far too young and/or lived in poverty, and the whales would all have been dead a long time ago…

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      “If I worked in the oil industry, I would not be so worried – chemical feedstock demand may currently only run at 20% per barrel, but the likelihood is that will easily expand to 100%”
      I assure you that an 80% drop in demand is cause for concern. Big Oil’s best consolation is that it will likely be years before LENR is used in automobiles.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        > I assure you that an 80% drop in demand is cause for concern. Big Oil’s best consolation is that it will likely be years before LENR is used in automobiles.

        I see more potential for heavy diesel trucks. Plenty of space available for a hybrid electric motor / LENR turbine generator powertrain. Trucks are also the primary cause of air pollution in Europe.

        But even so, it will probably take years for such a prototype too, I fear.

      • Stephen Taylor

        Ships and trains will be easy to run with relatively large and conventional turbine technology. Aeronautical usage may come sooner than automotive usage. The problem is the small size of the turbine needed for automotive and home electrical generation is not currently available and there are significant problems associated with this miniaturization. Recently I read an article about super critical carbon dioxide turbines which dealt with the issues of small size turbines. High rpm, friction losses, bearing technology and efficiency issues loom large. Unless LENR COP is increased a lot turbine efficiency may restrict small scale implementations.
        I also agree with Gordon’s comment that oil demand will increase in areas other than energy production. One hopes these valuable resources can be left for more important uses than burning them to produce heat. (Lots of economic development is likely as Gordon points out.)

      • daniel maris

        Hydrogen and carbon are two of the most prolific elements on the planet. Once you have very cheap energy I wonder whether digging stuff out of the ground still makes sense. Is it not easier to make it out of air and water using electrolysis and the sabatier reaction at convenient locations rather than hauling it out of the ground at sea, in deserts, and in the Arctic – to name a few difficult places?

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Pumping it out is a lot easier than digging it out. Once we’ve transitioned to LENR, existing producing wells will suffice for many decades to supply petroleum feed-stock for fertilizer, plastics, and other petrochemicals.

      • Barry

        Good point Iggy, I’ll be putting gas in my pick up for years. It won’t be a swift change and perhaps that will keep the “Company Store” from panicking. Personally I feel Cold Fusion can not be stopped. There will always be web sites like this one. The beauty of Cold Fusion device is it’s not rocket science. Relatively simple when you think of it. The technology is mostly out of the bag for good.

        • Omega Z

          Whoops Barry

          NASA thinks it is Rocket Science.

          Sorry… Had to say it.

          I agree about vehicles, But it may not be as long as we think now that BLP has their CIHT cells validated. Also the Gains Rossi has made & the new Ion Air batteries that may be coming may reduce the time frame.

          As for Aircraft. I’m thinking Hydrogen. Requires a much smaller distribution. (On Sight) Where a hugh distribution system would be required for vehicles not including the Consumer Safety factor..

          Burning Hydrogen has a 4 to 1 energy gain per gallon besides being cleaner, Prototype tanks are already designed for safe transport & E-cat processing would make it very cheap compared to conventional fuel. However this would be transitional with replacement Aircraft. I believe experimental Engines have already been built for this possibility also.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Corporations are evil things. They don’t care about anything but the bottom line. If LENR threatens their bottom line you can be sure that they will do anything they can to protect their wallets.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        “Corporations are evil things.”
        Capitalism is awful, but it happens to be the best system yet tried. (to paraphrase Churchill on democracy)

      • Omega Z

        Corporations Aren’t Evil.

        It’s the People in Charge.

    • GreenWin

      Interesting point Gordon. It certainly makes sense that a vastly expanded marketplace for western lifestyle goods and services will increase percentage of oil used for non-fuel applications. In this case the oil industry would do well to speed the transition to LENR energy – and increased demand for chemical feedstock.

      • Omega Z


        One benefit of these feed stock products is most of them wont be a gotchas. Most will be take it or leave it. Don’t have to have it. This will keep a lid on the price of Oil if they want to sell Oil keeping things in balance.

        Another advantage is losing less jobs while gaining jobs because of LENR. This is all good.

        It will also keep some Countries highly dependent on Oil from going belly up & becoming playgrounds for terrorist recruitment if they Plow smaller profits into a LENR based Economy.

  • jacob

    To the regular bloger on this site ( thanks to Frank)
    I see regular disappointment concerning the speed LENR is moving forward,but it does not make it any less real,LENR is very real, and is not just a potential new energy solution.

    LENR is working ,proven and can change life as we know it.

