Reports From Williamsburg LENR Conference

I have noticed a couple of interesting reports have been published online about the proceedings of the recent International Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Symposium held at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The first was a brief report posted by Jed Rothwell on the vortex-l mailing list. He mentioned that there were about 50 attendees and he sensed a high level of enthusiasm among them. Rob Duncan of the University of Missouri, who has been one of the leading academics in the field of late was there talking about what is going on at MU. Rothwell states:

Rob Duncan described various projects now underway at U. Missouri. They want to be certain of the results before they announce them, but it is apparent that they are doing a lot of solid fundamental research in cooperation with the ENEA and others. Energetics Technologies has relocated from Israel to the U. Missouri commercial “incubator” where they are doing commercial-type R&D less open to discussion, more targeted to getting patents.

He also noted that Peter Hagelstein of MIT presented his latest theory of LENR which was apparently well received. Another point of interest was that there are more LENR projects getting funded these days, suggesting a softening of attitudes towards cold fusion by those who hold the purse strings.

The second report was an article entitled “Cold Fusion is Real” published on by astrophysicist Josh Mitteldorf who attended the conference. The author was not well versed in the current state of play in the LENR field, and he talks about how surprised he was to learn that things are alive and well despite the virtual absence of information in scientific circles. He writes:

Dismissed by mainstream scientists, denied funding and space in the scientific journals, Cold Fusion has occupied a scientific backwater for 23 years. Meanwhile, demonstrations have been repeated again and again, a great deal of know-how has been acquired and shared over the internet. The scientists who stuck with it have been vindicated, and once again people are saying that a solution to the global crises of pollution and climate change may be within our sights.

Mitteldorf discusses the politics involved in cold fusion research and give examples from stories he heard at the conference.

I heard one story after another about censorship and suppression — all whispered between conference presentations. A Nobel prize-winning physicist writes his own theory of how Cold Fusion could come about. He sends it to the straight-arrow Physical Review, where he has never had a paper rejected for publication in his life. But Phys Rev sends it back to him — they will not consider it or send it out for review. The Nobelist — a towering figure in physics, named Julian Schwinger — resigns from the American Physical Society in protest. (This was back in 1992.) A mainstream physicist with a large working group in Illinois lands a $50 million contract for research in Cold Fusion, and after his work has already begun, he gets a call from his project manager saying that the project has to be canceled. An MIT researcher lands a grant from a private entrepreneur (60% of which goes to the MIT Administration, as is standard), but gets a call from the Administration telling him they will not accept the funding, and he has to give it back. Another MIT professor has stunning experimental results concerning a new and reliable way to kick-start cold fusion, and even the specialized engineering journal where he submits the article tells him they will not accept the article, as a matter of policy.

It’s interesting to see the point of view of someone who is new to the subject. Mitteldorf seems surprised and excited about the current levels of activity among cold fusion researchers, and from what he learned at the conference, is optimistic that this technology will soon emerge into the public consciousness and be embraced as a solution to our energy problems.

  • JoAnn

    I read the conference program and I am interested to learn what is a Fusion Battery and if it can be used on electric cars like LENR cars?
    Does somebody knows more details on these subjects and who are the people promoting them?

  • jacob

    Somebody please give me the formula and the name of the catalyst to built a LENR device,

    As I was doing Quite a bit of welding with my mig welder, I realized ,the sound a mig welder makes using a shielding gas,in this case argon,it makes constant loud popping sounds,I think the argon is imploding or exploding ,i am not sure, but can it be explained with plasma ERG ,since Argon is a noble gas,and shutting the argon off ,with continued welding the loud popping sound stop.

    Does anyone else have an explanation for the loud popping sounds?

    • andreiko

      Tijdens het lassen bezet het lasmateriaal steeds meer het vonkkanaal(simpel toch?)

    • If any of us had the full details of a workable LENR reactor I suppose quite a few of us would be out in our sheds busily irradiating ourselves right now!

      Regarding welders, the popping noise is also present when CO2 and nitrogen are used as shield gases. If anything my TIG welder is quieter on argon than on CO2. I think its probably just ‘mini-lightning’ as electricity jumps the gap through metal plasma near the main arc, causing a small shock wave.

      • jacob

        Peter, the TIG welder is constant voltage DC,I am thinking,that the eddie current(plasma spark) ignites the plasma produced by alternating current welding.

        My plasma cutter similar to my Acetelene cutting torch cuts metal by igniting the metal,the torch needs to heat up the metal just on one spot to ignition temperature,the plasma cutter with it’s much higher temperature combusts the metal directly ,turning metal into fuel.

