A New Independence

Today in the United States is Independence day, a day where Americans celebrate the fact that they were able to break free of the rule of Great Britain and establish a self-governing nation. As an Englishman living in the USA I have always enjoyed Independence Day celebrations here, and I find it moving when the stars and stripes is raised and the national anthem is played. I am not ignorant of the many problems facing this country and the whole world, but still the principles of freedom and independence that were behind the founding of America are inspiring to me. I would like all people to enjoy the blessings and benefits of freedom from tyranny and oppression — there are so many throughout the world who live in bondage of one form or another.

One of the reasons I started this web site was that I saw in the emergence of LENR/Cold Fusion an opportunity for people to enjoy greater freedom and independence, and I hope that this site might be able to provide information that will allow for knowledge of this potentially world-changing technology to spread.

I don’t see LENR as a panacea for all the world’s ills, but I think it can have a tremendously important impact in many areas of life that can be of great benefit to our world.

What kind of freedoms and independence do I think about when I think of the potential of LENR? Here are some that come to mind.

  • Greater freedom from the world wide energy complex with all its costs, geopolitical uncertainties and market instabilities.
  • Greater freedom from the grid. We see right now in the Eastern US how disruption in the grid due to severe weather affects millions.
  • Cheap and abundant energy allows for greater independence, bringing opportunities for more self determination. If your life is not tied up in working to earn money to pay the bills, (many of which are energy related) there is more time that can be spent in more productive pursuits.
  • Greater freedom from the confines of limited knowledge. LENR opens up doors that allow for things that have long been thought impossible. New frontiers of science, technology and civilization.

Yes, these are ideals — the actual adoption of LENR technology in the real world might not be as beneficial as we might hope. There’s certainly room for nefarious uses of LENR, but in my mind you can’t worry about all the possible negative consequences in this field. There are obvious benefits that are worth working towards and as knowledge grows that a new power in nature can be harnessed in useful ways, there will likely be a growing number people involved in trying to move this technology forward.

  • dfnj

    The United States has been at war for over 60 years now. I am sick of war. Time for the US to stand down.

    WWII has been over for a few years now. Maybe it’s time to close ALL our bases in Europe. Time for England and France to step-up and protect themselves against the Russians.

    The USA is broke. Our bridges are falling apart, a third of our people are out of work, and half the people do not have any healthcare.

    Please, to our European friends, kick us out!!!!!!

  • Ged

    Happy Fourth all! I hope everyone here has a great day 😀

  • Charles

    Assuming Rossi has what he says he has, I hope that if he is hamstrung by the powers that be, that he will someday just release everything to the world. It sounds like his system is easily manufacturable and that would make it available for the slightly competent to produce. (Maybe even using 3d printing). This would make him as reknown as Tesla. I also hope he is considering the potential for bad things being inflicted on him or family personally. Huge sums of money and livelihood are involved.

    • In response to a question about what would happen if he met with an unfortunate accident, Rossi did say (admittedly a long time ago) that certain precautions had been taken to ensure that his knowledge would not be lost. I hope he is maintaining some kind of ‘insurance’ for such an eventuality.

  • dragon

    I looked today on Andrea Rossi journal-of-nuclear-physics website and I found this answer, which gives us an idea of when to expect new info regarding E-CAT 600 celsius from Rossi: the week of 22 -28 of July.

    Mark Saker
    June 22nd, 2012 at 9:42 AM
    Dear Andrea,

    So have you decided upon a date to end the extended period high temperature reactor test?

    Andrea Rossi
    June 22nd, 2012 at 11:01 AM

    Dear mark Saker:
    We need at least one more month to get sure results.
    Warm Regards,

    • ‘at least’ is a bit weasely (if there is such a word).

    • There is an article in The American Reporter today
      that talks about the vast power outages over the past three years in the Northeast and the way hydrino reactors will impact them. I think it’s unfortunate that, as AR wrote me on Monday, the home E-Cats will produce only thermal energy. The hydrino reactors will produce 5K to 10K of electricity. See

  • AB

    Today at 12:56, the European Parliament decided whether ACTA would be ultimately rejected or whether it would drag on into uncertainty. In a crushing 478-to-39 vote, the Parliament decided to reject ACTA once and for all. This means that the deceptive treaty is now dead globally.