    Just because progress is slow,and according to brainwash media Wikipedia,it is fading away and losing support,except for a few die hard followers as some sort of hope for the future.

    May I remind all those on this bloc , that the reality of the working LENR technology, is not dictated by common belief or by how many people support it,or just because the progress is so slow is not worthy of keeping peoples attention any longer,and then just simply undermine it’s inventor Mr. Rossi ,by assuming him to be a one man show ,or that he is somehow incompetent,or not being able to deliver on his promises.

    So today, I welcome you to the real world of COLD FUSION .

    With a history of cold fusion available to each and everyone of you,you should know by now it .IT WORKS,it is not if,or maybe
    or depending on the mood of the day.

    It Works,we know it works,but we also know , LENR has much opposition and is a mayor treat to the established energy sectors,that will suffer a big loss if LENR is allowed to enter the market place soon.

    AS consumers we benefit mainly for the near future with lower cost gas,LENR threatens the price of gas,speculation based on low energy reserves will be over,

    LENR ,holds millions of time the energy reserves compared to coal ,crude and natural gas.

    There is a large effort underway to cover this up and make it go away,mainly by just ignorance,and by other avenues like the patent office and UL’s and other legal restrictions to almost make it impossible to market this technology in the near future.

    It will not happen overnight,so be patient and wait,the LENR technology may be before it’s time and possible will not be allowed to be integrated just like so many other previous technologies that were rejected before.

    • Progress is NOT slow. This fantastic CF/LENR is coming like a freight train! Soon it will deliver us cheap, safe, abundant energy. But may cause a train wreck with the oil and nuclear industries. Cars, trucks ships, planes, can be powered by CF/LENR is a very short time. It is so simple, no rocket science necessary! jdh

      • jacob

        good point,fasten your seat belts.

  • Jimr

    I’m not excited about the oil industry being heavily involved with Lenr. They have the power and the money to delay by political means most governments through lobbying etc with claims of safety issues. And the placing of so many in the oil industry out of work.

    • morse

      The oil industry is the most dangerous industry on the planet, destroying wild life and have no respect for nature.

  • Roger Bird

    This is amazing. It demonstrates that the conspiracy theories that LENR will be suppressed are paranoid delusion.

    • dfnj

      Absolutely the opposite. LENR is not on anyones radar in Big-Oil. Once the first Brillouin boiler gets into production in a once closed coal burning plant then watch out. Big-Oil will come down on LENR like a jack-hammer. I guarentee you this will all be suppressed for 20 or 30 years.

      All these inventors talk of altruism but when the real prospect of gyrating nubile nymphs pressing against their faces is within their reach it will be too much for anyone to resist. It is just human nature.

      • psi

        However justified your cynicism, I doubt that can be done. The science is too basic and the opportunities for free market competition, spurred by the economic advantages of the new technology, will it is reasonable to anticipate foil all attempts at suppression — as surely as the Whaling industry could not suppress the emergence of the new oil industry in the 1850s.

        • Barry

          You’re right on psi.

      • Omega Z


        If I told you that AT&T has large ownership in shares of Verizon & Vice/Verse would you believe it. Probably not but they do. Many Investment funds & private Individuals also own both.

        The Same goes for Big Oil. They may find themselves in a position of raising Oil prices & profits causes losses in other investments. There’s no profit in trading dollars for dollars. They may also be at odds with other sectors as well.

        They may have come to the point where allowing LENR technology is their way out of a situation that’s hit a wall.

        It may have come to a point of diversifying and control the Roll out of LENR in order to move ahead. Look close & you will see very little real growth & in many cases it’s starting to look like stagnation or worse, shrinking.. In the Business World that’s a slow death…
        Business Rule
        #1 Make a profit.
        #2 Grow.
        Anything less then growth is death. It’s just a matter of how long it takes.

    • dragon

      It does no demonstrate that. It is a good sign though. A sign that the Elites know they cannot defend oil any more. So we can expect that they already have a plan to control this “revolution”of free energy… just like JP Morgan controlled Tesla.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        There was never a greater monopoly that the late “Ma Bell”.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    I found a video of Stefano Concezzi (National Instruments) speaking in Italian at the latest July 2nd Rome LENR workshop. Any new information?