        I know this is not commonly known,but the US army has something it is called the slice pack and can cut a doorway into a 12 inch concrete wall, it simply has to reach ignition temperature on one spot on the concrete and than cuts through,like a blow torch through the wall,the slice pack consist of a hollow copper tube filled with carbon rods,trough which pure oxygen flows,it will almost cut through anything on planet earth including cutting things underwater,the ignition of the carbon rods is the secret,it needs a special igniter,carbon does not melt it goes directly from a solid to a gas under low atmospheric pressure,when the carbon ignites and turning into fuel vapor,adding pure oxygen will put the flame temperature well over 10000 Fahrenheit.
        It is not common knowledge that all matter will turn into fuel with a high enough ignition point,

        ignition point of Oak 500 C

        ignition point of steel 3000 C

        ignition point of concrete and rocks 4500 C ?

        ignition of CO2 and Argon ,would it be a high temperature Plasma arc ?

        What really happens with the popping sounds ?

        Can you solve it now ?

        • jacob

          Oh,just in case you overlooked,tunnel boring is using laser beams to melt granite and rock ,and can do it at a rate of seven miles a day.
          The product of the melting process it coated as a lining in the tunnel,that is almost indestructible .

      • why do you talk of radiation.
        the incredulity against LENR is missing gamma/neutrons.
        whatever it is, it is nuclear, it is producing heat, few gamma, few neutrons, transmuting material, an loving surface and unstable situation…

        You look like a kid that say that if it is a boat, it can be eaten by termites.

  • dfnj

    NI 2012 has two events scheduled:

    TS9240 8/8/12 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM

    Status of CMNS/CF/LENR Research at Kobe-Technova

    Length: 30 Minute
    Technical Level: Introductory

    Abstract: The Kobe-Technova team has worked to elucidate the underlying physics of anomalous heat evolution effects in deuterium (D) and protium (H) gas-loaded nano-metal-compound systems. Basic tools are the twin D(H) gas-loading equipment and the supporting theoretical modeling by the TSC multibody fusion theory. Using various Pd-based and Ni-based nanofabricated samples, the team has reproducibly observed anomalous heat effects with isotopic differences using time-dependent (dynamic) data of thermal-power evolutions, D(H)/metal-atom loading ratios, and their temperature dependence (for Ni-based cases).
    NIWeek Speaker: Akito Takahashi
    Senior Adviser
    Technova Inc.

    TS10486 8/8/12 4:00PM – 4:30PM

    Title: Commercialization of LENR Technology
    Length: 30 Minute
    Technical Level: Introductory

    Abstract: In the quest for alternative energy, researchers have tried to understand the intense heat release of Pd-D or Ni-H reactions. By understanding the physics behind this lower energy nuclear reaction (LENR) phenomenon, researchers can control the reaction. Discover how Brillouin Energy Corporation has demonstrated control over the reaction, who the early adopters are likely to be, the types of systems that will be commercialized, and the applications these systems will address.

    NIWeek Speaker: Robert Godes
    President and Chief Technology Officer
    Brillouin Energy Corp

    • dfnj
      • dfnj

        Click on the “Participate” link to see the link to search the session schedules.

        • QC-JYM

          And if you look a little bit closer, you will find a third 1 hour conference on anomalous excess heat!

          I will be attending all 3.


          • dfnj

            Awesome! Please post your impressions. I am going to try to get there but who knows.

          • hempenearth

            Thats a National Instruments Keynote address with the term “cold fusion” in the heading

            Keynote: The Quest for Alternative Energy—Anomalous Heat Effect (a.k.a. Cold Fusion)
            Several labs around the world are trying to replicate the phenomenon known as “cold fusion.” While the term has evoked controversy, many research facilities have observed over 200 instances of intense heat. This demonstrates either an unknown physical event or a need for better measurement and control tools. In both cases, NI can provide the tools to accelerate innovation and scientific discovery. The Big Physics and Science Summit brings together experts to discuss these anomalous heat effects, the status of theoretical research, experimental results, and the prospect of commercializing this technology for daily energy needs.

            Apologies if this was posted elsewhere and I missed it.

            • Thanks hempenearth. I love the way NI appears to hedge its bets a little, presumably to head off ‘establishment’ attacks. Of course, they wouldn’t be participating if they had any real doubts.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Just saw this posted on Vortex. Thanks Axil.

    Looks like a new 1.75 hour interview with Andrea Rossi by Hank Mills/Sterling Allan.

    • dfnj

      posted January 15, 2012

    • Lu

      WikE-Catleaks? Strange post. References the interview from earlier this year and then presents a very detailed new design of the E-Cat core but no attribution of any kind although he claims the design may have come from the US government.

      • Stephen Taylor

        Yes, sorry to be so dense. Axil’s “speculations?” are very interesting. The reference to the January interview is not the focus. The level of details in Axil’s post on vortex with no attribution are quite interesting. Apologies again for the confusion.

