EU Body Recommends Research in LENR, Hails Fleischmann & Pons Effect

The European Union’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation has published a 2012 document entitled “Industrial Technologies Material Unit Forward Looking Workshop on Materials for Emerging Energy Technologies” which identifies, summarizes, and evaluates a number of potentially useful energy technologies, and makes recommendations about them to the European Commission. The document was the product of a workshop held on October 28, 2011 in Brussels, Belgium with the purpose of identifying low-carbon energy solutions that could enter into the marketplace by 2050.

One section of the document (3.4) deals with Low Energy Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter. Surprisingly, the section starts out with a definition of the Fleischmann and Pons (FPE) and states without a hint of irony or qualification:

The Fleischmann and Pons Effect (FPE) is the production of large amounts of heat, which could not be attributed to chemical reactions, during electrochemicalloading of palladium cathodes with deuterium. Energy densities measured during excess of power are tens, hundreds, and even thousands times larger than the maximum energy associated to any known chemical process. On the basis of the present status of knowledge the large amount of energy may be ascribed to a nuclear process only . . .

The most intriguing feature of the phenomenon is the substantial lack of the expected nuclear emissions associated with the excess of power production ascribed to a deuteriumdeuterium nuclear fusion process.

Following a fairly detailed technical discussion of the FPE the section concludes with recommendations that LENR be a topic of future discussion and research, saying that LENR has “unlimited and sustainable future energy technology potential.”

Needless to say, this is quite a surprising report and recommendation to come out of an official scientific report of an EU agency, especially since it looks very kindly and positively on the work of Fleischmann and Pons who have for years been virtual outcasts in the scientific community. No mention is made here of any of the work involving nickel and hydrogen reactions — but it’s interesting to see this workshop was held on the same day that Andrea Rossi was carrying out the test of his first 1 MW plant in Bologna.

  • Stephen

    This is a very good news and a bold move. I wonder if they will seriously start funding large-scale research projects on the subject… this is the way to go.

    In my opinion it is unscientific to claim a priori that the field is all BS… particularly after so many experimental indications available. The Standard Model prohibits it? I say solid state systems are a mess. Electrons repel each-other, but still there exist superconductors, with bonded e-e pairs… and this does not violate any law of nature. Of course it is a barely pertinent example but it is thought-provocative: mind shortcuts can be dangerous, and even arrogant.

  • Jan Holík

    Možná budeme svědky převratných událostí. Rozum a cit musí zvítězit nad klientelismem a snahou držet co nejvíce lidí v závislosti. Je jasné, že k těmto techologiím budou mít přístup jak lidé dobří, tak špatní a že problém existence zla ve světě nové technologie nevyřeší!!! Je také jasné, že současné ekonomické struktury závislé a profitující zároveň na komoditách pln, ropa, el. energie se nebudou chtít svých pozicí vzdát a udělají vše proto, aby se tyto technologie neosvědčily a nedostaly co nejdříve k běžným spotřebitelům.

    • jacob

      is that swedish,just wondering what dictionary to use,maybe roger can help translate

      • Lars

        No it’s not swedish.
        Looks like an eastern europe language
        lots of ěž wich do not exist in swedish.
        (And by the way, I don’t understand and I am swedish 🙂

      • Wes

        I believe it is Czech.

    • pg


      Maybe we will see a revolutionary event. Sense and Sensibility must prevail over patronage and trying to keep as many people in dependency. It is clear that these techologiím will have access to both people are good and bad and that the problem of evil in the world of new technology will not solve! It is also clear that the current economic structure and dependent on commodities at the same time benefiting fully, oil, electric. energy will not want to give up his position and will do everything so that these technologies are not a success, did not get as soon as possible to ordinary consumers.

  • spacegoat

    Not to belittle Rossi, but if he could find the secret sauce after 1000 variations of parameters and simple plumbing, then others can too.

    As with any commodity or service useful to man, any attempt by evil elites at restriction will be suitably met. Witness 1. Digital Restrictions Management on sharing knowledge (books audio and video). 2.The Open Source Software movement (shortly set to be 50% of the market).

    Now that Rossi has hacked forward a path, following him will be even easier, especially if products come on the market.

