New Poll: Who Will Produce First Mass Market LENR Product?

Just for a bit of fun I have added a new poll today. The question is, which company will be the first to produce a mass market LENR product? So this does not include creating a working prototype, or a custom built machine (Rossi says he is already doing this with his 1 MW plant). I am meaning a product that would be produced on a mass manufactured scale.

If there is another company that you think should be included as an option on the poll, let me know. You will see the poll in the panel on the right hand side of the site. If you want to explain your selection, put it in the comments below.

  • mick_mcgovern

    Larsen’s Lattice Energy – in about 2022

  • Rossi is the only guy living in the 2012 world.

    He’s an action man!

    All the others are BS artists.

    • Barry

      In your opinion.

    • alex

      Agree with Barry. “Rossi says”, is not the same as producing the first Mass Market LENR Product. Rossi said his 1 MW unit counts, but it does not, unless the military entity comes forward at a later date to acknowledge it. So it’s fair game still. In Rossi’s mind he will be first, but I think Brillouin has him beat, in that they don’t plan to make the full end user device. They plan on licensing the device to companies to see fit on how to incorporate them into end user products. Much less R&D involved. And technically, selling the means to make a product, is actually a product.