    • Stephen Taylor

      Hmmm… not sure this is new. It may be from Janurary? Checking.

      • Stephen Taylor

        On closer checking this looks like nothing new at all. Sorry.

        • Lu

          I’ve not seen the physical description of the core before. Have you?

          • Stephen Taylor

            No, not at all and the level of detail is either speculative or???
            Perhaps Axil will enlighten us in another post.

  • AB

    I believe that University of Bologna is secretly conducting R&D on e-cats in collaboration with National Instruments.

    A series of clues led me to believe this:

    1) The first was a series of posts on facebook on the Sergio Focardi fan page in which a student at UniBo mentioned that radiation detection equipment was being calibrated in preparation for e-cat testing.

    2) I then read some comments on an Italian skeptics blog frequented by some UniBo staff where a poster admitted there had been a second, secret e-cat R&D contract after the first contract fell through. He wasn’t sure whether it had become active but assumed so since there wouldn’t be a any point preparing the detectors otherwise.

    A couple of months passed.

    3) Stefano Concezzi from National Instruments stated that they have sponsored LENR research at UniBo. Passerini claimed that this research was directed by Prof. Levi, who was closely involved with Rossi in several e-cat tests.

    4) On the same Italian skeptics blog, a poster claimed that Stefano Concezzi was lying in regards to LENR testing at UniBo. A second poster then responded to him “You don’t understand, there is no general LENR research at UniBo but research on … specifically.”

    5) All this made me curious, so I asked Rossi directly whether there was e-cat R&D at UniBo sponsored by NI. He deleted my question from his blog, which suggests that it is sensitive. The only way this question differs from Stefano Concezzi’s statement however is by the word “e-cat” instead of “LENR”.

    • daniel maris

      Interesting analysis – and very credible I think.

    • AB

      I forgot a point actually: in January when the first e-cat R&D contract was canceled by UniBo, the spokesman gave an interview and said that UniBo was still available for a R&D contract, provided that they be granted the freedom to publish the results without restrictions.

    • Shane D.

      Thanks AB,

      Seems like Prof. Levi has come out of nowhere as a leading LENR researcher. I tend to stay up on developments in the field, yet can’t think of anything Levi has done other than to test Rossis’ ecat using flow calorimetry.

      Other then that Levis’ only claim to fame was Krivits interview, or should I say “interrogation”, that was posted on youtube.

      Surely I never asscoiated him with doing his own LENR work… did I miss something?

      • AB

        Surely I never asscoiated him with doing his own LENR work… did I miss something?

        Indeed. I have not seen any information either which suggests that Levi had been doing is *own* LENR research. He has been closely involved in several e-cat demos and that’s it.

        So why would National Instruments select him over say, Celani, a veteran with 20 years of experience? They will obviously try to select the people who they think have the best chances of obtaining the desired results.

        I think the reason is that National Instruments knows Levi is or will be testing the e-cat or closely related technology.

        • Omega Z

          Some Info you may have overlooked.

          There’s been off the Radar research going on at Bologna & another University for years. At least since 2004.

          There’s also good reason for Rossi to have associated with National Instruments since Last October.

          National Instruments has been involved with LENR projects since at least 2009. Probably several years before. When Duncan went to energetics in Israel for the 60 minutes story he noted that they were using Lab-view. National Instruments software & hardware.

    • AB: Good analysis. It might also give a reason why Rossi dropped the first contract: why pay if NI pays.

  • dfnj

    All the technical documents on the Brillouin site are now locked and inaccessible.

    • dragon

      Let’s hope that by ICCF-17 Brillouin and Defkalion are still alive.

      • dfnj

        Yeah, it’s not clear what it means. Some of the docs are still accessible through lenr-canr dot org.

    • daniel maris

      I thought it was just my machine! I had accessed one by Weinberg – seemed a very positive analysis. It was set out in full.

      Brillouin seem to be the most open with their evaluations.

      • dfnj

        That is why I like them the most.

        Rossi, however, is always given credit for using nickel and hydrogen gas by most of the leaders in the field.

        The Italians are very creative. But I have found them to be very argumentative with each other. They tend to have difficulty focusing.

        I think Brilloin or the Chinese will be the first to market.

    • Shane D.

      That wouldn’t surprise me in the least. As I recall, SRI tested Brillouins cell and was so impressed they are now partnered. Also, Brillouins patent attorney –some physics trained attorney in San Francisco– invested in them… a most unusual thing to do.

      They know they have something good, so it is/was only a matter of time before their new alliance and investment partners took steps to protect their product from the growing list of competitors.

      • dfnj

        They have a great business model putting new boilers on existing coal burning plants that have been shut down for not have pollution scrubbers.