    Assuming LENR freedom occurs or is won, I see the next level of control to be land. Every square inch of land is owned by a tiny elite and the rest of the population are herded into cities. In addition to energy, LENR would give every family the ability to have food and water and shelter independence, but only if they have land.

    • Spacegoat, I assume that your last para refers to the UN’s ‘Agenda 21’ that seeks to use environmental ‘issues’ as a smokescreen to move their more drastic aims forward.

      This seems to be well under way in the US but fortunately not so much elsewhere. The ‘Agenda’ also calls for the appropriation of all means of food production and of water supplies.

      Although there seem to be a good number of officials at one level or another who are happy to promote this fascist’s charter, I think it must be too extreme to ever succeed on a widespread basis. However, any moves to implement it must be fought wherever they occur, or the UN’s very sinister objectives will be won by default.

    • Robert Mockan

      The fascist agenda also calls for control of all the water regions of the world, not just land. That means all live aboard boating will be prohibited, along with taking any sea food or distilling of water, and any travel by boating will be met with murdering those people who do not comply with being herded into the slave compounds. LENR can help enable liberty (that is, freedom from tyranny) to prevail, but only if people eventually also destroy the insane oligarchs. Clearly it would have been much easier to prevent the tyranny if people had acted a century ago, or even 50 years ago. But once Agenda 21 became “official” by being publicly documented, and still there was no organized resistance, the insane knew they had won. The real hell on earth the insane are creating will make the biblical HELL seem like a resort area. Only by providing the precise method(s) for making LENR catalyst to all people will LENR play a role helping insure liberty and freedom.

      • jacob

        Robert M.It is the patriots ,who keep the freedom alive, and are willing to fight,but can not win they are a minority and preparations may already be under way to arrest any trouble makers, patriots are greatly out numbered,the global coming economic collapse will do more to help the development of Free energy,specially creating a market for those that can’t afford fossil fuel, my grandfather was cutting down telephone poles in the cover of darkness,so the family wouldn’t freeze to death in the winter during world war 2,people get really creative in times like that,we need the formula and the catalyst to be leaked on the internet,to make our own LENR heaters,so we won’t freeze to death once,the economy stalls,and everybody will be out of work,prepare for the future and protect your own family with your own backup plan,those that are not prepared will not make it.

        I hope it will just be a global economic collapse and not world war 3,I read before once one country decides to just use free energy technology to power their Nation ,they would be at war with the rest of the world,i hope that is not true.

        ,, ..’;/., ][‘;/.- just for U roger,use them when needed

  • jacob

    The United States of America has done me proud in the past,thanks to, the founding Fathers and Their vision for a free America,Independent and Free,with a Constitution who sets out, to Love and Protect,with a Vision to bring Freedom to the World, and I will always be Grateful and Proud of the US. of A. ,and even though my Nationality is Dutch,which I am very Proud of,I in my Heart am an American also,Proud of the determination of the people ,to fight for what they
    believe in and protect their fellow man and love a great deal.

    The United States of America is a proud Protector of the Nations around the world with a Vision,along with other English speaking Nations and Germany have been granted Technology to protect Earth from Evil forces,I am Proud the United States was picked to be the Guardians of Earth,a special Blessing covers them,and Words have been spoken over this country,and it is impossible for the USA to fail,nothing will harm it and It will always overcome and prevail,such is the destiny of the United States of America,it has been predestined.

    Let’s Pray today ,to The Universal Creator to fight the Enemy of Freedom ,whoever they may be.

    in God we Trust

    I wish you all a wonderful time with your families and a toast to a wonderful future and lot of love,and hope in your heart.

  • GreenWin

    To Frank A. and our MANY friends around the world – it is today in the United States, Independence Day! Thank you ALL for making it the most imaginative, rewarding, and gratifying holiday I have known;)

    “G’bless and keep you always
    And may you stay, forever young.”
    B. Dylan

    • Barry

      Happy Forth GreenWin, Frank and all the rest and on independence day a special thanks to Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons.

      Thanks to all of you my Hope in Cold Fusion is beginning to turn into Faith.