    • Brilliant! Just maybe a new independence from those who seek to control everything for their own purposes is in the air. Perhaps a list of the 39 will be posted somewhere, so we know who to watch.

      Thanks for passing on the good news, AB.

    • AB

      Amusing picture from the EU parliament after ACTA was killed:


      • Ged

        Wow, I guess there is hope yet for decency and common sense!

      • This isn’t the stereotypical image of the EU parliament – there isn’t a single 50-something fat balding besuited male among them! Maybe there’s hope yet, as Ged says.

  • spacegoat

    (Copy from previous thread. More relevant here).
    Some posters foresee that LENR will be subject to a control crackdown. I am more optimistic.

    Not to belittle Rossi, but if he could find the secret sauce after 1000 variations of parameters and simple plumbing, then others can too.

    As with any commodity or service useful to man, any attempt by evil elites at restriction will be suitably met. Witness 1. Digital Restrictions Management on sharing knowledge (books audio and video). 2.The Open Source Software movement (shortly set to be 50% of the market).

    Now that Rossi has hacked forward a path, following him will be even easier, especially if products come on the market.

    Assuming LENR freedom occurs or is won, I see the next level of control to be land. Every square inch of land is owned by a tiny elite and the rest of the population are herded into cities. In addition to energy, LENR would give every family the ability to have food and water and shelter independence, but only if they have land.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      >LENR would give every family the ability to have food and water and shelter independence, but only if they have land.

      Why only land? Unlimited LENR energy could make ocean colonization quite possible.

    • dragon

      Interesting idea you have there and I think you are right. But with LENR giving us free energy buying land will become easier because what stops us to buy now is energy dependence on a centralized monopoly.

      Once that is solved, then people will slowly “migrate” back to countryside.

      • spacegoat

        What stops people buying land is government regulation who define “inhabitable land” and private ownership.
        How will people “migrate” to the countryside? Government will not recategorize “agricultural” land for habitation. Those wishing to escape government control over all aspects of their lives will be labeled as “terrorists”.

    • admin

      Good point, land is certainly finite — but there’s a lot of unused land out there. LENR would allow for use and development of land that is currently undesirable, such as deserts and tundra. Also, abundant energy would make it easier and more cost effective to build up (skyscrapers, etc.) and down (underground). LENR would also allow for the development of vertical, indoor, and underground farming in a big way: http://www.economist.com/node/17647627

    • Tom

      LENR could help move mining from earth to the asteroids, freeing a lot of land. LENR or something like it might move habitation from earth to outer space and other celestial bodies if we need to. I hope we can push it that far.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Something thats being touched on here are some of the negative repercussions of energy freedom. Marshuana grow ops could spring up anywhere, or a car chase in an lenr powered car could last days or weeks, terrorist cells working off the grid would have no paper trail to their location. Food for thought.

      • spacegoat

        If people disperse into natural sized independent communities, with all the resources they need, then terrorism evaporates.

  • georgehants

    Frank you may like to check –
    A very long post by Christos Stremmenos
    July 4th, 2012 at 4:36 AM

    • Pete

      /sarcasm mode on
      Not this Stremmenos again. He is obviously a pathological skepstick!

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        By the way, some skeptics were wondering if Stremmenos still believes that the E-Cat works. I think this addresses their doubts.

        • Pete

          Thats the only point where we disagree I guess, hehe.

    • dragon

      I see your Stremmenos and I raise you an ICCF-17 for Defkalion’s legitimity.

    • An interesting insight from Stremmenos’ perspective, even if he does tend to use 5 words where one would have done. It seems that DGT may have stolen Rossi’s secrets at the U of B by Xanthoulis, as the latter claimed. Anyone who still maintains that such to-and-froings are all a part of some kind of huge and elaborate ‘scam’ needs psychiatric help IMHO.

    • Adam Lepczak

      Dear George,
      Thank you for this important heads up. Too bad that the Greek side did not treat their contractual obligations with Dr. Rossi seriously.

    • Stremmenos uses the acronym EFA without defining it. I suppose it to mean European Financial Authority.

    • Lu

      Interesting and well worth reading. Looks like Defkalion GT hasn’t changed one bit and that Professor Stremmenos’ view of Defkalion seems to match mine.

      And while we are all chained to this seemingly never ending saga, here’s to energy independence that hopefully Rossi’s efforts will enable!

