Rossi Provides More Information on High Temperature E-Cat Testing

The following is a guest post written by Hank Mills.

Mother Of All E-Cat Tests Ushers World Into Nickel Age

Since the E-Cat saga began, Andrea Rossi has been continually answering people’s questions. On his Journal of Nuclear Physics site, via emails sent to him, and during interviews he responds to question after question from countless individuals. I find it very difficult to remember a time when he has not responded to my questions, even if there are certain topics he cannot address. He must be careful not to give too much critical information away in order to prevent very real competitors from using the information to figure out the technology, and try to claim it as their own.

Despite the fact he cannot tell us every little detail of how the technology works, we should be very thankful he is so communicative. Not all exotic energy inventors are so willing to engage with the public. Recently, Frank Acland and myself composed an email for Rossi, asking many different questions about the E-Cat technology. As usual, he responded promptly (the next morning) and provided all the answers he could. Some of the answers were short, but we also obtained some interesting bits of information. (Questions are listed below this article)

The most important bits of information are about the extended test of the new high temperature E-Cat.

600 Degrees C

Andrea Rossi stated in the email that the new high temperature E-Cat — that can produce 600 degree steam with a COP of 6 — has been operating continuously for 40 days. That’s right, 40 days! Forty!

Forget 18 hour tests like the one Dr. Levi performed in 2011. This test has lasted so far for 960 (nine hundred and sixty) hours, and is planned to last at least 90 days. The E-Cat has been operating non-stop producing 600 degree steam. This is big news. It should be on the front page of every newspaper in the nation, and being discussed on every news network. It means that the solution to the energy crisis is here. There is no further need for ridiculous carbon trading schemes that destroy jobs, no more need to fund hot fusion research (that has never obtained even a COP of 1.1 with billions of dollars in funding), and no need to put millions of dollars into conventional alternative energy technologies. Wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and other energy technologies are about to be obsolete. Fossil fuels are going to be considered worse than obsolete. They will belong in the fossil fuel age, not the nickel age.

With 600C steam high efficiency turbines, Stirling engines, and even thermalphotovoltaic systems can be used to produce electricity from E-Cats. Basically, the E-Cat is now capable of powering our world. It can do so without producing pollution, without producing nuclear waste, and without emitting radiation into the environment.

The technology also offers dirt cheap energy. Can you think of any other power source that could consume only 1.5 grams of a cheap substance, probably less hydrogen, and produce 10 kilowatts of output for 40 days non-stop?

Basically, with the E-Cat technology the fuel cost is a non-issue. The fuel to power your home for a year could cost less than a value meal at a fast food restaurant.

New E-Cat Details

This test is being conducted with a new model of E-Cat. The test is using a single module that contains a single reactor core. The reactor core is rated to have an output of 10 kilowatts, and a maximum safe output of 20 kilowatts. We have previously been told this reactor core is smaller than the previous version, but uses more shielding. Instead of many grams of nickel, it only uses 1.5 grams. Instead of a hydrogen canister, a small tablet is placed into the reactor that absorbs and releases hydrogen depending on the temperature.

Interestingly, atomic hydrogen is being produced both by “catalysts” (one or more chemical elements placed into the reactor core in addition to nickel and hydrogen) and by another method. Perhaps by being able to carefully control how much atomic hydrogen is generated the system can remain more stable. Perhaps this is what allows for 600C steam in a stable manner?

Like previous E-Cats, a drive has to be applied approximately half the time to keep the reactions stable. If the drive is not applied the reactor can run away, the reactor core can get too hot, the nickel can melt, and the nuclear reactions will cease. Also, a radio frequency generator is used as in previous E-Cats. Finally, it has been confirmed that copper is still the main transmutation product.

However, there are many aspects we do not understand about the new E-Cat. Rossi has claimed there have been many changes both to the design and the theory. Hopefully, in time we will learn more about these changes.

Upcoming Test Data

In a matter of weeks test data from this extended E-Cat test should be posted. In a matter of weeks the test will not be complete, but hopefully we will get test data from at least part of the test. Perhaps several days or weeks.

This test data should hopefully put to doubt any doubt in the minds of any reasonable person that the E-Cat technology works as claimed. The tests in 2011 actually proved that the technology works, but these tests should prove that the reactor is now totally STABLE at high temperatures, and can produce 600C steam temperatures over long periods of time — actually, FOREVER! (Ok, maybe the E-Cat cannot work forever. Eventually, after years of use it will need to be re-fueled, after a decade or so a part may need to be replaced, or perhaps the super high steam temperatures might do something to the metal. However, these tests indicate an E-Cat can produce high temperature steam and remain stable for a very long period of time).