        I wish we got an update on their efforts with SRI. I believe SRI is building the boilers. Brillouin is bowing out and just getting revenue from licensing agreements. Of course, some big-oil company may come in at any moment and shut them down.

        • @ dfnj “They have a great business model putting new boilers on existing coal burning plants”

          That’s the key. Not just obsolete coal burners but biomass and oil, and eventually gas as well. It’s a win-win, provided that the technology never looks like it might end up on my kitchen wall or yours. That’s when the hardball games will start.

          • GreenWin

            Peter, the scenario you describe may be ONE path for LENR – but it puts the technology in the hands of the same cartels we have now. The brilliance of this energy source is it is small, and cheap enough to build home heaters/CHP. There may be resistance or the old energy guys might just see the light and license rights to build their own branded home units.

            LENR is not going to be just a drop-in replacement for fossil-based centralized power.

            • Possibly I overstate my case GW – but IMHO that is the way things must go, given the nature of the beast. Once any instance of uncontrolled proliferation slips though, then it becomes a free for all. The existing ‘PTB’ are in the position they occupy precisely because they have controlled all threats to their continued wealth and power in the past. I think it’s pretty likely that they will continue to do so. Given the extent of their ‘influence’ over governments and media there is precious little to stop them.

        • Anonymole

          I agree. If it’s possible to team with the energy cartel to achieve funding and propagation of your technology – without losing your grip on ownership or license leveraging then why not. Would you rather work with Microsoft? Or fight them? Yeah I might despise Microsoft but the smart way is to work with them – or through them.

          I despise the oil cartel even more – but if this pushes the game forward faster then I’m all for it.

        • Omega Z


          Darpa Recently provided research funding to SRI.

          Shortly after SRI signed a multimillion dollar contract with Brillouin to build a large scale unit.

          Connect the dots.

  • joe j

    News on the 600 degree ecat is becoming a bit dated. Rossi should start testing a 1200 degree ecat to keep interest going for a few more months.

    • dragon

      Following your joke and logic, the 1200 degree E-Cat will be the last iteration of this device, since Nickel melts close to 1500 (1453) degrees, so an 1800 or 2400 degree E-Cat will not be possible. 🙂

      • dfnj

        You should not have said anything! Now they know!

      • joe j

        Where in the laws of physics does it state molten Nickel cannot be transmuted into molten copper absent radiation?

      • Warthog

        Not necessarily. Tungsten has also been shown to exhibit “anomalous heat effects”, and the Italian “high school science fair” LENR reactor uses tungsten (although it is limited by being an aqueous plasma system. Tungsten runs merrily along at 2000+ degrees (see your incandescent light bulb!). A gas-loaded tungsten system is the obvious candidate for “really” high temps.

    • Ged

      1200 C is probably impossible with nickel, as that’s pushing too close to the melting point. A surface temp of 1000 C after the heat has diffused out from the reaction sites that far, is likely already putting the core temp perilously close to the edge.

      Rossi hasn’t stated, as far as I know, that he’s hit 1000 C, just that we’ll be pleasantly surprised by the report dealing with the validation of the 600 C reactors. My guess is that possibly insinuates they were able to get it to hit 900 C at the very most for short bursts; but I doubt anything beyond that. The 1000 C is from Hank Mills’ interpretation of Rossi’s replies to his question about such. Still possible he’s right, of course, we’ll just have to see what comes this month, if anything.

      • Omega Z


        I think it may be possible to hit 1200’C or slightly higher if it is now a sold state device, but I agree on the defusing out. I think they’ll settle at 1000’C for operational use.

        They already have problems with turbines handling 1000’C temps. Going beyond this point would only be useful for stabilizing reasons.

        A tidbit I picked up. The new Cores & Higher temps may make it possible to increase COP beyond 6 in Industrial E-cats. However, will have to wait & see. Industrial safety standards are different then consumer so were stuck with COP6.

  • Andre Blum

    Does anyone know where we can read more about Hagelstein’s new theory?

    • Lu

      Jed Rothwell mentions that the proceedings from the conference should be uploaded to his site LENR-CANR.ORG within the next few weeks.

      Now you have to report back and give us the simple version of his theory 🙂

      • Andre Blum

        Alas, I’m but a software programmer knowing very little about phonons and other (quasi)particles.

        Like you, I was hoping to get more clarity about it from more enlightened forum members, and realized that that starts with having the document.

        • Ged

          I’m also very interested in seeing Hagelstein’s theory, especially since it was well received.

          • dfnj

            The graphs Hagelstein was showing on the NANOR experiments were stunning.

            It was so great to see someone doing such fine data analysis and presentations from well designed experiments.

    • dfnj

      This will get you started:

      Google: “13. Widom-Larsen Theory Simplified New Energy Times”

      and then Google the following:

      “Godes, R. Quantum Fusion Hypothesis. in ICCF-14 International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear”

      • dfnj

        This will also help you.

