Rossi: Approx 20 E-Cat Reactors Running Above 600C

We’re used to Andrea Rossi making statements about his work on the Journal of Nuclear Physics web site. Some are more dramatic than others, and this latest one could be considered more on the dramatic side:

Italo R.
June 24th, 2012 at 10:42 AM
Dear dr. Rossi, in these hot summer days we all are sweating.
What about you, near your 600 °C device?
Warm (or, better, fresh) regards…
Italo R.

Andrea Rossi
June 24th, 2012 at 1:37 PM
Dear Italo R.:
Actually, I am in the USA, close to 20 reactors working above 600 Celsius. We must collect at least 20 000 hours of test. This is not sweating: this is vaporizing, as correctly the snakes say.
Soon (weeks) we will publish the report of the high temperature reactor validation.
Warm Regards,

If we take Rossi at his word here, the fact that he says there are ‘close to 20’ reactors suggests that Rossi has been able replicate this high temperature effect successfully. If 20,000 hours of testing are required, it would take 20 reactors about 42 days to reach that cumulative total.

Rossi says that these reactors are running ‘above’ 600 C — how high above, we are not told. Also, he mentions that the published report will be a ‘validation’. Taken literally, that would suggest that there could be some 3rd party signing off on the data, but sometimes Rossi’s English can’t be taken as a perfect translation of what he means. Anyway, it looks like we’re going to have to wait at least a few weeks more, however, for more details on all this.

  • georgehants

    National Research Council presents long-term priorities for US nuclear physics program
    June 26, 2012
    Nuclear physics is a discovery-driven enterprise aimed at understanding the fundamental nature of visible matter in the universe. For the past hundred years, new knowledge of the nuclear world has also directly benefited society through many innovative applications.

  • GreenWin

    Hi folks, here is a good look at Professor Abundo’s ATHANOR cell Open Source experiment:

    Remember this device uses Tungsten powder as the metal lattice and cathode for nuclear reaction areas. So easy, kids can do it!!

    “And I said to myself… What a wonderful world.” Satchmo

  • Sanjeev

    Frank Znidarsic has a theory on cold fusion and thinks that it can also produce anti-gravity !

    So cool 🙂

    The full interview is on cold fusion now website. Definitely gave me a kick of hope….

    • georgehants

      How repulsive gravity contributes for cold fusion occurrence
      Journal of Nuclear Physics
      Wladimir Guglinski
      Mechanical Engineer graduated in the Escola de Engenharia da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais- UFMG, (Brazil), 1973, author of the book Quantum Ring Theory-Foundations for Cold Fusion, published in 2006

  • AB

    Regarding panspermia and evolution:

    Panspermia concerns the origins of life. Evolution concerns the development of life. These two are not in contradiction.

    • georgehants

      AB, the quote by Fred was just put up to show the opposition to scientific Dogma that exists.
      Text books only give the excepted Dogma without the far more intelligent Evidence that speaks against Dogma.
      Until science starts to open-mindedly report and investigate openly the TRUTH and not protect brain-dead “expert opinion” then it has failed in it’s purpose.

  • georgehants

    Maybe oil is not the best thing to hold on to, I wonder why.

    BP moves higher after selling North Sea assets to Japan’s Mitsui
    Oil giant’s disposal programme continues.
    BP’s disposal programme continues apace, with the sale of some of its North Sea assets to Japan’s Mitsui.

    • jacob

      georgehants,thanks for the great posting,it is informative and interesting,today crude oil prices are as low as 79$ per barrel,and it keeps dropping,one interesting thing I read a while back from a controversial scientist was that mother earth produces the oil constantly through a fusion reaction.

      So that means fossil fuel is not from fossils,which was another hunch from our leading science,or again make believe,just how many fossils were pushed together in the middle east ? to result in 600 billion barrels of oil reserves just in Saudi Arabia,ask a fifth grader to figure that out,but we all believe it didn’t we? How hid the carbon from the fossils turn to oil? how do rocks and sand turn to oil, here in Canada we have oil sands,and oil shale,maybe mother earth was not quite ready yet with that batch. Mother Earth knows much more that us.
      Lets stop believing in ficticious Science stories, learn to discern fiction from truth.

