Why Are You Still Following This Story?

A recent comment on this site got me thinking. Someone simply wrote, “Incredible that this stunt is still continuing.” This obviously comes from someone who thinks that the whole E-Cat story is some attention-seeking (or money-seeking) attempt. But it does make me wonder why, after so many months, people continue to follow this story when we are still waiting for any real-world E-Cat or any other LENR technology to appear.

I heard about the energy catalyzer in January of last year, and since that time I have followed it as closely as I can. I have found out in the process of writing about what I have learned that I am not alone. I have my own thoughts on the topic which I have shared, but I am interested in why people keep coming back to this and other web sites. My site stats show that majority of visitors to this site are repeat visitors, with plenty of people returning hundreds of times.

I know that many visitors are not E-Cat enthusiasts, and some are very skeptical. So, I’m just wondering — what keeps you interested after all this time?

  • Peter

    I want to buy one

  • I’m a semi-pro SF-Fantasy writer. Part of my job is guessing when big science is wrong about technologies being impossible. I watched the whole Flashman and Ponds disaster, but I always thought they dismissed them too quickly. I’m very curious about Rossini and his competitors. If he’s a crook or nuts so what? But if he is right this is beyond big. Worth the time to keep an eye on it.

  • Knighthawk

    “So, I’m just wondering — what keeps you interested after all this time?”

    I check in from time to time mostly as entertainment, I find Rossi’s never ending string of BS comments very humorous, even more so that so many can’t see through them.

  • Jin

    I’m following the developments because as a skeptic, I can’t wait for Rossi to be exposed, and I’m curious to find what excuses he’ll find at the end.
    I mean, if the thing was real, we all know that he probably wouldn’t be alive now (killed by big oil, nuclear, wind and solar corporations).
    If my interests were threatened by cold fusion, I’d either kill him or give him billions to stop developing his invention and make it look like a fraud.

  • ShiveringThermogenesis

    You just never know………..

  • RGCheek

    I follow these threads because the deniars are great for laughs.

    Anyone who thinks that power generation involving nuclear decay of any kind is a ‘perpetual motion machine’ is just flipping stupid beyond words.

    And that is among the milder laughing stocks.

    I think we all know the most prolific deniars are BO astrotrufers. Why should anyone let these cretins get under their skin?

  • Eric

    Conflicting reasons…
    1 Same reason people watch NASCAR, just waiting to see the crash
    2 Hoping for the underdog to once be right and win

  • Ivan Cevallos

    Rossi is most certain a fraud, the steam in his demos could be achieved with 700w. as the water runs very slow though the ecat. And Rossi knows nothing about units, what is a watt hour per hour????? watt per hour makes sense. and all those idiots university teachers in Italy not questioning why so little steam. or why not to force a close system test,where balance of energies could be done. send the steam to the environment, what a bunch of amateurs.
    99.999999 Rossi is scam, do not put you money with him. he never post in his forums questions no convenient to him, I sent many questions about the test, none were published.

  • Roger Bird

    LENR is real. LENR-on-steroids is almost certainly real. Not so certain about Rossi and Defkalion. But these stories about essentially hot air are hot air squared.

  • Seatec Astronomy

    I tend to think LENR is real and like following the progress of the technology, I have always been intrested in *cough* cold fusionish alchemical processes that people don’t believe in for they can’t really be real, that’s just silly right…

    Oh also this is a game changer for the planet.

  • Roberto

    I’m sorry for the delay. My reasons:
    – hope for a green world;
    – being fascinated by pioneers.

  • Wes

    For decades LENR “fools’ gold” has been the Siren Song of lone visionaries. Careers have been wrecked, fortunes spent, pretenders exposed. The seduction of LENR continues; a story born out of curiosity and desperation… “Good and Evil in the Garden of Energy

  • Well i certainly know why some post here. They are paid shills for the energy interests.

    When people attack conventional alternative energy, it is either from gross ignorance or because they are paid to do it.

    The fact is, that Solar PV are cheaper than coal or oil. It represents DECENTRALIZED production of energy, that we can do ourselves in our homes or small businesses. And this is what the monopolists fear most… losing their vast political power over us, and the trillions in easy profits. Solar PV may not be “sexy”, but it cuts our power bill way down and gives us independence.

    Germany, the “cloudiest country in continental Europe”, has 17 GIGawatts of solar PV installed, most of it decentralized. It has been a huge success, for very little government incentive (much less than the US gives in corporate welfare to the most profitable corporations in history). Germany has pledged to eliminate highly dangerous fission nuclear all together, and everyone’s power bill has dropped as a result.

    Prices are dropping all the time now, as the Economy of Scale finally kicks in for solar PV.
    Here is a good example… you can see for yourselves, it’s under $1 a watt now

  • James McC (Belfast)

    I’m a time traveller from 1895. I hear that some lunatic called Henry Ford is proposing a horseless carriage propelled by a series of explosions. What I want to know is, did anything come of it?

    • martin Brennan

      Re:1895 time traveller

      Some Geezer called Carl Benz has one of those contraptions working in Prussia.