E-Cat Fever is Only Starting

The E-CAT fever started with a temperature of around 100C in the year 2011. Now it has reached 600C and has been burning non-stop for 40 days. Very soon the mainstream media will be forced to take notice of this fever. When that happens, they need to give recognition to the REAL media outlets like E-CATWORLD that covered this technology when they would not! They will be forced to admit their skepticism, cynism, and ignorance allowed the alternative media to be the ones not only to break this story, but also to keep reporting about it.

While the mainstream media sleeps, the E-Cat fever will continue to spread.

Thank You Mr. Rossi

We should all be thanking Andrea Rossi for answering questions about this technology, working non-stop on it, and enduring undeserved criticism. The fact is that the E-Cat technology is the only proven, practical, robust, and high temp cold fusion technology on the planet.

Hank Mills

Below are the questions that Hank sent to Andrea Rossi, along with Rossi’s answers

1) Is it correct that at this time you are testing an individual high temperature module and not an entire one megawatt plant? IT IS CORRECT

2) Does the new E-Cat module (that would be linked together to produce a one megawatt plant)contain multiple reactor cores? NO

3) What is the rated output of each reactor core in the new high temp E-Cat module? What is the maximum safe output (in torture testing) of each core? 10 kW; 20 kW

4) When did the extended test of the new high temp module begin? APRIL

5) How many days has the new high temp module been running continuously as of today? 40

6) How many days is the test planned to run? AT LEAST 90

7) You mentioned on your blog that there are still problems to be resolved. Can you elaborate on what problems remain? NO

8.) What would you consider as a successful outcome of this extended test? STABLE AND RELIABLE WORK BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT

9) You have stated that the high temp E-Cat module self sustains approximately half of the time, and then a “drive” is applied the other half of the time. From what we have been able to gather in the past this drive is applied to stop the nuclear reactions from becoming too energetic and “running away” which could lead to the melting of the nickel powder. Is the idea of the drive being applied to stop a thermal run away still correct? If not, can you provide some explanation of why the drive is activated? (Perhaps a more interesting question would be what happens in tests in which you do not activate the drive?) THE SITUATION IS NOT DIFFERENT FROM BEFORE UNDER THIS POINT OF VIEW

10) What is the new expected date by which you expect to be able to post test data? WEEKS, NOT MONTHS

11) Extended production of high temperature steam at 600C with a COP of 6 is extremely impressive, and would be of huge value to every nation and military on the planet. It could quickly make certain nations — even unfriendly ones — energy independent. Are you aware of any intent by your military customer to classify any aspect of your technology? NO

12) You have stated there have been many changes to the E-Cat technology. This honestly perplexes me, because I have put a lot of time into trying to learn as much as I can about how your technology works — it has literally become an obsession. ME TOO. AND IT IS IN CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION
The news that a lot has changed makes me wonder if my understanding is now very incorrect, and if I may be spreading false information when I talk about the E-Cat. THE SAME HAPPENS TO ME, AND HAPPENS TO ANY HONEST SCIENTIST: THEORIES ARE LIKE THE WATER OF THE RIVER OF HERACLITUS, WHOSE WATER WAS NEVER THE SAME.

Obviously, you must be careful not to give away information that could be used inappropriately by the very real competitors and “snakes” out there. But could you perhaps provide a few examples of how the technology has changed, even if you have to remain vague about the details? For example….

a) Are catalysts (chemical elements other than nickel and hydrogen) that participate in the production of atomic hydrogen still used in the reactor core? YES. Or do you produce atomic hydrogen in some other way? YES TOO

b) Is a radio frequency generator still utilized in any fashion? YES

c) Stable copper is not an unfavorable transmutation product to produce. It is not radioactive and has some value. Can you indicate what the current main transmutation product(s) are in an E-Cat? If it is no longer copper, are they more or less favorable? Are they still stable? WE HAVE ONLY COPPER AND IS STABLE

  • Cheap as a meal? With COP 6? What about cost of electricity used to drive it? Thermopumps already on the market have COP up to 4. The Rossi invention is revolutionary, no question about that, but give me a break. Nonexpensive, well, yes, but almost free? There is obviously much room for improvement, and LENR, if real, a not very likely to change everything overnight. In very short historical time, yes, and radicaly, sure, but put some brake on your overcharged optimism.