      In my mind we already see the response to E-cat and LENR reflected in the Crude oil Prices,they keep dropping for good reason,and it seem to coincidental to drop off so quick since the beginning of May.
      Reasons for a poor World economy has not effected prices this sharply,and I predict Crude oil to drop back down to 30 $ a barrel in about a years time,scare tactics of oil reaching 200$ a barrel is just that,scare tactics resulting in artificially high crude oil prices.

  • georgehants

    New Evidence Backs Up Panspermia.
    Again dismissed by main-line science and Sir Fred Hoyle (1915–2001) and Chandra Wickramasinghe where abused for thinking outside Dogma.
    As with Cold Fusion scientific closed-minds has much to answer for.

    “The Darwinian theory is wrong and the continued adherence to it is an impediment to discovering the correct evolutionary theory”
    Fred Hoyle.

    • georgehants

      For all these years a bedrock of Evolution theory has never been checked just followed with blind Dogma as it fitted the religious dictates of science.

      From Science Daily
      Biologists Reveal Potential ‘Fatal Flaw’ in Iconic Sexual Selection Study
      ScienceDaily (June 26, 2012) — A classic study from more than 60 years ago suggesting that males are more promiscuous and females more choosy in selecting mates may, in fact, be wrong, say life scientists who are the first to repeat the historic experiment using the same methods as the original.
      In 1948, English geneticist Angus John Bateman published a study showing that male fruit flies gain an evolutionary advantage from having multiple mates, while their female counterparts do not. Bateman’s conclusions have informed and influenced an entire sub-field of evolutionary biology for decades.

    • GreenWin

      Yes, Sir Fred Hoyl Cambridge graduate and Professor Astrophysics, Philosophy and Mathematics. Also, member of the Royal Society, The National Academy of Sciences, Royal Irish Academy, recipient Gold Medal Royal Astronomical Society, wrote papers on QED, steady state cosmology, etc. etc. Sir Hoyl wrote Mathematics of Evolution appearing in 1999 and A Different Approach to Cosmology: From a Static Universe through the Big Bang towards Reality (written jointly with G Burbidge and Narlikar) being published in 2000.

      Both books terrify Darwinian science. They suggest, to the consternation of “mainstream” (aka consensus) – an intelligence throughout the universe and in the evolution of man.

      Sir Hoyl, your work is not forgotten nor lost.

  • georgehants

    UK homes getting more hungry for electricity.
    UK homes are consuming much more electricity than previously estimated, a report described as the most detailed of its kind has suggested.

  • georgehants

    Over 200 comments on this page and most of them adding to or fair discussion on points, Wonderful.
    Unlike another place where there are many comments but the vast majority are circular abuse and negative repetition.
    Thank you and well done Frank.

    • georgehants

      Frank in another place there is the ability to show the last few comments as they come in.
      Is it possible to add that feature as it saves having to scan the whole page continually.

      • Bigwilly

        Good inquiry George. I would find a similar function useful as well.


  • georgehants

    Many skeptics are turning to the anticipated last resort of attacking safety issues.
    It is interesting that they now seem to be accepting the reality of Rossi et al before the optimists confirm their belief.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Safety is a major concern and many have full right to be afraid. Although I think it’s a last resort and they are afraid for the wrong reasons. Does anyone know what the long term effects of exposure are? No because this kind of study takes years and years so it’s easy to attack. Are there any freak occurrences that could cause a major falure? These issues won’t be resolved for many years to come.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Unfortunatly we live in a world where we try to fool proof everything. This is only causing our fools to get smarter about circumventing our fool proofing. I wonder how long it will take someone to do something stupid with an ecat in their home when it comes to market.