    • un passante

      no new info I’d say. It’s part of his speech in Rome, the final section when he replied to a question. here it is the quick transcription


      D’altra parte se non fossero riproducibili matematicamente o sperimentalmente rimarrebbero opinioni e dunque rimarrebbero, come lei ha utilizzato, al livello di chiacchere. Invece per accelerarle e portarle avanti vorremmo portare questi risultati.

      un aspetto in cui non mi sono sbilanciato è che: non ho detto che il modello matematico proverà le teorie, le proverà o le disproverà [proverà il contrario]. è comunque un progresso. perché certe volte il progresso è anche inteso in escludere alcuni fenomeni, noi non possiamo dire, ad oggi, che il modello matematico prova il modello empirico. noi sappiamo che ci sono i dati sperimentali, o ci sarà un modello matematico che li può giustificare o bisogna rifare le misure di quei dati sperimentali e…

      Sono ottimista nel credere che ci sia il modello e sono ottimista nel credere (e questo, quando sono ottimista è una opinione, come la sua) che questi dati sperimentali sono corretti. Perché sono, di nuovo… provengono da troppi ricercatori, non correlati tra di loro, in troppe parti [differenti] del mondo. Dunque da un punto di vista statistico quando lei ha una marea di 180 esperimenti che promuovono lo stesso risultato e non sono correlati tra di loro dovrebbe esserci una ripetitività dell’errore troppo elevata. dunque quando… certe volte per eliminare l’errore non faccio altro che ripetere la misura molte volte, sempre in modo migliore, riduco l’errore e trovo l’esperimento.

      E ci tengo a precisare che gli scienziati italiani, probabilmente con molti pochi quattrini (e dunque dovrebbero avere più fondi), hanno fatto progressi incredibili e sono considerati dalla comunità scientifica al top della graduatoria di scienziati.
      è per questo, quando dicevo nei top 10, ce ne sono 2 che sono italiani.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        I’m not sure what is his point here, but it appears Concezzi believes that the so far demonstrated (to NI?) experimental LENR results are valid. Good to know!

        Thanks again for your services.

        • Ged

          The EU thinks so too, independently.

      • GreenWin

        Thanks un passante! From google xlate:

        “And we want to clarify that Italian scientists, most probably with little money (and therefore they should have more funds), have made incredible progress and are considered by the scientific community at the top ranking of scientists.”

        • Barry

          You got to hand it to the Italians. Look at all their contributions in Art, music, science and now Cold Fusion.
          Grazie mamma Italia.

  • AB

    Semi off topic: in Germany, the move towards alternative energy sources is driven primarily by citizens. People are forming cooperatives to build wind farms and solar plants.


    This seems to support the view often expressed here that cold fusion will promote freedom and independence.

    You have to manually copy and paste the URL.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Wind farms and PVs will never really grant energy independence, however. They are expensive and inconstant. Limited access to energy is an indirect form of control by governments.

      I mean “limited” in a broad sense implying quantity, quality, availability, reliability, cost, density, etc.

      • AB

        Yes, wind and solar energy may not grant energy independence but they can still exert market pressure on centralized energy providers.

        Cold fusion has the potential to grant energy independence to households, small communities, etc.

        In 2006, Germany passed a new cooperative law to make establishing cooperatives easier. The question was whether people would actually *want* to form cooperatives and build their own plants. It seems that the answer is yes, especially when there is a favorable political climate.

        • Ivan Mohorovicic

          My point is that renewable energy sources put very little pressure if any at all on centralized energy providers. Households and small communities still need to be connected to the centralized power grid for both technical and practical reasons.

          Centralized providers don’t lose any of their share, and if they experience revenue losses due to lower usage they can still raise their fees without drawbacks.

          With LENR it would be a different story however. LENR sources would have high energy density, high power, constant availability. They have the potential to make their users totally independent from centralized energy providers. Not only this means that they would lose share, but also that governments can’t directly tax energy usage. Total freedom and independence also means that local communities might become self-sufficient. Big problem!

          I believe the occurrence of commercial LENR energy systems will cause extensive law and policy changes worldwide. Big institutions never expected them.

      • daniel maris

        It’s not correct that they can’t supply a constant flow of energy. Germany is already building a plant that will convert green energy into (carbon neutral) methane (using water and air). Methane can then be used for heating or electricity generation at any time of day or night.

        However, it is true they are relatively expensive in the short term (because of the front loaded capital costs). LENR would certainly hold up greater promise of v. cheap energy (not free as some here optimistically claim). Maybe around 2 cents per KwE to the consumer – anywhere between a quarter and a tenth of what they pay now.

        • Ivan Mohorovicic

          >Germany is already building a plant that will convert green energy into (carbon neutral) methane (using water and air). Methane can then be used for heating or electricity generation at any time of day or night.