      Peace and Light, Barry

      • admin

        Thanks very much, GW and Barry! Same to you both. I like your sentiment towards Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, Barry.

        I hope these gentlemen are vindicated and they can find satisfaction in knowing that the work that was so widely disparaged has started a very important movement that could bear tremendous fruit in future years.

      • NJT

        These are very exciting times and I agree if it were not for P & F we would not be here now on the cusp of the greatest potential gift mankind has ever known and experienced – except for fire of course…

      • GreenWin

        Stanley Pons, Martin Fleischmann, you have lit the candle that will light the world. Thank you.

        July 4th, Independence Day, 2012

  • Robert Mockan

    Either a lot of people backing LENR are going to be taken out, or the insane oligarchs have everything under their control. If so, the consumer is not going to benefit. They MUST HAVE THE CATALYST! Either way, I suggest do not count chickens before the eggs hatch. All these companies that are working on LENR, they can still be stopped. Read about the history of suppression of new energy technology.

    • jacob

      Yes Robert ,what can I say after reading these stories,I read it before,actually the story from Jim Powell about the self running fly wheel with 2 double acting cylinders and figured out a while ago how it works,so I built a mechanical device with 2 flywheels with a 5 pound off center weights ,when rotated one flywheel turns clockwise and the other wheel turns counterclockwise and have timing gears , and when rotated create a linear motion ,and this linear motion is converted into hydraulic pressure,which operates the hydraulic orbit motor, to drive the fly wheels. the electric motor to start the machine is not needed,a hydraulic pressure reserve is just needed for getting the self powered hydraulic power pack up to speed.

      the two double acting cylinders are pressurized and equipped with one way check valves,with centrifugal force off balance ,creates a 5 ton force acting twenty times per second with a stroke of 2 inches ,creating a gross power output of 66 hp of hydraulic power output,with a realistic heat and friction loss of 15 % still the net output is still 56hp,not bad for putting no energy into it at all,except space time energy ,hydraulic oil needs a oil cooler ,all hydraulic oil coming from the cylinders is forced through a pressure valve,the oil that is used the run the orbit motor to run the fly wheels comes from a tee just before the pressure valve,

      Probably sounds to good to be true again,however this is how it works Jim Powell,as you said you wondered about it for 30 years.

      do not underestimate centrifugal off balance forces,bearings hardly stand a chance,best to use same type bearing as crank shaft sleeve bearings with oil pressure lines attached ,doubling the speed of the flywheels increases the hp out put 4 fold, not bad for a self running device,I hope to teach people how to built these units them selves.

      It is actually more viable that LENR,with the advantage of no outside power needed to run it or start it.

      as I said before this unit falls under National Security,but I believe it is intellectual property of Mankind

    • I have been optimistic since hearing about Rossi that CF was finally going to emerge as the new primary energy source of the human race – but I have to go with Robert’s very sober assessment of how things will roll out. The fact is that the general availability of cheap, clean power, including electricity and propulsion – with no means for government to skim a good part of the value – would be so utterly disrupting to the interests of governments and the self-appointed elite, that there is simply no way it will be permitted to happen in any unrestricted manner.

      The apparent lack of opposition beyond a few shills still wittering away on ECN I think indicates that a decision may have been taken at a supra-governmental level (possibly during the two most recent Bilderberg meetings) as to how to ‘manage’ CF.

      Incorporating the technology into the existing energy supply structure has few downsides and plenty of upside for the corporates that own it (other than the nuclear sector), or for the bankers that own them, and so probably little impediment will be placed in the way of ‘industrial’ CF of the Rossi HT variety. On the other hand, governments stand to lose a huge chunk of the revenues currently skimmed off all fossil fuels and power distribution, so it seems likely that some plan may be in place to ensure that equivalent revenue can be collected from LENR usage.

      This would also apply to any ‘home heaters’ that are marketed, but the desirability of these is looking rather marginal when the poor control, capital and renewal costs, electrical power requirements and heating system modifications are taken into account. Possibly a big fat tax on the cores, payable in installments, might take care of that.