      He built it 10 years ago in 1885

  • fwiw

    Why do I follow? I don’t know. If I had an answer to that question, it wouldn’t convey any real meaning, anyway. So … I’ll just give you my twisted view instead.

    Try reading the following and imagine it’s the voice of Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong circa 1970 and he’s sitting right next to you with his long hair, big beard, round eyeglasses and that glazed look in his eyes staring right at you.

    Anything can happen, man

    Think about this

    Man is a truly incredible creature.

    I mean, he does some really wild stuff, man.

    Hey, try this on, man.

    Right now … we operate so much stuff … cars, boats, motorcycles … planes, weedeaters, lawnmowers … using a liquid that … contains atoms … that came from creatures … from a long gone era.

    Creatures that are extinct and will never exist again … that we can only imagine what they looked like.

    For real, dude.

    Get this … when you go to the gas station and grab that nozzle … and put in your tank, you’re like putting a liquid … that was once the eyes, the skin, the teeth, the intestines, the brains, the heart, the lungs of a dinosaur …. right into your tank !

    How bizarre is THAT ??

    More bizarre than anything I can think of in this entire world, man.

    So … just ask yourself, man,

    which is stranger,

    Rossi and his device,

    his claims,

    his quirky behaviors


    me n you driving around on the guts of dinosaurs …. man.

  • Robb

    I’m just like one of the earlier posters–always felt that Pons and Fleischmann got a raw deal and I’ve been rooting for them ever since. I hadn’t checked on the status of cold fusion for a long time but found this site a couple of months ago while Googling for the latest. I knew nothing of Rossi and have found his and associated stories to be tantalizing. Maybe LENR won’t turn out but I REALLY hope it will. I’ll definitely be following here until it’s clear that there’s nothing more to follow. If it does turn out it will be great fun to see mainstream science having to eat some crow.

  • guga

    I always thought that all these renewable energies like solar are too expensive, too complicated, need too many resources. Also energy saving at a certain level seems not reasonable. This is all so retro somehow.
    I always thought that we need the one great invention. The one, that let’s us produce nearly unlimited energy at minimum cost with neglectable waste. That would be the greatest achievement of human intelect. This is so important for the progress of mankind.
    That is why I continue to read and keep my hopes up.

  • Pipmon

    The main impetus is that I have always rooted for Pons & Fleischmann! It seemed to me at the time, and still, that you don’t get to be a world leading electrochemist by faking results and telling lies. So I’ve always believed there was something to their research.
    Rossi? Well of course he would be an astoundingly resounding vindication of Cold Fusion (a la P&F)

    But while we’re at it, why has the vitriol come out so strongly for Rossi but not for, say, Randal Mills (of Blacklight)? His claims are even more far-fetched (viewed from politically correct science) and long-standing and his results have been constantly delayed. To exacerbate things he definitely has had big money backing him all along.
    Could it be because he’s very discreet while Rossi isn’t? (an understatement LOL)
    Or could the fact that Rossi’s English isn’t very good be a factor? (and he’s from Italy!!!)
    Just wondering.

    • jabba

      Nah, R is all new and fresh. Give him a few years.

      BL have been running their scheme for like 20 years, producing a sload of papers and “independent” verifications.

      But there is still no product, no truly independent verification. And they still seem to be doing well, able to gain investors.

      I’d rather see BL as an example how long such a “business idea” could be run without getting into trouble.

  • Dan Woodward

    I follow it because now just about every important lab involved in nuclear and sub-nuclear technology is now pursuing COLD FUSION (aka LENR LANR, LENT, etc.). They know it is a real nuclear process, and that it will eventually result in cheap energy for the world.

    Rossi is simply the first to attempt to commercialize it. His attempt may fail, but someone will follow that up and succeed! I follow Rossi and E-CAT to see when he ships any product to the mystery buyer (my guess is the US Navy. After that, we could learn a lot about the physics and the economics of COLD FUSION.

  • HN
  • azap

    Dear Gentleman,
    i read for a long time your comment.
    I m interest to know the new technologies.
    one rime i work in technologies abaut micronization,fragmentation named DDS Technologies
    by an italaian man, perhaps engeenir, all fall down.
    After 5 years i read abaut a new techologies Bioyeast,and is the same old plant that work
    At the end , I believe that ecat is the same story.
    We will live many years to know what there is inside
    ECAT ….
    We said that ” è una filastrocca”

  • mrG

    Closure. It’s a sci-fi story without an end, it is a conspiracy story where the Warren Report never concludes; every time we think Rossi is full of it, someone else like Defkalion or some university lab makes some statement that might explain Rossi’s information hoarding (eg that Rossi had no ‘off’ switch, or Rossi himself now saying yes there IS gamma, but that it does not escape the box) — so either some industrial spy steals a Rossi box plan and the cat is out of the bag, or the authorities catch up with the mysterious US factory and expose the hoax with an arrest, either way we’d know.

    but on the other hand, we are also reasonably scientific and engineering savvy people here, and so we also know that these things are not invented or perfected overnight. Rossi gained a lot of attention with his boasting about his delivery dates and price points, and it is looking now that those are mere boasts, as was the initial impression that this thing would be the free-energy solution of TODAY, and not just an adjunct heat-exchange hydro-bill reducer that is now claimed. Boasting by new entrepreneurs is nothing new of course, so I think many of us now think, ok, Rossi’s thing will take time, it won’t be the super-cool sci-fi free-energy saviour of the world, but it IS an interesting device even if it never does anything more than make tea and instant noodles.