          H20 and CO2 into CH4?
          This sounds like a very energy-wasteful way to store energy with renewable sources.

          Anyway, leaving aside the details I don’t know, we’re probably speaking of expensive big industry-controlled plants, not something that local communities/cooperatives could easily afford like wind and solar farms.

          LENR would totally cripple the renewable energy industry/market anyway. There’s more to lose here than in the oil industry, in comparison.

          • daniel maris

            Energy wastage of itself is not of much note if the fuel is free.

            In terms of cost, it isn’t actually costly, the reason being that the more dependable your energy source, the better price you can get for it from the electricity companies.
            Moreover, given that much of the energy infrastructure is already geared up to methane or rather natural gas (pipelines, storage tanks and so on) the infrastructure costs are minimal.

            I don’t think you should be so dismissive of a technology that actually works on the basis of one for which we have only partial confirmation and virtually no cost basis (although Rossi’s 1 MW machine is actually pretty expensive).

            I don’t think you understand how co-operatives work. Co-operatives can be as big as you like – we have in the UK two very large supermarket chains that are co-operative with billions of pounds worth of sales.

            The real issue here is political will.

            It is true that long term LENR is as much a threat to other green energy sources as it is to oil and gas. But there wouldn’t be much point in smashing up existing turbines and panels as their operating costs are probably going to be lower than the operating costs of LENR. But the operating costs of LENR will definitely be cheaper than those of oil and gas.

          • Ivan Mohorovicic

            >Energy wastage of itself is not of much note if the fuel is free…

            Well, solar and wind energy might be “free” in the sense that they’re limitless, but harnessing them in an useful way and amount, is quite expensive.

            Using a low efficiency process to store such energy by converting in a medium as methane is going to make its already high costs skyrocket.

            Carbon neutrality doesn’t necessarily that such energy is convenient to use. In fact, I even doubt this is the point of the plants you’re describing, they must have more to do with “atmospheric CO2 scrubbing” ideas (which I personally find foolish, but it’s probably just me) than being actually useful. Otherwise they would go for hydrogen energy storage, which even though it’s not by all means a very efficient way to store energy, it’s still vastly better than generating methane from water and carbon dioxide.

      • Carmania

        Let’s hope we get commercial LENR before the German landscape is totally ruined by wind mills. Let´s also hope that they take down the mills they built when LENR make them pointless.

        • dfnj

          You could always tear them down if LENR becomes real.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        Communes are small oligopolies. The biggest leap forward in freedom will occur when single households are self-sufficient, independent from the grid. With the ascendency of the internet, it’s nearly impossible to quash knowledge, even with paid shills.

    • Karl

      We have seen similar activities in Sweden where local groups of households formed to establish their own broadband access. In some local places people have organized them self to solve the problem of “the last mile” by laying their own cable (fibre) connections. In communications networks though, one (still) need just establish a connection to an operator.

      On the contrary, in the energy sector we would not necessarily need to be dependent on the existing energy network and energy providers distributing energy on such network. Virtually any one could free them self from a dependency of energy suppliers through such network by building their own CF/LENR solution.

      It may be of interest though to use the existing network to deliver (sell) energy in the other direction for other homes/companies energy, public demands etc. much in the same way as envisioned by solar and wind energy providers but now a solution which may create a true decentralised power networks. It could certainly offer a lot of new business opportunities which surely, Siemens, NI and many other industrial players can foresee.

      • GreenWin

        It is healthy that this discussion is less about a single LENR product or inventor and more about how to manage the inevitable. Indeed, local community co-ops or municipally managed “micro-grids” are an excellent choice to replace the old centralized grid.

        Micro-grids would connect individual residential LENR-powered CHP units bi-directionally (like a data network.) Excess energy capacity is collected and offered at zero cost to libraries, community centers, schools, medical facilities, non-profits and municipal buildings.

        The advantage of micro-grids is uninterruptable energy – should one neighbor’s unit break down, the excess capacity on the m-grid provides backup power. This is also the most secure system of power distribution from a national security perspective. There is no one source of electrical generation – each household or multi-family dwelling generates its own.

        This provides for myriad business opportunities. As the authors of this article point out: manufacturing, sales, installation and servicing are all new job categories for LENR systems. New jobs (especially manufacturing), very low energy costs, distributed micro-grids, guaranteed backup services, community based support for non-profits, AND a far more secure grid. Many wins.

        BTW, did not mention the huge workforce hired to dismantle 600k miles (in USA alone) of old power lines, transformers, switches, circuit breakers, etc. Imagine your town with no more unsightly power poles (except for… ahem, cable!)