      • GreenWin

        Andrew, not unreasonable questions. After all, if you’re a good family guy you’d check safety issues before installing a “nuclear” device in your basement. While we do know the danger in nuclear reactions is the release of high energy gamma, beta, neutron particles – we have good evidence over the last 20 years these are minimal or below background levels in LENR.

        Long term exposure to some invisible, undetected wave or particle energy would likely have affected experimenters – none have reported illness or disease from LENR to date.

        Will LENR signal extra-terrestrials via an unknown non-local space-time distortion? I kinda hope so.

        But seriously – a good example of a potentially dangerous product is the microwave oven. Discovered in 1947 by scientists at Raytheon – the first commercial product went to market in 1948! THAT went through rigorous safety testing for obvious reasons – since “cooking” food with dangerous microwaves was unfathomable.

        The ubiquitous microwave oven is in 75% of western homes today without report of explosion, illness, or embarrassing disfigurement.

  • Hank Mills

    Rossi testing in the USA is a great thing.

    The fact is that it will mean that the world’s first robust cold fusion technology was developed in the USA. It also means that when the technology is put on the market the first units will be sold in the USA.

    What is also great is that it means jobs will be created in the USA. The nation is in a recession and the demand for millions of E-Cats will mean countless factories will need to be opened. This will boost the economy.

  • Hank Mills

    The E-Cat is not only the world’s first robust and powerful cold fusion technology, but is also totally safe. There are many reasons the E-Cat is safe, and I will mention them here.

    First, the E-Cat utilizes no radioactive materials and produces no nuclear waste. Unlike conventional nuclear power there is no radioactive nuclear fuel to deal with and no waste produced.

    Secondly, the E-Cat cannot produce a nuclear explosion. The device is inherently safe for many reasons. One reason is that the reactions inside of the E-Cat are far too slow to ever produce a chain reaction capable of producing a nuclear explosion. It can take minutes to warm up an E-Cat to get it started. This shows how the process is not a fast one.

    There is no chance that any combination of pressure or heat could trigger a nuclear explosion, because even at below the melting point of nickel the reactions taking place are very slow. Before they can be accelerated any faster the nickel powder will melt and the reaction sites will be destroyed. This prevents the technology from producing nuclear weapons.

  • Dave From NJ

    Please publish the location where the 20 reactors are running.

    I want to make sure my wife and kids are at least 300 miles away in case the deuterium starts a run away reaction.

    One hand Rossi says the amount of energy can only be from nuclear forces. And on the hand he claims it is perfectly safe because God told him it is prefectly safe.

    E/C2 = m means E is enormously large with just a little tiny bit of m. I guess I am the only one who thinks nuclear reactions can be dangerous.

    Rossi gives me the impression he has no concept of what he is dealing with and why it works. He does not seem capable of explaining what is happening in simple terms. He has no idea what is going on.

    I did not know quadrium even existed until I started reading about it.

    4H contains one proton and three neutrons in its nucleus. It is a highly unstable isotope of hydrogen. It has been synthesised in the laboratory by bombarding tritium with fast-moving deuterium nuclei. In this experiment, the tritium nuclei captured neutrons from the fast-moving deuterium nucleus. The presence of the hydrogen-4 was deduced by detecting the emitted protons. Its atomic mass is 4.02781 ± 0.00011. It decays through neutron emission with a half-life of (1.39 ± 0.10) × 10−22 seconds.

    Please Dr Hagelstein, save us!

    • Hank Mills

      Who are you? A shill of Gary Wright or Krivit?

      Obviously, you have an agenda. You have been posting the same propaganda repeatedly on this board. You are trying to convince people that the E-Cat is dangerous and that the research should be ceased. Your fear mongering is an obvious part of a disinformation campaign.

      The fact is the E-Cat is totally safe and cannot be used to produce nuclear weapons. The nickel will melt and all the nuclear reactions will cease at 1600C or 1700C.