        Google: “Understanding How LENR Works Will Enable Us to Be First”

    • Stephen Taylor


      Via vortex, Lou. Thanks.

  • Andrew Macleod

    I hope a formal investigation into the suppression of cold fusion takes place. The people who are responsible will go down in the history books as examples of “junk scientests”.

    • Ged

      Doubtful. Unequivocal suppression and gate-keeping antics in peer-review have happened in other fields of science, but nothing came of it. People are good at justifying their actions, even if they are wrong in the end.

      • georgehants

        Ged agreed but the Internet can make a difference.
        For instance in Admin’s report above, what is the name of the editor of Physics Review, who sent back Julian Schwinger paper that made him resign from the APS.
        When people realise they cannot hide, things may change.

        • As Julian Schwinger resigned from the APS in 1992, presumably he submitted his paper to Physics Review in late 1991 or early 1992. David Lazarus was editor-in-chief of Physical Review until late 1991 when he was replaced by Ben Bederson.

          David Lazarus died last year. Ben Bederson appears to still be connected with Physics Review as Editor-in-Chief Emeritus. From the dates it seems most likely that the rejection lies at the door of the latter, but it could have been either.

          • georgehants

            Peter, well done it shows that historians will be able to put together the whole story.
            It must come out, who has been making these decisions re. Cold Fusion and other subjects, even more important, Why.

            • Omega Z


              Next time Bob Parks says May I have a Cup of Tea the kettle will be large enough he falls in it.

              Just a thought…

          • Yes George, Why indeed. Its difficult to see journal editors just taking these criminal decisions out of the blue – there must be some kind of network ‘above’ that perhaps you become aware of when you reach these positions. Rather like the ‘reverse epiphanies’ that seem to be so common when aspiring politicians finally make it to the big time.

            I have worked as a sub-editor on a couple of scienctific/medical journals, and it did seem to me that some editorial decisions I had to go with were perverse, to say the least. But then humans are fully capable of acting very strangely, right off their own bats.

            Good choice innit? Conspiracy or self interested nastiness.

    • GreenWin

      Andrew, please note my post to “What is Happening at the University Bologna” GreenWin on July 6, 2012 at 5:08 pm re the work of reporter Hal Plotkin of the San Francisco Chronicle.

      He describes very disturbing observations of attacks on LENR scientists.

  • dfnj

    “Peter Hagelstein presented a comprehensive version of his latest theory. I do not understand it but people who do were impressed. He calls this a
    complete theory compared to the “toy theories” he has presented in the past. He has gone through dozens of iterations.”

    It is nice to hear that the theoretical model is so close to completion. The real science begins when researchers start validating the theoretical model.

    “Opinions”, “believers”, “detractors, and “snakes” are irrelevant. Science is the answer to the worlds problems not politics.

    • georgehants

      dfnj, science is the answer if science does science and stops hiding everything beyond Dogma.
      Science seems more full of politics than politics.

      • Kim



      • dfnj

        One man’s dogma is another man’s junk-science.

  • Robert Mockan

    This kind of enthusiasm appears every few years. Most of the original patent applications 20 years ago, all denied, that disclosed relevant details were passed on for advanced research in government labs, so nothing in the field now should be considered unknown in the secret labs.
    The scientists who attend these public conventions are most likely 20 years behind the true level of the technology. Attempts are always made to rationalize the stories about censorship and suppression as a natural resistance to progress into new understanding of science. But that is not the way it works in reality. Vested interested in the status quo had much to lose if cold fusion technology was developed before they were in a position to control it. Does anyone really believe the information in all those denied patent applications over the last 20 years was not sold to the highest bidder after the applications were denied?

    • dragon

      I am sure you are right. But we can only hope that the hidden research that the Elite did in the past 20 years was not very successful because LENR it’s complicated and you need some luck to strike gold.

      I think Rossi got super-lucky and he should release the products to people in one of these two forms:
      1. Uncontrolled through Internet, leaking it himself to us in some kind of fake “ups” moment.
      2. Controlled but more PR on it, so elite cannot backtrack on it as a hoax, when they make their move against Rossi and the others.

      • daniel maris

        Either he got lucky or was more diligent than the rest or he’s lying.

        He claims to have tested thousands of forumalae.

        That Edisonian way forward sounds plausible to me since variable effects had been recorded, suggesting (as with electric light) that there might be one set up which was supremely better than the rest in all respects.

        However, Rossi has never furnished proof, and so we remain in the dark, if hopeful.

        • dragon

          If he is lying, the Elite will still not let him do so for years and years, as this Cold Fusion Movements seems to fuel Freedom movement, which they hate.