        • Stephen Taylor

          The other factor in favor of the micro or mini grid scenario is the currently available turbine technology. Single home size steam turbines are not currently being mass produced. Efficiency and reliability (higher rpm, bearing tech, friction losses) suffer when size is reduced to the needs of an individual home. At the neighborhood level larger and more conventional currently available turbines can be used to generate the electricity needed.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Even…”ahem, cable”….will eventually be replaced with wireless beamed down from LENR powered UAVs or dirigibles.

        • I have believed in that ide of CHP ans smart grid, but today I’ve changed my mind.

          LENR cost is only invesment, and CHP is more expensive, for few gain. same for smart grid.
          they are child of the paradigm of expensive energy, that deserve to be saved at High cost.

          LENr will push to simplicity : home furnace if less expensive than electricity, and electricity produced by power plan of the optimal size.


  • Luca Salvarani

    These conclusions are exactly the same of mine 1 year ago. I also think that they strongly undervalue lenr impacts on oil itself mainly because we should expect exponential and quick technological improvements as Rossi can prove! and secondly because oil is absolutly not a safe eaven… for example a collapsing gas price could accelerate the shift to a gas-powered machines or it would be far more cheap to produce hydrogen and use it to power machines….. Oil and gas will die and thanks to a free market solution (as always in history) and not to government intrusion that is wasting billions of $ of taxpayers money… Please explain this to your green leftisf friends…

    • Frank

      “… and LENR is now being watched closely.”

      If big oil industry is really concerned about a threat from Rossi, they could find out easily if LENR is just around the corner or not.
      Since Rossi frequently claims on his blog that he is already in the market with 1MW plants ( if I remember correct, then he wanted to produce several dozens of them this year), then they would just have to order one such container and check it (provided that Rossi delivers).
      For them US$ 1,5 Mio are peanuts – and if the plant doesn’t work, they anyway can leave the container with Rossi (again).

      • Luca Salvarani

        1) I agree with you but I’m not concerned since I absolutely trust Rossi so I’m taking for granted that it’s really around the corner. However I understand and respect skeptics.
        2) I don’t think that Rossi is willing to provide his technology to anyone, at least for now, since he hasn’t a patent shield. Likely he provides it only to trusted customers under NDA clauses..

      • mcloki

        The logic on suppression baffles me. If the motive of Oil companies, any company is to make money , why do they care about which way they make it. Oil companies money makes it very easy for them to transition into another industry.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    What I find surprising is that the article author contacted E-Cat World directly!

  • We shouldn’t forget that the oil companies as such are only relatively low level players – just one industry among many, comprising many competing companies. They are largely owned by pension funds and banks anyway, and as Sanjeev points out different parts of the industry will react differently to the LENR ‘threat’, depending on the nature of their operations and the imagination of their CEOs and upper management.

    After taxes, their real profits are relatively marginal (about 7 cents on the dollar) and the real losers are likely to be the governments that parasitise this industry. Their income from extraction licenses (producer nations), corporation taxes, fuel ‘duties’ and so on is vast, and will probably be reduced by 80% or so over a decade or two (spare a tear!).

    I would suggest that the reaction of the oil industry is relatively unimportant – some will lose, some will gain, depending on how agile they are. But who cares, unless they are directly or indirectly vested. The banks and managed funds that own the industry will simply transfer their investments to whatever is profitable, as they have always done.

    The reaction of governments, when they finally sniff which way the wind is blowing, is another matter entirely. Not only will they lose massive amounts of oil and gas revenue, but they will be saddled with the unimaginable costs of decommissioning the entire nuclear ‘infrastructure’ they have so foolishly encouraged to grow, and storing the waste, as the owners of the nuclear industry collectively bail out and use bankruptcy law to shed all responsibility for these vast costs.

    • Redford

      I must disagree. In the latest years they’ve reached unmatched levels of profitability. One friend at the financial direction of EDF (one of the biggest electricity company worldwide) told me Total could buy the whole company with its last 2 years of profits and still have margin. Another illustration is of course geopolitics : the weight of oil industry on Bush was obvious, but you could aslo speak about Gazprom, Chavez, etc. Oil is the main thing for now, by far, and it shows.

      Don’t rely too much on isolated figures by those companies. One of the thing they do is to explain how life’s difficult for them, how tight are their margin, to their homeland to reduce taxe exposure. Ultimately, the net profit is the true information. It’s insanely huge. That really is all there is to say about it.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        Let’s hope that Rossi’s income is “insanely huge” as well.
        Class envy benefits no one. The French Revolution ended up devouring its instigators.