  • DavidenEspana

    “The E-Cat has been operating non-stop producing 600 degree steam. This is big news. It should be on the front page of every newspaper in the nation, and being discussed on every news network.”

    Of course nobody outside of the cadre of true believers will pay any attention. So far this is just more of Rossi says this, Rossi says that. Where’s the beef? Unbelievably after 2 years there still isn’t any.

    Call me back when I can buy a unit at my local builders merchants – till then, looks like a scam, smells like a scam, probably is a scam.

  • Pete

    Unproven claims.
    How much is Rossis word worth? According to his past (and that means last year and this included) its not worth much.
    But its funny to see how fast people fall for his claims again, with no proof, no replication, no product that shows it works.
    His recipe this time: Just let the dust settle and wait, and then make claims even bigger then the last ones. Voila. He said “I let my customers be the judge” but there is no judge because there is no customer. (Oh I forgot the imaginary ferries that did buy his 1MW power plant, no sorry 500kw power plant, that only runs with a 500kw generator attached to it. :)))))) ) So no customer, and no product.

    Amazing though, how people fall for this again and again.

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  • James

    Just use it to heat water for a geothermal power station for a few weeks and everyone will know the truth.

  • M D Smith

    Dec 21, 2012 the perfect launch date for the E-Cat

  • Johnny B. Goode

    With all the hype about the “end of the Mayan calendar”, and the begining of a “new era”, Andrea Rossi would be a marketing GENIUS if he schedules the official launch of the commercial version of the E-Cat to the markets to the date of December 21, 2012.

    That would give him a lot of FREE adverstising. That would multiply the publicity effect.

    If I was the head of the Marketing Department of Rossi’s company, I would schedule the official launch for next December 21.

    Can you imagine the video ads? A narrator says: “Centuries ago, the Mayans predicted that a new era would start on December 2012. Now, this new era is set to arrive. Coming next December 21: the E-CAT! The new era of energy technology!” And them some sci-fi movie music theme!

    • vbasic

      No. That would be chilling, especially for people who are concerned there are dangers with LENR technology. You don’t want to introduce this new technology with a grey cloud over it.


    Jan asks:

    Is there a patent or patent application concerning
    the “catalyst”? What is the difference without catalyst?

    • GreenWin

      LENR catalysts appear to be treated like a trade secret – undisclosed in patent apps. With reason; patent offices are antagonistic toward LENR and if a patent is refused – the “secret” is still published – eliminating the value of IP.

  • georgehants

    Some small parts of science are beginning to wake up.
    Most though continue to act as if the brain is a steam engine and Cold Fusion cannot possible be real because it is outside of classical thinking.
    How much longer will the reductionist fossils in science be allowed to preach their outdated religion to our wonderful young scientists, polluting their abilities to research the Truth.

    Weird World of Quantum Physics May Govern Life
    Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Senior Writer
    Date: 05 June 2012 Time: 11:33 AM ET

    • jacob

      Is this the beginning of the crumbling of those
      fossil fuel tycoons,that have been giving free
      control and rule over the world?
      which appears yet as powerful as the Roman Empire,but they are unable to stop the new and coming LENR technology,even though they are hard at work trying to stop it or take control of it.
      Such is the decree of the Gods and their time is destined to be over and a new age is starting to emerge from the brokeness of these times.
      Crude OIL Prices will tumble to give relief to our heavy burden of high energy cost.

      • Mark

        Please, don’t worry about fossil
        tycoons…they will be OK.
        As of today, LENR has been proved only
        conceptually. The concept has been
        proved not only by Rossi.
        The theory is also exists, either
        WL or even Z-theory.
        The barrier to a commercial LENR
        is the fluctuations of
        the output power, totally unpredictable
        amplitude,inherent instability of the reaction… and there is not any
        theory how to handle this… it might
        be an engineering solution or the
        barrier cannot be scaled and commercial
        LENR will be just as a dream as the
        hot fusion.

        • GreenWin

          And you are sure of this because? BTW there are at least 10 theories for the F&P effect that is the foundation of LENR.

          • Mark

            There is also a solid theory
            of the ‘hot fusion’. Do we
            have commercial hot fusion
            There is a perfectly good
            theory of quantum computing.
            Do we have them in our offices?
            There is a sound AI foundation.
            Do we have intelligent robots
            in our daily life?
            The span between a theory
            and commercial stuff might
            take years, decades, or
            centuries…or never ever…

          • GreenWin

            You contradict yourself. Ambivalence.

  • alexvs

    I see for the first time some posts approaching our point of view.