      But unless a way is devised to collect tax on a pay as you go basis of all other proposed private uses of CF – it just ain’t gonna happen. The method that is available to stop anything that TPTB wants stopped is simple – safety certification, or if they need a big hammer, classification of LENR as a ‘nuclear’ technology in order to remove it entirely from the hands of the oiks. Simple, cheap and efficient, with no need to ‘disappear’ anyone (although a few mysterious explosions might be required).

      • jacob

        I agree fully with your assessment,Peter,The Bilderberg Group,even though the Royal Monarchy of my birth country is involved in it,and it goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and 25000 years before that.

        the Bilderberg Group make decisions for our future,that best protect the Elite, that could make for some very gloomy days for LENR, lets just hope and pray the Bilderberg Group gets a new Vision,if they don’t ,LENR,Cold Fusion is toast.

  • vbasic

    Here is a fantasy wish of mine. A Physicist who submits commentary to the American Physical Society forums is asked by a reporter his opinion of all the recent activity in LENR. He got very angry. “This can’t be happening. Don’t those idiots in the EU and at these conferences
    know LENR is impossible! The Standard Model says so. I don’t care what experiments and prototype devices show. They are mistaken!” he shouts as he grabs a book from his bookcase and tosses it on his desk. “Why are so upset?” the reporter asked. “Because they are wrong! They are wrong! They are wrong!” he screams as he pulls out his hair and promptly jumps out his office window. AAAAAAAA!

    • GreenWin

      Excellent scene vbasic. As they say in the movie biz – CUT!!

    • Barry

      Why do I take a certain amount of satisfaction in that scenario.

  • Roger Bird

    Try to keep in mind, people, that we are hearing this from political bureaucrats, the very worse kind. Or bureaucratic politicians. And remember that the word politics means “many blood sucking parasites”.

    These people are without doubt the most risk averse bunch of people on Planet Earth. If they say that LENR is true, it is most likely true. From the viewpoint of social evidence, this could be the best evidence so far.

    Whether they can help or not is very questionable since government often screws things up, and the EU already has a really bad reputation for screwing things up.

    • Agreed. When politicians become involved in technical matters it can only be for one reason – a power grab.

      The greatest favour the politicians of the world could do for CF is simply to stay out of it. But of course they will not.

  • Don Witcher


  • jacob

    oh,low carbon energy solutions that could enter the market place by 2050, that’s just great,why not 3050 ,then it would make more sense,until every drop of oil is used up all coal is burned ,no tree left, no Oxygen to breath and life expectancy nil.

    European Community you owe it to us to try a little harder ,after all it is to benefit your children and your grand children,figure thinks out now to take action and raise yourself up out of the pit you have dug for us,otherwise what goes around comes around.

    • Roger Bird

      Fortunately, there will still be plenty of grammar, spelling, and punctuation left because jacob did not use any of his share.

      • GreenWin

        Rog, while I have to agree with you, remember ours is a movement of the “unwashed” – meaning loosely that we care more about content than construction. However, jacob, keep in mind that people judge us (right or wrong) on how we speak and write. Good tidings to you both!

      • jacob

        get out your sticker book Roger i have a sticker for you so are so right

      • Barry

        Jacob does okay, seeing how English is his second language. You got to give him credit. Personally I’d be lost without the spellcheck.

        • jacob

          English is the my fourth language ,i must be doing really well,eh

  • This is the sort of initiative needed to bring
    LENR/cold fusion into the mainstream.

    Remember the response from the British government last week where they have not had formal proposals.

    Groups have to band together to create financing and education for the integration of cold fusion
    proposing ideas and projects.

    Greater awareness and participation will lead to
    more public research and development now seeming
    to exist primarily for the benefit of established

  • Johan

    Just think if EU would allocate a fraction of a percent of it’s FP7 budget to LENR. That would be


  • racribeiro

    Great find!

    Who is Vittorio Violante, the expert on LENR that provided this information to the EC?

    From what I see this report, it seems to be a try to reach out “innovovative” ways to produce energy from the EC. The report simply states the “state of the art” of the experts involved, it isn’t a statement from EC, it self.

    Lets see if there will really be a FP7 call on LENR, as it is proposed on this document. That would be a real statement from the EC towards the development of this technology.