      • Omega Z


        In all fairness you can’t look at a dollar amount in profits & call it obscene. You need more information.

        If I asked you to invest a Million dollars in my company & I guarantee you $1 a year in returns you’d tell me to take a flying leap. I also doubt you would buy a rental property with $600 payments & rent it out at $50 a month.

        You have to know how much is invested to determine whether a return was fair or obscene.

        When Oil is $100 dollars a barrel, that price isn’t set by Oil companies. Individual Countries own 90%+ of the Oil in the World. Governments Regulate & control the price more then anyone. They set the production by telling you when & where you can drill. They set all the Rules & drilling Royalties or lease fees.

        You, The Oil Company Drill the Oil & pump it. Your then required to sell it to the market at market price.

        You, Also own a Refinery. You buy Oil on the market at market price. You, Then sell the refined products to the market.

        You also own service stations or franchises. You buy Gasoline from the Market to sell in you service stations.

        Now the Oil you drilled & processed & sold may never actually leave your possession or it may. But on paper it all changes hands. That’s how it works in the U.S. The Laws intent is to prevent a monopoly or so says the Government. Of course they get a cut every step of the way. Who Really has the most to lose with LENR.

        Also, Low profits can put a Corporation at Risk of being bought up & taken over by outside Entities if they see room for increased profits. Either friendly or Hostile.

        Are you aware that if you lost your job & can’t pay your heating oil bill & get assistance from the Government, that it is considered a subsidy for big Oil. Food Stamps are considered a Farm subsidy. I in know way would want you & your family to freeze or starve to death do to circumstances beyond your control. Not all so called subsidies are. But it makes could politics. It also makes a good back door tax on the consumers that blindly believe it’s a tax on corporations. They don’t connect it with higher prices.

    • GreenWin

      “The banks and managed funds that own the industry will simply transfer their investments to whatever is profitable…”

      True, and do not underestimate professional money managers to invent new investment instruments centered around LENR mutual funds, municipal bonds (tax free) financing LENR micro-grids, etc. Also, there is a HUGE business opportunity using the “Patterson” effect to effectively eliminate stored nuclear waste. This is likely the avenue Mitsubishi, Toyota and Toshiba would go down. $$$Billions in nuclear remediation.

      • yes.
        they won’t suppress, but capture.
        It can work with the FUD of neomalthusian NGO, then stupid regulation, that only allow big players on the market.

    • jacob

      Peter,no disrespect,but you seem to under estimate the
      political connection the oil companies have with local governments,federal governments and UL ,patent office ,FDA,AMA, EPA,FBI,CIA,

      They have the means to put enough red tape and regulations in place to prevent a unsave introduction of unproven technology like LENR in homes across America ,and my country copycats what they do.
      It will be made difficult for LENR to break into the marketplace due to restrictions and due to safety regulations,so no lives will be at risk and nobody gets hurt.
      Then it does seem the Government cares to protect its people .

      As for the consumer,if the consumer feels , based on what they are being told by the media,that questions the long term exposure to LENR devices,most would not even consider buying such a unit until it was proven to be really save.

      AS for the Oil companies,they have their families and friends involved in politics and State Goverment and Federal Government,and they have done so since Rockefeller,and is all very much inter twined ,besides the prove is in the pudding,George W,Bush,George Bush ,and their families made it to the top,and they own Oil companies,goes to show doesn’t it.

  • Omega Z

    I recall Several Oil Companies having done at least some research into LENR.
    Shell, Exxon, Chevron, & maybe Phillips?
    They are aware & most probably watching.

    No doubt the energy companies will take a big hit, but It’s unlikely it will be to the extent that some think.

    First off it will take many years for LENR to be phased in. As it is, there will be people who have little or nothing who’s standard of living will improve.

    More necessities being met, more gizmoes & trinkets in life made from Oil & other chemicals derived from it. Fertilizers for food production.

    As less Fossil are used in 1 area, it will be used more in others. We will use less overall, but not to the extreme. Also, Fossil costs will drop & new products will become economical to develop from it.

    No doubt Governments will fund research to increase it’s use. A good example would be Soybeans. A rotation crop with corn that had limited market. To increase demand, Government funds for research gave us Soy milk/Silk & tofu(ick) synthetic materials among other products.

    Just a thought here.