          There is no gain for Elite, either if Cold Fusion exists or if only talk of Cold Fusion (even if it’s not working) exists. Cold Fusion movement is teaching courage to little people and they hate courage in little people.

          That is why they hate Anonymous and Wikileaks and Cold Fusion – so that is why all those scientists at International Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Symposium got their cold fusion project shot at one point in time by their management.

          • un passante

            assuming your conspiracy theory is correct.

            have you considered that this elite (or a significant part of them) you are talking about could stand at a point where it’s no more convenient to control progress?

            ie they could be at a point where new energies that greatly expand the possibilities for growth are desperately needed (no matter if part of the powers that be will suffer from that). you did notice the global systemic crisis hitting the world, did you?
            if economies don’t start growing again (and I mean real economy, not creative finance) we’re in for a series of collapses and geopolitical earthquakes.

            this could be the reason why what was once prohibited is now gaining momentum

            end of the conspiracy theory message.

            • That does seem to be a likely scenario, but the introduction of CF will be controlled using the obvious strategies (licensing, taxation). No uncontrolled proliferation would ever be permitted.

            • GreenWin

              The “plan” or technological development roadmap is easily found at most western Depts. of Energy. Build alternatives (wind solar, geo) and a mix of nuke and coal for the next 100 years. Keep promising hot fusion; i.e. status quo. By then, the abundant sources of energy would be meted out.

        • Robert Mockan

          Claims about testing thousands of formula may be misleading. Unless one has sophisticated instruments the only way to test different formula would be to buy or make a sample, put it into a reaction chamber, cycle the chamber with variable hydrogen pressure over a temperature range, and measure for excess thermal power during the cycling. That is the procedure Dr. Edward Case used to find off-the-shelf catalyst G-75E purchased from United Catalysts, Inc. that he used in his LENR reactors. (I documented this at my blogspot OPEN SOURCE NUCLEAR FUEL March 17,2012, in the article titled “Other Gas Loaded LENR Systems”. If interested Google it to read my article). Although Dr. Case was using palladium and heavy hydrogen his reactors were tested at SRI, and helium generation was confirmed at elevated temperatures. So did Rossi do something similar with nickel catalysts and hydrogen? The only way to improve on that “Edisonian” approach, would be to examine the working samples using scanning electron microscopy, and x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Successful samples could then be manufactured with more of the nuclear active regions in them by changing the chemical synthesis procedure to make nickel catalyst with more of the material properties that seem effective in enhancing the nuclear activity, with the appropriate promoters of the activity indicated in the testing. But once going to instrumentation, we are no longer talking about an “Edisonian” approach, but regular laboratory research and development. The question is, WHERE is the Rossi catalyst research and development being conducted? And by whom? Rossi is NOT a scientist trained in that kind of research. Initially he could have done what Dr. Case did, any one can look for a LENR catalyst that way. One can also read the literature in the science journals to find different methods to try when making samples to test. But to improve on it to what Rossi has now indicates some high brow thinking and funding for the necessary laboratory and scientist(s) to conduct the research.

          • GreenWin

            Robert, I believe Mills was doing Ni H2 experiments back in 1991 – some for government. So, there was precedent for Ni before even Piantelli.

            Frankly, I have long believed that Mills solved the catalyst issue a while ago. The Rossi/Focardi hoopla is the sanctioned disclosure process.

            • Robert Mockan

              I still have copies of reports Mills had on the BLP web site before they took them down. Mills said that when sodium hydride (with sodium hydroxide)was used with Raney nickel they got kw level thermal power bursts from a few grams of the catalyst, but the sodium reacted with residue aluminum and oxygen in the Raney nickel and formed sodium aluminate, causing the reaction to shut down. I too have wondered if Mills knows exactly what Rossi is doing, and how he is doing it. But if he does, that opens up a whole new can of worms about the delay in LENR progress. The BLP reports were VERY complete, but no mention of cold fusion. His theory about the hydrino has much support, and that really is interesting. Could both reactions complement one another?

            • GreenWin

              I am at least a fan of Randy Mills – wish I could say a student – I find it hard to follow his GUT, but love the boldness.

              However on the catalyst, a byproduct of Raney is easily eliminated by using pure Ni or even W (Athanor.) The question then is how to prevent the nuclear active areas from consuming the lattice – i.e. control the reaction.

              This is where the addition of an external force such as the Brillouin Q acoustic wave or RF or EMF, makes sense. IF these externals produce plasmons (polaritons) that enhance or quench the reactive sites (dampers on the surface of the geometry) – a step forward.

              This means the loading of H1 in appropriate geometry starts the reactions (hydrino state) and external EMF, acoustic, or RF, mitigates the rate – presumably such that reactions continue at length and without any external heat necessary (i.e. reaction sustains.) Very entertaining to muse upon this.