      Andrea Rossi has admitted he has torture tested units until they failed. He has done this over and over again. The result was not nuclear explosions but dead reactors.

      Interestingly, you are not calling for any cold fusion research by OTHERS to be stopped. I don’t think you want the research of Widom and Larsen to be stopped, or the research of your friends who are trying to bash Rossi.

      The fact is the E-Cat is SAFE and there is no need for concern.

      • Hank Mills

        Another thing to note is that the unit is not even likely to produce a hydrogen explosion, because the gas canister has been removed.

      • Hank, I believe your suspicions may be correct, although I wouldn’t necessarily agree that the parties you have named are those who are ultimately behind the comments.

        It must be obvious to those opposed to the advent of LENR in general that denial and ridicule no longer work, so the next obvious step is is to plant ideas that the technology is dangerous, and must be controlled. Like one or two others I predicted this development quite some time ago when I actively posted on ECN and elsewhere.

        Admin, you are rightly concerned that comments on this blog do not become personal, but could I also urge you to look very carefully at any posts (especially those made consistently by the same individuals) that attempt to introduce false concerns about the safety of LENR. If these fake ideas are allowed to propagate, this could potentially do a severe disservice to the development of the technology.

        • Hank Mills

          I agree with you that they are now trying to fear monger with the safety issue. It is really pathetic. The ones trying to protect hot fusion and the oil companies are trying to protect their industries, and the wannabe ECAT competitors are trying to muddy the waters to try and spread FUD so they can have more time to figure out how the ECAT works so they can claim it as their own.

          • It would also be very useful to governments the world over if they could find grounds for controlling e-cat technology through a ‘licensing’ regime. If a case for extreme danger can be fabricated, LENR could be restricted to a few big corporate concerns just like nuclear fission. Even if safety was subsequently proven, the licensing system would almost certainly remain in place as a tool for extracting taxes from LENR usage.

            • Bigwilly

              Peter and Hank,

              While i agree Dave’s fears seam odd please don’t assume every dissenter or person that disagrees with your opinion as one of the boogeymen. Please understand that this is an internet blog meant to foster discussion on many different sides of the story.

              Daves concerns seem ridiculous to me but you guys claiming he must be krivit or big “evil entity” shill is laughably ludicrous. Here is all i see when I read these comments:

              “Admin, this poster is not agreeing with my incredulous beliefs and so must be a subverter and should not be allowed to post”

              And of course I am a shill also so spare the accusation please.


              • BW it is one thing to make the kind of point that Dave made, but when one individual makes the same unfounded and fear-mongering point several times in one thread it is reasonable to question the motives for doing so.

      • GreenWin

        Hank, you and Peter both hit the nail on the head. FUD operatives work in blogs by claiming their “opinions” to be valid, personal and therefore qualified under terms of use. The goal is to flame up a “debate” in which they can argue “conspiracy theory” – a last bastion of refuge for shills.

        “Please understand that this is an internet blog meant to foster discussion on many different sides of the story.” True, except chain reactive nuclear ignition is NOT any part of the story. None of the dozen LENR theories points to anything like that and as we all know the limiting melt point of Ni – obviates acceleration. We have real nuclear scientists to confirm this.

        Indeed, the shillerian ploy now is to spread fear – meaning acceptance of LENR is fact.

      • Omega Z

        I was under the strong impression that Rossi is using common hydrogen.

        That some of the others in this field are doing the tinkering with the heavy hydrogen (deuterium)

        Of course others don’t have a safety issue with this. It’s just less plentiful & more expensive.

        Sounds of misinformation.

        • it is clear he use light hydrogen, and nickel. that is the recent “italian” breakthrough in LENR…

    • AstralProjectee

      There are 4 problems with your theory.

      First there has already been a reported LENR, cold fusion explosion in a lab and one person died from it. If that explosion had any were near the amount of power a nuclear bomb has it would have at least blown up the whole room which didn’t happen since someone else was also there. Obviously one has to be careful but I can’t see one of these being turned into anything near a nuclear explosion.