    Wouldn’t it be Ironic that due to LENR allowing economical desalinization & large increases in food production, That CO2 levels drop to a point that they have to crack open wells & burn off Oil to Increase CO2 levels.

    • daniel maris

      Well we don’t need that much CO2 in the atmosphere – plants do.

      I agree though that LENR will allow economic desalinisaiton and extraction of water direct from the atmosphere. The era of water shortage will be over within a few decades. That will be one definite plus about LENR.

      It’s not just that LENR will be cheap – it will be cheap and easy to install in isolated communities.

      • jacob

        Natural Gas ,will be by no means dead,it may just cost less down the road.

      • Omega Z

        Maintaining CO2 levels still Important. Food & Oxygen. There is a Government Report that shows a direct correlation with Food production. Less CO2- Less food grown per acre..

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Big News the greenies don’t talk about.

      US CO2 emissions likely to reach 1991 level this year, all without the heavy hand of AlGore.


      • GreenWin

        Iggy, please do NOT tell Al. He’s busy living the good life in his 3 mansions sucking up 100kW energy each!

    • Anonymole

      We won’t have to artificially generate CO2, the current sequestration processes, storing CO2 in deep wells, caverns, will escape naturally during earthquakes. It’s a known issue the sequestration industry has acknowledged yet gloss over. FYI, the DOE funds millions of dollars of research and implementation in this sector.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      “First off it will take many years for LENR to be phased in.”
      Years maybe but not necessarily “many” years. Supposedly the E-Cat is a simple device, conducive to to rapid mass production. Rapid mass production plus rapid payback of investment = potential for disruptive transformation. Ease of retrofitting coal and gas fired boilers will also accelerate adaption.

      Look how quickly cheap natgas has transformed the power industry. At this very moment, natgas is overtaking coal for the first time in history, and gas prices have been low for less than 4 years.

  • daniel maris

    Way back in the 1990s Amoco scientists established that LENR (well, they actually referred to it as cold fusion) was a real phenomenon. So, one suspects they aren’t completely unaware of what might be coming their way.

    I think the whaling analogy is a little off in the sense that the infrastructure of the whaling industry was not that great in the domestic market (a few barrels and a few lamps to put it crudely). However the investment in the hydrocarbon industry of today from natural gas and oil pipelines, to generating stations, to car manufacturers and so on is on a vast scale and in many cases companies are locked into long term contracts.

    So I think the changeover is going to be very mixed – probably we will see very big and quick changes in some areas and much slower elsewhere. The industry will react firstly by dramatically cutting its prices to discourage investment in LENR.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      I expect that upper management in the oil industry was somewhat aware about the threat from LENR. With the new article in the JOURNAL OF PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY, the entire petro-engineering corps should be aware.

      The fully vertically integrated companies like Exxon will be hurt least because of their petrochemical production. The exploration companies and wildcatters will be hurt worst.

      • jacob

        The OIL executives must know by now,it is no longer a free for all for them to gauge the market,to whatever price the market can sustain .

    • Omega Z

      daniel maris

      I think in the U.S. anyway, There would be a scramble to replace the Nuke & Coal plants, But that’s mostly because many are nearing or in some cases already exceeding their life cycle.

  • Sanjeev

    “If LENR works the impact on the petroleum industry, power generation and coal industry would be enormous.”

    Which means they are still ignorant of the fact that it works. Its good in a way. LENR will catch them sleeping. It will be too late and too big to overpower.

    The internet is as it is only because it rose suddenly while rulers were in deep sleep and became a giant overnight, else it would have become just like TV, tightly controlled and dumbed down.

    There will be two sections in oil sector – those who embrace the new tech and those who persist with old ways. It seems impossible that they would unite and put a lid on LENR forever. The main motive is money, not oil. If money comes from LENR they will switch there.

    If the energy industry (oil and coal are only a subset of energy industry), embraces LENR then not much will change there, same brand names, same staff, less work, more money, different tech. This is the only impact I see. Those who do not embrace will struggle and will become the next Xerox.

    • jacob

      LENR will catch them sleeping?

      No ,it’s like trying to sneak some juicy steaks past some hungry wolves

  • Karl

    About a 6-8 month ago (I believe) I noticed that Shell did research in CF/LENR. As one of the major players in the energy business, supplying oil prospectors with know how, etc. I understand Shell also is involved in the deep see oil drilling with their know how in the Mexican Gulf. I believe the clever ones in the industry deem it necessary to start to look for new opportunities how they can profit from this new source, if it can’t be prevented to happen.

    Btw. I personally mentioned Rossi about a year ago to a to Shell research manager in Europe.