    • hempenearth

      Violante is from ENEA (or was in 2000). He did some LENR research with De Nino and Preparata. From memory that experiment self destructed after showing significant excess heat.

    • AB

      Violante is known for the paper “Joint Scientific Advances in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science” published in 2007. It was about a series of experiments conducted at ENEA, SRI and other labs which substantial excess heat was attained with a reproducibility of 70%.

  • georgehants

    Robert Tanhaus
    July 3rd, 2012 at 1:30 PM
    Dear Mr. Rossi,
    some time ago you said that you have no licensee for Russia and Japan.
    Has that changed?
    Robert Tanhaus

    Andrea Rossi
    July 3rd, 2012 at 2:52 PM
    Dear Robert Tanhaus:
    Russia and Japan have been licensed.
    Warm Regards,

  • georgehants

    Fleischmann & Pons Effect, that sounds very pleasant to the ear.
    We just need Rossi to come across to add the symphony.

  • Sanjeev

    This is a very good news.

    Although it took them 1 year to publish it, the report on LENR is positive. There is no mention of Ni-H reactors there….. may be because the Ni-H systems were unknown at that time (Oct 2011) and it was Rossi who made it popular overnight.

    F&P were treated badly mainly in US. EU gave them shelter and a lab to work in. In the east (esp. Japan) they are a respected name. It’s mostly the actions of MIT in US that brought LENR and F&P a bad name. There should be an investigation on why they did that, what were MIT’s motives.

    • Ged

      “There should be an investigation on why they did that, what were MIT’s motives.”

      We must never underestimate human egos.

      • JBJ

        Same as in business, in science you can make a living (and a name) by shooting down initiatives almost as well as you can by sponsoring them. But history remembers the inventors, not the deniers.

    • AstralProjectee

      In case you didn’t already know.

      For almost four years, Gene Mallove represented MIT to the world. As chief science writer for the Institute, Mallove produced press releases and encouraged reporters to write stories about the school. With a bachelors and masters degree from MIT and several books to his credit, Mallove was considered well-qualified for the job. But Mallove quit his job at MIT in June 7, 1991 in disgust and protest against the misconduct he witnessed.

      In a seventeen-page resignation letter, Mallove alleged
      misconduct by scientists at MIT’s Plasma Fusion Center, mis-
      conduct he says he unearthed while researching a book on cold
      fusion. MIT’s Plasma Fusion Center receives tens of millions of
      dollars in federal funds each year to develop an energy source
      based on hot fusion, the same process that powers the sun.
      Mallove says the scientists had a vested interest in seeing cold
      fusion die as quickly as possible.

      In a featured article for Infinite Energy Magazine, Mallove detailed exactly what took place that led to his resignation. The article titled, “MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report” also looks at how the replication performed by the institution’s Plasma Fusion Center actually did produce positive results, how data from the experiment was altered by unknown individuals at least twice, and how the hot fusion scientists in charge of such tests were far too biased to conduct proper research.

      “MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report”

      The article is the greatly detailed account that details Eugene Mallove experience at MIT. He details the lies, biasness and unscientific work done by MIT.


      • NJT

        Disgusting, what eager bright student would want to study under professors with such a built-in bias toward science? MIT is moving to be the armpit of our University system, what a giant step down and with no accountability!

        • and then he was murdered in 2004. He had the most prominent voice on LENR at the time of his death. If he was alive we might be driving LENR cars by now.

      • GreenWin

        Astral – very well written and presented. Thank you.

      • Barry

        Yeah, good summary Astral. This is just the type of thing that should go into a timeline.

      • Sanjeev

        Thanks for the summary Astral. I have heard about this.

        Just like most I used to dismiss it as a conspiracy theory by nutjobs. Its turning out to be the truth.

        Thankfully, other countries have now taken over the lead in innovation and I hope we will be soon out of the dark ages of suppression in science.

  • andreiko

    Voor de sceptici;nog meer bewijs nodig?

    • dfnj

      Die Skeptiker sind nie zufrieden, es sei denn einer von ihnen zum Tode durch Stromschlag bekommt.

      • GreenWin

        Yes, they are not unlike the Inquisitors before them.