      Second of all, this kind of reaction seems to have to be coaxed into transmutation. It only takes place in the presence of some electrical or magnetic power, or sound generator. So when an explosion happens the reaction would stop eminently because those stimulants were taken away. So it will not make a chain reaction. So no, I doubt any of those stimulants could still be provided to make an explosion as big as a nuclear bomb.

      Third of all in order for an explosion to happen it would have to be deigned to to so. Bombs are usually strongly sealed to make a buildup of energy to actually blow. If the device does blow a lot of energy would be dissipated near the explosion.

      Forth, I doubt if it’s a classical nuclear reaction at all. It’s probably a different kind of reaction altogether.


  • Sanjeev
    • Sanjeev

      I guess I ran out of edit time, but there are some mistakes in that video , apart from those its a powerful video to say the least.

      Its not the “energy of sun” in a test tube, its plain simple lenr. And the hot fusion does not occur at 500 deg F, it takes millions of degrees and huge pressures to happen. Perhaps there are other unknown conditions needed for sustained hot fusion. This can explain the failure of hot fusion and success of H-bomb.

  • Sanjeev

    Found something interesting…. LENR researchers with names.

    • Sanjeev
      • Very interesting links Sanjeev. It looks like this idea’s time may have come, despite the reaction of the Italian physicists to Carpentieri’s ‘piezonuclear’ proposals.

        It’s a bit of a letdown that Michael Wallace doesn’t seem to know that ‘phenomenon’ is a singular noun (Linkedin page). OK, that’s a bit petty!

        • georgehants

          Peter, I would just write phenomenons, but I am not a great believer in proper English.

      • georgehants

        Good Find Sanjeev.

        • Sanjeev

          Ya , he needs more exposure. Perhaps some blogger will interview him soon.
          I’m happy that you guys noticed the importance of this link.

          It’s kinda suspicious when hundreds of scientists form a cult and demand to take down a theory. If its not true then what are they afraid of?

  • edog

    There is a lot of interesting things going on at the moment..
    It is good to see Roosi answering some questions.. can anyone get a pic out of him??

    GO the Pirelli High Kids!! GO GO GO.. Smash those Ecats!

    I would just love the Athanor Reactor to succeed, get developed Open source and change the world, surpass the Roosi ecat in leaps and strides so the whole lenardo corp goes bust!

    Just out of shear spite.. how terrible amd (<edit here)="" :)="" i="" !!!="" but="" thats="" how="" feel="" when="" am="" teased="" with="" a="" mythical="" magic="" carrot(should="" say="" t-bone..="" or="" e-cat)="" on="" stick="" just="" out="" of="" reach="" for="" so="" long..="" clowns="" and="" snakes!="" roosi="" takes="" the="" cakes!

    • edog

      hahaahh!!!! awesome edit!!
      I have no idea what I did!

    • john29302

      all rise…wait just a minute…lets have an iota of proof before any further conjecture…order…i said order…thank you mr chairman i have read the deposition…it looks very grim for the defendant. touting over unity device and wants to give tidbits of power coming from…a device…yet..the demo last year showed enough steam to get the wrinkles out of a shirt. and thats .5 megawatts? please i beg of you to dismiss this case…the plaintiff rests his case. this charade is now full blown blasphemy touting 600 degrees! before we move on lets examine his track record. oil to trash? collecting toxic waste and then illegally disposing it…now the holy grail of energy…where…where…where is this work from the energy? can he eat a room, boil some water, heat a pool, brand a cow…light a cigar…any thing at all????

    • AstralProjectee

      WTF are you serious. The current system does need to be updated and upgraded but most of the system is used by kind people that just don’t understand how to fix the economy.

      The system has done a lot of good. Because of oil and coal you live here and have a life.


  • Roger Bird

    Gloriously interesting hot air.

    • Hank Mills

      More like fantastic 600 C degree steam! The ECAT tech is about to change the world.