    • there was a LENR workshop in italy this winter/spring, and there was oil companies present (exxon, and a prospection company)

  • zero

    I knew it was only a matter of time. The LENR ball is rolling now, I can’t wait to watch the snowball effect. I only wish that we could have started a betting pool with some of those pathological skeptics. Maybe it isn’t too late. Anyone interested in betting against LENR or Rossi, (two different pools) speak up!

    Sort of off topic but I remember hearing a while back that Disney could build a nuclear reactor if it chose to do so, who’s to say Rossi isn’t allied with Disney? That could possibly explain how he got by the Florida government so easily.

  • GreenWin

    This looks like a continuation of the careful disclosure of LENR information to the public. Makes sense to appear in oil industry trade rags (journals.) OilPrice recently published a reprint of the Washington Post article on the collapse of hot fusion funding, signalling the move to LENR.

    The authors of “On the Precipice Of a New Energy Source?” ask this cautionary question:

    “How well positioned is your company to weather such a disruptive storm, or to capitalize on these potential opportunities? If LENR becomes a reality, you do not want to fly blindly into the side of a mountain. Investigate creative ways for your company to participate in the LENR market.

    While this new technology will be disruptive to a number of industries, there will also be business opportunities in the manufacturing, installation, and servicing of LENR systems in multiple applications and sizes around the globe. Millions of LENR units of varying sizes will be required because of the distributed nature of this energy technology.”

  • Sandy

    Here is a direct link to the referenced article…


    • Methusela

      The most obvious idea is to use LENR In oil refineries. They save massive amounts of energy and can make a bigger profit margin on what they do sell.

      • My Dad was an engineer in an oil refinery in Colorado. I recall the ‘Boiler Room’ heating water to make steam to use in all areas of the refinery. Yes, they could use a Rossi E-Cat for heating water. jdh

  • h_corey

    The article mentions Stanford. Do we know of a Stanford LENR program?

    • JBJ

      I wondered if they confused Stanford with SRI (which used to be called Stanford Research Institute).

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        SRI is located close to Stanford and was once a part of the university but was forced to break away when national defense became politically incorrect. Sarnoff, a division of SRI, operates near Princeton. Going dark has hardly hampered SRI since it became politically incorrect. SRI is even unPC in the scientific community having dabbled in CF and remote viewing.

  • AstralProjectee

    I doubt the oil industry is going to take this seriously until a decent amount of cold fusion devices are sold or they get some real sold proof.

    Perhaps some aggressive marketing will get some attention but not enough to start a real dialogue and take it seriously. That is my opinion. I maybe wrong.

    I remember reading about an oil executive that was joking about the prospect of cold fusion taking over oil.

    Oil companies don’t understand that cold fusion not only has the power to lower oil demand but to make it obsolete.

    When you have a device that can out put a lot of energy cheaply. Making synthetic oil will suddenly become viable. Thus the whole oil industry can be effected to it’s core.

    That is OK, they will just have to find a different job. Just like all the other industries that phased out as new industries came in.


    • AstralProjectee

      If I were an oil executive watching this I would be looking into how to make synthetic oil. This will be a niche market for them in the future. That is the ones that see it first.


      • Warthog

        The coal guys have been trying to do this (practically) for decades. Technologically, they have succeeded, economically (thus far) they have failed. Where “synthetic oil” has succeeded, there have been factors other than economics in play (Germany-WWII, South Africa-present day).

        I have always wondered why gasification of city garbage hasn’t been done….you need to get rid of the trash anyway, and there is lots of carbon in it. Seems to me as if the combination “ought” to reinforce each other economically.

        • jacob

          they have succeeded to make oil from coal,but it was much easier to import oil,economically there was political interference,again.

    • JBJ

      It seems like the oil industry would first start contracting at the exploration end. It’s the most expensive and risky part, and takes years to pay off. If they could see the demand for oil going down as the use of LENR went up, it seems that they would slow down drilling. At some point bio-synthetics (for chemical stocks and high energy density fuels) might put an end to even pumping.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Big Oil may not publicly voice their fear of LENR but I expect they’re taking it very seriously. Isn’t it Shell Oil that has its own LENR research project?

    • GreenWin

      “Futures Movers: Crude-oil futures drop below $87 a barrel”


      • jacob

        and “investors worry about the demand for oil”

        They will worry much with the emergence of LENR!!!

        which is good for us.

  • psi

    Very interesting indeed. Thanks for the word.

    • Ged

      It seriously is. This is a great update to know.