  • Torbjörn

    Page 23: http://ec.europa.eu/research/industrial_technologies/pdf/emerging-materials-report_en.pdf

    “ENEA, SRI and NRL have been involved
    within review programs in the US and in
    Italy. The main task was to
    demonstrate, on the basis of signals well
    above the measurement uncertainties
    and with a cross check, the existence of
    the excess of heat production during
    electrochemical loading of deuterium in
    palladium cathodes. The target was
    achieved and the existence of the effect
    is no longer in doubt.”

  • georgehants

    In line with Franks desire for independence and freedom, that must include freedom to thinking and the Truth.
    If one considers crop circles, can I suggest that they are covered by another conspiracy against the people.
    If there where no conspiracy then to simply prove there possible origin —
    Give the Army a drawing of one of the amazing designs that have been produced.
    They cannot practice the design as no failed and abandoned circles of this quality have ever been found.
    Give them a field and overnight leave them to it.
    If they can reproduce the circle with no errors and with the myriad of effects always found at the scene then —
    It is proven that they could be man made.
    Why does the establishment not carry out this simple test.
    Until it is done, any argument against the phenomena is based on bloody opinion.
    People have the right to Facts.

    • georgehants

      Once again, this is not off topic as I have discussed with Frank my desire to put up Evidence of coverups in science, as has happened with Cold Fusion.
      Frank will remove this comment if feels it is not fit.
      I do not wish to discuss Crop Circles but welcome opinions as to why the simple experiment I suggest is not performed.
      I am not saying they are an unexplainable event, but that unless one does the experiment then there is clear Evidence of a wish to cover-up the subject.
      That is not science but censoring.

      • Lu

        To produce something and to copy it exactly are two different things entirely. Your proposed test would not necessarily prove your point.

        I can sign my name once. Despite this, I can never ever reproduce it exactly (although I may get close sometimes) no matter how many times I tried.

        The other reason your experiment is not performed is that already many examples of people demonstrating the art (and science!) of crop circle making. It’s been done!

        Only a small fringe of individuals believe that these are not man made. The burden of proof is on them to show that crop circles are not man made. And this has just not happened, e.g., your proposal.

        • georgehants

          Lu you are incorrect no known man made crop circles beyond crude designs have been demonstrated.
          The copy would need to be “exact” as the circles made are of intricate geometric design that the original makers had to copy.
          Your reply with respect, is inaccurate and gives no reason for my Experiment not to be done to prove the possibility of man made circles.

          • Bigwilly

            Hi George,

            I was interested in this topic and did a brief search to finds information. It appears there is an excess of evidence of human creation from hoaxers using simple tools.


    • jacob

      cold fusion work
      LENR works, Free energy devices work,
      crop circles, they are no longer crop circles,they are images transmitted by some very advanced beings,probably look like us ,this is a good one,its mind over matter,to project an Image across space it’s cool .

      • georgehants

        jacob, the only question I ask is why has the establishment not done the Experiment I suggest.

        • mcloki

          Even if they did why would they tell you? Wouldn’t it be more likely that they would quickly form a company and start producing these e-cat engines for the purpose of making profit? I would and so would the majority of the posters here. If you’re not reading these LENR posts all over the web and thinking in the back of your mind. How do I profit from this and provide for my family? What are you reading for?

        • jacob

          Sorry to sound over the top,but i studied ancient writings in Sanscrit,it talks about space travel,our ancients were much more advanced,in conflict with common believe,our human history has been muddied ,the Pyramids stand as a testament and were built with technology you never heard of,and such a device has been preserved and still works,it is a unit on a tripot that sends a beam of light let’s say on a 120 ton foundation stones as found in Lebanon,and the former temple of Jerusalem ,on the stone is placed a metallic thing ,when the light beam hits the metallic thing,what ever touches the thing
          loses its gravity,and can be guided along with little effort by hand. Some UFO’s use tractor light beams for lifting objects

          We are not being told the full truth ,
          but once you know that,you start looking for the full truth,I am not done looking,but have most pieces to the puzzle to give me the picture.
          I hope this clears things up for some of you.

          Crop circles are projections of images from our friends from beyond,ok then, so some are made by people as a prank.