  • GreenWin

    Even MORE interesting than the fact Siemens AG has just quit a major solar JV and last year announced the complete shutdown of their nuclear power business – is their Building Technologies / HVAC Products business.

    Here is a link to a slideshow describing their vision for a Micro-CHP Stirling Engine driven home heating and power unit:

    If you follow from slide #13 you get a good idea of how this Siemens AG unit is prepared to combine a new source of heat (LENR) with their Stirling engine and heat exchanger. This would avoid using a steam cycle entirely as Stirling only requires a delta T for gas expansion.

    This presentation indicates Siemens AG has all the engineering done including grid tie-in such that a home owner can sell excess energy back to the grid (common CHP) to further lower home energy costs.

    Of course there are other CHP systems around – particularly in Japan (Honda e.g.) Leonardo’s Board would do well to entertain these other CHP/Stirling vendors to see if they have better technology to match to e-cat.

    • jacob

      that CHP appears to be a match for the E-CAT,the electrical power produced could power the E-CAT ,to be sized according to use.

  • Dave From NJ

    Assuming Rossi devices are real then why is okay for him to be running devices that producing energy from nuclear reactions.

    There is no accepted theoretical model published at this time. Nobody understands the physics behind this new energy source. What if something bad happens, some kind of cascade event, and the result is something like a hydrogen bomb going off wherever the 20 reactors are currently running?

    At least with a theoretical model in place, limits to the size of the explosion could be understood prior to the testing event.

    I think you mindless proponents of this technology are not using any common sense. Does anyone know the location or state in the US where the 20 reactors are currently running?

    • Bigwilly


      Kindly explain what the hell you are talking about? If Rossi has what he says he does, im no believer, but if he does your argument is that he should stop development work because there isn’t any theoretical backround????

      That is what you are crusading against?? I feel like you went to wikipedia saw cold fusion, then read that the hydrogen bomb is based off fusion then said to yourself, “these must be the same cause they share a word” and now your sounding the death knell for the USA?

      Sorry for the vehemence but off all the things I expect from this blog, conspiracy, insults, accusations of being a shill, all of it i expect. Not this though…

      Still, thanks for your comments,

      • Hank Mills

        He is probably one of Rossi’s wannabe competitors or in league with Krivit.

        • Dave From NJ

          Full disclosure, I prefer Brillouin over Rossi for two reasons. First, I think Godes has a theoretical model and is able to explain it concisely. And second, the way Rossi operates is a total circus.

          • Omega Z

            Brillouin has no beef with Rossi.

            Godes stated that if Rossi had a control/stability problem he was perfectly welcome to study their control panel to further the E-cat.

      • Dave From NJ

        What I am talking about is on one hand Rossi says the amount of energy can only be for nuclear forces. And on the hand he claims it is perfectly safe.

        • jacob

          John,there is nuclear reactions going on inside of your own body,how fast can you run to get away from thaaaaaaaaaaaat

        • Omega Z

          Nuclear reactions are taking place all around us every day.

          Only splitting certain atoms is of concern & even then it needs to happen in mass under special constraints.

    • “At least with a theoretical model in place, limits to the size of the explosion could be understood prior to the testing event.”

      Although there is no widely accepted microphysical theory for cold fusion, it always seems to be a reaction of hydrogen and solid metal matrix. For all we know, the process is fragile and stops (at latest) if the metal matrix melts. This implies the an explosion, if any, cannot release much more energy than what is required to melt the metal. So in some sense, a theoretical model or framework that you are calling for already exists.

      • Dave From NJ

        I think having a well understood and well tested theoretical model is absolutely essential before LENR reactors will ever become mainstream.

        • David

          Happily what you think doesn’t really matter. As to how he can be operating an unregulated nuclear device, here is a catch 22 in effect. As the US government refuses to acept that LENR is real, they cannot very well agree that what he is doing is in fact nuclear.