    So we keep tuning in, just to see, just on the chance that maybe today there will be some closure. I am finding my eagerness to Share LENR items with my net neighbours is greatly attenuated, but as I say, announcements coming out from other labs are just tantalizing enough that I stay tuned to the buzz on the off chance I can come back to my various groups and, as someone here already said, announce, “See? I TOLD you so!” 🙂

    • MrG has said most of I wanted to say, so just ‘I agree!’.

      One other factor for me – desperation. As I read things, the world is now more or less controlled by supra-governmental powers, who are in the process of tightening their grip incrementally through manipulation of state governments and control of individual politicians.

      I foresee a very dark future for the world unless this grip can be loosened, and the internet and the advent of inexpensive distributed energy systems are currently about the only hopes for this.

  • Mark

    I think we all want freedom. From big corporation and big government. Their driven by greed. Wanting all they can get. Regardless who they are hurting.
    I believe alot of technology has been surpressed.That would give an indiviual freedom from such bussiness practices.I know technology alone won’t save us.But it would be a great start. We cannot change the thinking of big business. Unless we have a leveage to work with . Technology that would be bascially free energy. Would be a Big help.
    That is why I search for hope and freedom.

  • Brian

    Mostly it has already been said but the biggest reason is I mentioned it at work and all my co-workers laughed at me. I want it to be real for the world but will enjoy reminding them at work till I retire. 🙂

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah Brian, They didn’t see it on TV therefore it couldn’t possibly be true but I’m sure they could tell you which celebrities are in rehab.

      • Brian

        🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Stephen

      Yes, talking about LENRs I think there is some unreasonable – and even unscientific – skepticism around… I see many research works which are accepted as legitimate science but in my opinion are much more controversial than LENRs, at its present level of understanding and given the evidences collected so far.

      Talking about all these new commercial ventures… I am very doubtful for a number of reasons. It would be cool if it’s true but realistically I think they are just clever illusionists. While I don’t understand skepticism around LENRs, I understand skepticism around eCat and clones, semi-clones, etc. Of course I might be wrong.

  • Sergey from Moscow

    I simple wait when E-Cat will be true.

  • Ryan Eisele

    I’ve been interested in free energy ever since I was a kid, before the web, before cold fusion, and before I ever heard of anyone claiming to have invented a free energy machine.

    I follow this because I just love the idea of getting an endless stream of free energy. Imagine a machine you never have to bother turning off for energy costs. Never having to pull in for some gas. Synthesizing hydrocarbons from the atmosphere and using them to run a car just for fun, just like in the “old days.” Reading old physics and chemistry text books that said all of this was impossible. Watching how the mainstream culture is going to adapt to this. Who is going switch sides in a flash, and say they’d always been there, coming up with the cleverest stories first to say that they were ready for this all along? Watching kids grow up who will never know what it was like to pay for energy. Watching windmills and solar panels become the fads of a bygone era. Laughing at all the newspaper articles, all the FEAR people used to have over what we were going to do when the oil “ran out.” (by that time we’ll be synthesizing it out of thin air, as an ongoing celebration of not having to pump it out of the ground anymore. kids will ask why we keep doing that every year on “e-cat day”, and we’ll have to tell them they’d understand if they grew up in our day.)

    I follow this because I can’t wait for it. When free energy gets out the first thing I’m going to do is plug in an “eternal fan” which I never turn off. Then I’m going to use the savings to figure out how to make all these other free energy devices like the Joe cell, and Floyd Sweet’s barium magnetic self-resonance vacuum triode amplifier. I’m going to concentrate orgone onto cells and change them back to earlier stages, and all of that, the whole nine yards. Then there’s the anti-gravity and creation of a unidirectional force. We’re gonna figure out how Ed Leedskalnin built Coral Castle using the ancient geometry of resonance. Amazing stuff. I’m gonna follow Bruce DePalma’s plans to make a vehicle that pushes against “space itself” for thrust, and uses cold fusion to power it.

    Most of all I just can’t wait to laugh at the text books from our time.

    • Derek

      Same there is too much evidence we are being taken for a ride by the energy tycoons. Hearing about Nicola Tesla and his inventions and the straight out suppression of his research, inspired me to thinking, we are being had by OIL INC.

  • Milo Cook

    I guess I’m hoping it’s for real.

    After all this time, I think the folks involved are deluding themselves. No one can possibly have nothing tangible to show the world if there’s anything substantial to it.