      • dragon

        And if you think elite does not make moves, just look at Julien Assange and Wikileaks.

        • Shane D.

          OK, I’ll bite… who are the “elites”.

          • They are the bankers and corporate CEOs who attend Bilderberg meetings year on year.

            • Shane D.

              I’m no fan of bankers or US corporate CEOs, but I fail to see how they had anything to do with suppressing LENR.

              I thought it was the science community in general that did that.

            • Robert Mockan

              Shane D.,

              If you want to find out about how Elites are associated with suppression of science and technology post that same question to the Max Keiser web site, and ask in more detail why cold fusion alternate energy is a threat to Elitist plans using Agenda 21 to implement global domination.

          • Robert Mockan

            The popular critics of the insane oligarchs (also referred to as the “Elites”, although not all of them are insane), on the Internet are,

            Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
            Gerald Celente
            David Degraw
            Damon Vrabel

            and another very popular 20 or so critics who are less public, but also fully aware of what is really going on in our economy, with our science and technology, and the debt based monetary system.
            Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and a number of others are also names you might recognize.

            Just Google their names to find out more from their web sites.

            The lack of development of LENR has much more to do with politics, than the science. As has been mentioned by other posters LENR is associated with liberty and freedom movements.

            • dfnj

              Anything or anyone who hurts big-oil is a terrorist and against the interests of the US government.

            • Robert Mockan

              > dfnj,

              the US federal government employees, and that includes the President of the United States, have their positions and exist by the grace of the American people, something most seem to be unaware of. The lesson needs to be taught again, but this next time more forcefully. When government does not serve the people it is mandated to represent, by the people, it will be replaced. This next time, people in government who have abused their positions, will have no place to run and hide.

            • GreenWin

              Well, maybe over at ECN…

  • Tom Ammons

    If LENR does break through I hope there will be the same penalties visited upon those who supressed this research as they have visted upon those they have supressed–and that would be loss of legitimacy, status and position which they now enjoy. I think judgement day is comming.

    • dragon

      Those that suppressed Cold Fusion in 1989 are forcefully still rule over us now, in 2012. It is only because of their miscalculation with the Internet that somehow they seemed to loose control for a moment. But they are trying to address this little mistake as we speak.

      The only chance for us will be for Rossi or others with Commercial devices in their hands to release them to us and to be fast in doing so. Other than this, the elite will slowly take control of this process (releasing it in our hands) and will surely kill it either through conspiracy or through law.

      • un passante

        IMHO the world elites are far less a monolithic block than you made them to be.
        and in time of crisis the differences are widened.

        I see evidences that some of the past obstacles to LENR research are gone. NASA, NI etc etc

        what if part of the elite is pushing one way and another the other way?

        • “what if part of the elite is pushing one way and another the other way?”

          That’s inevitable, but it’s likely that a common strategy with compensation for the losers will be quickly agreed (probably already has).

        • daniel maris

          I agree Passante.

          It’s rather naive to think there is one monolithic elite – if only!

          Rather there are lots of interlocking elites and power preserves. It’s complex.

          I think in relation to LENR you certainly have the physics elite (including a core “hot fusionist” elite) who see LENR as a threat but you also have oil and financial interests, the green energy elite and the political elites who have reasons to oppose LENR research and applications.

          • Daniel, all the ‘elites’ you mention are quite a long way down the pecking order, and are subservient to the bankers (Rockefeller – Rothschild) that own the governments and foundations that in turn own them by ‘virtue’ of financial control and corruption. Google the attendance list for Bilderberg 2012 for a detailed listing of the top level string pullers.

            • Omega Z


              I agree with you, passante, & Daniel on various points.

              My Take- The Bilderberg Group-
              Rich, Powerful Elites who are to a degree like minded & Co-operate with one another when they have similar interests to get things done. There is no Rank & File. They don’t always agree as a whole an some things are done in smaller groups within the Group.

              The Banks, Big Oil, Corporations & most Governments are just tools that they manipulate with their Influence/Connections & Money.

              They funnel money to certain Politicians(Party Affiliation aside). This provides influence to pass laws & regulations providing control over all other entities to some degree.

              They Don’t have Absolute Power, But a single Individual wouldn’t fare very well to go against them.

              I would Venture to say that most of us might support some or most of what they want to do when it comes down to individual Ideas.

              Population Control.
              Alleviate Poverty.
              Alleviate famine.
              Provide Sanitation & Water.
              All of these & more are worthy Goals.

              It’s how they go about it that upsets everyone. Their Rich, & Educated. Intelligent?? Not so much.

              Ways they achieve the above stated purposes.

              The U.S. Dollar is not backed by Oil. The Dollar/Oil Connection is for Wealth Redistribution.