        • jacob

          Dave,what are you talking about anyway,a well tested theoretical model????????????? it is better to test a real model,that actually produces heat and answer,compared to a theoretical model ,which would be discussed to death over coffee and donuts,which results in 30 books of theories and hunches,give us a break,i am wasting my time responding to destructive comments against the LEADING NEW FREE ENERGY COLD FUSION ON EARTH. L.E.N.R.

          • Bigwilly


            They are not destructive. LENR can stand on its own. Dissenting opinions are only that and I appreciate them.

            Please be reassured in the overwhelming evidence of LENR and the possibilities of the future.


    • GreenWin

      Dunno, but what are we to do about the Pirelli High School kids who ran the Athanor “reactor” for their science fair? (See AB’s post below. ) And then presented the thing to a PTA Meeting in front of the whole student body?

      Clearly the Rome Haz Mat Team missed out an opportunity to defuse this dangerous fusion device – and only Federico Fellini is amused!

      • Dave From NJ

        Good. Then maybe we will finally have people who actually understand what is going on.

        • GreenWin

          “Ego non sensus.”

    • AstralProjectee

      There has already been a reported LENR, cold fusion explosion in a lab and one person died from it. Obviously one has to be careful but I can’t see one of these being turned into a nuclear bomb. I doubt if it’s a classical nuclear reaction at all. It’s probably a different kind of reaction altogether, anyway.

      This kind of reaction seems to have to be coaxed into transmutation. It only takes place in the presence of some electrical or magnetic power, or sound generator. So no I doubt any of those thing could still be provided to make an explosion as big as a nuclear bomb.


      • Barry

        Hydrogen gas is a big danger with CF. It was responsible for the explosion that killed a CF researcher. Peace to you AP

        Thanks for the edit function Frank.

        • admin

          You’re welcome, Barry — sorry it took so long, folks.

          • Downside: Now when we look like illiterates – it is because we are! No more hiding behind the ‘typos’ excuse!

      • Dave From NJ

        Well thanks, that is a relief. It is good to hear you are so confident that it is safe. And that you have no doubts about any deuterium ever being used in any bomb type reaction.

      • jacob

        Dave and astral,I know you feel much saver with nuclear fission,which ??? never killed anybody at all?????

    • Andrew Macleod

      You can’t get a theroitical model on something that mainstream science believes impossible! It goes against their dogma.

    • Hank Mills

      The govt claims cold fusion is impossible so they cannot complain about Rossi testing units that according to their claims cannot work.

      • GreenWin

        Kinda like illegal/rogue operations wrapping themselves in “national security” exemptions. Illegal operations have no status – no exemption.

      • Dave From NJ

        This is a great argument. The best one I have seen on this subject. Yes, the government can’t complain because cold fusion is impossible.

        Besides, if a hydrogen type of bomb event goes off it will mostly like kill all the crime perpetrators anyway. So what if a million americans go up in smoke. They are just stupid and over weight anyway. It’s not like we are talking about putting any Europeans at risk. Rossi testing in the US is a good thing.

        • jacob

          JOHN,you are starting to make a lot of sense to ahh,oh maybe,can’t thikdontremember ahhmahdur skfht rjifl.

  • AB

    Someone on 22passi pointed out this:

    June 25th, 2012 at 2:10 AM
    Egr. Ing. Rossi,
    We are interested to distributed generation for small communities.

    I would like to know if the plant is ready for sale and if I may contact you for a direct approach.

    Michele Procida

    Andrea Rossi
    June 25th, 2012 at 8:00 AM

    Dear Michele:
    For commercial issues in Italy, please contact

    Aldo Proia is project manager for Energaya srl based in Bologna:

    Curiously a facebook page shows a man inside a 1 MW ecat container:

    • Frank

      Rossi has changed his mind (and the reply on his blog).
      Now the ‘suspicious’ gmail -address is changed to the ususl leonardocorp e-mail adress:

      Andrea Rossi
      June 25th, 2012 at 10:03 PM
      Dear Michele:
      For commercial issues in Italy, please contact

      • AB

        The picture on facebook showing Aldo Proia(?) inside a 1 MW plant was replaced as well.