  • andreiko


    In mijn visie zal LENR zorgen voor een enorme hoeveelheid arbeid omdat het vrijmaken van metalen uit hun verbindingen milieuveilig kan plaatsvinden zo ook recyclen.(op elk stukje aarde!)voorbeeld; de aardkorst bestaat uit 8% aluminium verbindingen,het vrijmaken van aluminium is nu een energie vretende en CO2 leverende bezigheid door LENR wordt het gebruik van een inerte anode mogelijk zodat bij de productie van AL O2 vrijkomt en geen CO2.

    Stuwmeren bouwen met pijpleidingen naar droogte gebieden zodat er CO2 vretende gewassen kunnen groeien met voedsel voor de bevolking ,bovendien zal dit de steiging van de zeespiegel kunnen tegengaan.

    Dit zijn uiteraard maar enkele voorbeelden.

    • jacob

      interesting concepts , andreiko

  • georgehants

    The World is full of news of the Higgs that simply moves the Mystery of life to, where did the Higgs come from.
    Not a word can I find on the E.U. announcement Re. Cold Fusion.
    I have certainly become a conspiracy believer.
    A little research of the Evidence for the amazing possibilities of the Placebo effect, being hidden by much of the main-line medical profession and the drug companies may show those interested, of the many other areas that these same conspiracy’s are rampant.

  • georgehants

    Wonderful sentiments Frank.
    Your website is a shining example to others and science of how any topic should be handled.
    No abuse, no debunking but fair open constructive discussion of Facts and Evidence with mere opinion being clearly defined.
    This website is leading the way for science to follow.
    Even if Cold Fusion had turned out in error it does not change the fact, that any subject and any scientist must be treated fairly and with respect.
    The same applies to Mr.Rossi, Defkalion and other scientists in unpopular areas outside of Dogma.
    Peace and happiness to the USA and every person in the World.

  • “I don’t see LENR as a panacea for all the world’s ills…” I think that it has the potential to solve today’s main problems so that they get superseded by new ones. In some sense it could be seen as a panacea, although not a permanent one.

    • georgehants

      Faith Pekka, the scientific World likes to stick with the Dogma of a closed Evolution Dogma.
      When one confronts a follower of hard Evolution with the point that –
      Evolution demands that only the fittest survive so Evolution, if true, must have determined (as the vast majority of people have an inbuilt belief in a higher power) that a hard wired belief in a creator is a advantage, they suddenly find a way out of the dilemma with distortion.
      Why are these people fighting a belief in something, that must be perfectly in line with their beliefs that Evolution determines everything.

      • jacob

        We were taught by a system that just basically programed us,just like programming a robot,the robot knows what to do based on the information it was programmed with,it is called brain washing.
        I spend a good part of my live deprogramming myself, as to what is true versus what is not,I feel very fortunate and grateful to have learned the truth,including our human history,anti gravity is as real to me as gravity,to give you a clue,the galactic federation has had members for millions of years,and we are a slave race on prison planet Earth,I mean that,we are not told the real truth , it’s like the parents not telling their children,figuring they don’t NEED to know.

    • AB

      LENR will not solve problems that arise from the human character (like unfair distribution of wealth) but it will make sure that the human race will not fall back into a dark age (or worse, WW3) once fossil and nuclear fission fuels are exhausted. The Romans were not far from achieving the steam engine when their society fell apart.

      • spacegoat

        After food, water, shelter, re-architecting of communities on a natural scale (abandonment of cities), concomitant quasi-elimination of crime, a resurgence in neighbourhood social life, elimination of poverty and disease, what physical wealth are you interested in attaining? Electronc trinkets?

  • daniel maris

    Yes. ultimately – not straight away – LENR holds out the promise of underpinning personal freedom, rather than circumscribing it in the way grid-supplied energy does. This isn’t about becoming a “mountain man in Montana” – just simply that if you know you have a personal power pack at home you simply have a different attitude to life and the outside world (just as a farmer on his or her own land has a different relationship with the outside world).

    In the future we might add water extraction from the atmosphere, home food production and 3D home printing – all practical if infant technologies at the moment.

    • Tom

      I’ve got two of those technologies at home already! Hopefully have a 3D Printer within the year. A self-sustaining nuclear reactor wouldn’t be bad either but I’ll give that 5 years, tops.

  • GreenWin

    Very well said Frank. It is a privilege to serve with you.

    “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the Earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”