              Regulations & Taxes of Corporations is for Job redistribution.

              Transfer wealth from the haves to the have nots.

              If they were truly Intelligent, they would learn to grow economies instead of moving it around. Create more wealth instead of redistributing it.

              Taking Your Job & giving it to your neighbor nether increases the number of jobs nor lowers unemployment. Just pesses people off.

  • Karl

    The successful debunk of anything related to activities in Cold Fusion is truly astonishing. Still today almost irrespective of the progress, wording Cold Fusion in any debate in any media you are easily a legitimate target and often treated as a wistful thinker and promoter of junk science and UFO ghost searcher. A. Rossi has also been an ideal target among pseudo sceptics with his past.

    Even if we disagree with the stand of the priesthood of nuclear scientific community, one must admit that those who tuned a negative orchestra have been extremely successful in their attempts to hide the truth. If may have been initiated in the US originally but it certainly have influenced science in major part of the world under last 23 years.

    What can and should be done? Shall we go hunting for the seemed guilty? My guess is that simplest and securest way is to continue to promote Cold Fusion is to support innovators like Rossi, Mills and others in all possible way and in particular help them to reach the market which will finally beet all opponents. New media sites like Franks that manage to take up interesting topics and activities in the field and keep the debate fairly honest is another sharp egg to cultivate.

    • Its pretty much the only weapon we have. However I think the signs are that parties with a lot more power than a few bloggers like us are engaged on ‘our’ side. I hope it transpires that they have more power than the self-appointed elites who are responsible for the suppression of CF until now. 2012 just might be the year things change.

    • GreenWin

      A simple experiment to confirm or deny some level of collusion amongst intelligence elites is suggested:

      Write to ANY editor or reporter of ANY mainstream newspaper, TV/radio outlet, science, politics, environment, green or fossil fuel writer. Ask them to write a story on LENR. LENR will change all walks of life – so there is a viable angle for nearly any reporter to follow. It’s a treasure trove of great material!

      IF the reporter or editor does write back, what line of defense do they use to explain why they won’t write a story. Only the excuses and reasoning will vary. I doubt you will find any editor or reporter from mainstream who will dare write anything about LENR.

      You need no further proof of the suppression of LENR and its disruptive impact on the power elite.

      • chris robinson

        I can clearly recall a scathing, one sided BBC documentary on Pons and Fleishman in regards the phenomena some twenty year ago. From memory ,part of the criticism was based on the assumption that P&F had rushed to publicize ,purely because they thought that another university professor ,Jones ? was about come out with similar results .It would be very difficult for the BBC to now completely disown the people behind that documentary and admit that they had completely misrepresented the situation.

        • GreenWin

          chris, the old school and its stranglehold on “peer review” is now being dismantled. They WISH they could blame all on P&F for ‘rush to publicize.’ But P&F were counseled by University lawyers schooled in patent law, who advised, in their expert opinion and in the best interest of University, to go public. P&F are scientists and at the time employees of the University whose legal advisers told them to take their discovery public.

          BBC need not deny their documentarians – they need only tell the truth.

  • AstralProjectee

    Wow, this is great. LENR is picking up traction then. I can’t wait.


    • Ged

      It’s really snowballing suddenly. I’m surprised how fast things just turned around. I wonder what the exact pivot point was.

      • georgehants

        Frank opening this webpage.

        • Ged

          That’s always a possibility! This is the only E-cat/LENR site I read other than PENS (occasionally). But this site has more updates and a much, much nicer design than anything else. It also has much snappier analysis.

          Wouldn’t be surprised if other “powers-that-be” like people from NI watch this site. It really is growing into the go-to hub for general LENR news. Frank has accomplished a great thing just in that.

          • dragon

            I agree.

    • Anonymole

      The buzz has certainly risen, but the results are still oddly lacking. It’s been nothing but scuttlebutt for nearly a year. The ratio between words and results on this topic is like a billion to zero. No more words from any of these researchers – put up or shut up I say.

      • Expectations may be rather too high in some quarters, as a result of recent claims and the apparently increasing ‘respectability’ of CF. Low level LENR is clearly a demonstrable reality (Hagelstein, Piantelli, Athenor team etc) but controllable high level outputs are still to some extent vaporware in the cases of Rossi, DGT and Brillouin (although Rossi’s last demo went some way towards proof).

        If none of these pan out soon (and incontrovertibly) there will be enormous disappointment and an inevitable reaction against the claimants that could reflect on future development of the more proven systems.

  • daniel maris

    INteresting insight into the suppression of LENR evidence and experimentation.

  • andreiko

    Dr Rossi zijn er door u direct of indirect contracten gesloten met multinationale producenten en/of distributeurs?

    Bijvoorbaat dank.