        It’s too late however, the 22passi crew is working on squeezing information out of Aldo Proia already.

    • Are we sort of assuming that Energaya srl is/was Rossi’s group of ‘backroom boys’ who built the original 1MW unit?

  • AB

    Human translation of the second Abundo letter on 22passi.

    One group in Ostia is building a copy of the reactor to replicate the tests.

    [ZZZ] has built a copy and is starting testing.

    We have made an agreement with [omitted] of Rome, department of [omitted], to perform the measurements and replications in their (lab).

    [XXX] is doing a great job, he’s building a device that will turn the tables as far as the measuring problem goes. It will probably also increase the yield because it allows us to synchronize the conduction of the phenomenon based on the exact needs of the plasma.

    We have almost prepared our post-Pirelli lab and were not idle in the meantime: besides building two calibration reactors (one with resistor, the other with a carbon cathode) we are supported by a group of specialists that will be unleashed as soon as the lab is ready.

  • georgehants

    From Ruby Carat Cold Fusion Now.
    For anyone who is unfamiliar with the history of Cold Fusion.
    First published by Infinite Energy IE24 in 1999, the MIT and Cold Fusion Special Report [.pdf] by Eugene Mallove featured a detailed history of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) investigation into the claims made of cold fusion technology. The brief episode of research was undertaken by the MIT Plasma Fusion Center (PFC) in 1989 while Mallove was the school’s News Office Chief Science Writer. Mallove’s report on the hot-fusion scientist’s findings is fully documented with an analysis that shows a discrepancy between the original lab data and the data published in their final evaluation.

    • GreenWin

      Yes, George the evidence is hard to refute. Ballinger and Parker oversaw the tests with doctored data to remove evidence of excess heat. MIT’s President has just announced a partnership with Saudi Aramco – world’s largest oil company. Is it any wonder Peter Hagelstein’s LENR research funding was removed by a “PFC physicist?”

      • freethinker

        One would wish that some decent establishment could show Hagelstein mercy and bring him, and any fragment of a team he might be leading at MIT, in from the intellectual arctic winter that hold MIT in its grasp (atleast as far as this matter goes…)

        That would allow him to enjoy the meager grants to actually achieve something tangible. Grants he is otherwise denied from the trolls at the ivory tower of physics at MIT.

        Really, their behavior is outragous…

        • GreenWin

          Not only did the MIT “scientist” scuttle the research funding – he threatened the jobs of the independent company willing to make the grant. The corruption in this “school” is so deep and corrosive it has retarded human evolution.

          It is little less than criminal.

          • Barry

            I agree GreenWin. MIT is supposed to be advancing the field of science, but the higher ups are thwarting it. Why reporters aren’t going after this is mystifying. Peter Hagelstein doesn’t say much but he’s scheduled to speak at the International Conference on Cold Fusion in Korea in August. I hope he is questioned or elaborates on the MIT thwarters.

          • GreenWin

            Barry, before this is done I have faith corruption will be rooted out of MIT and it will return to its former status as an excellent academic institution.

            All it takes is more students and academics to come forward and tell the truth.

      • jacob

        wonder how much endowment money MIT got from
        Saudi Aramco,all through time all accredited Universities,have received millions from Industry,and especially from the Rockerfricker Foundation, in order to persuade what is being taught by the professors and teachers,I am surprised students have not figured that out,the big buildings with BIG NAMES on it on the campus ,you guessed it ,they are bribes and a tax write off for BIG BUSINESS,it is not because of their love for education and students,they give money to influence what is being taught the world over.No wonder our whole society are???? DUMMIES???? ,but think they are extremely??? smart???,after all student spend a small fortune on education ,so they can get a slave job for big business and Industry.

        • The corruption of Western society does run very deep. The banking houses have had plenty of time to create a control structure.