Rossi: $30 Million for an Infinite COP Plant Producing 7.5 MW Electrical Power

Andrea Rossi commented further on the 45 MW plant he has been talking about recently:

Dear Dr Joseph Fine:
1- In a 45 MW plant, if Siemens gives us 30% of efficiency, the COP is not 6, is infinite: the energy to drive the resistances will be made by the E-Cat: if we make 45 thermal MWh/h, 15 electric MWh/h will be made, of which 7.5 will be consumed by the plant, 7.5 will be sold, together with30 thermal MWh/h.
2- The price of a 45 MW plant will be in the order of 30 millions.
3- the price of the energy made by our industrial plants will be made by the owners and by the market.
Warm Regards,

$30 million of course is no small investment, but if the cost of fuel after the plant is built is negligible, the plant may pay for itself quite swiftly. These sized plants could be used for local power in industrial, commercial or residential settings — or to feed into the grid. There would be plenty of excess heat also, that might be able to be reclaimed, partially at least.

It seems that Rossi’s design is dependent upon the size of the Sieman turbine — he has said repeatedly that he is not interested in working around technologies that are in the theoretical or prototypical stage. It’s possible that a scaled down version of this turbine could be built, but it looks like Rossi is going to build around what is available right now.

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  • Brad Arnold

    Power density of typical engine types
    combustion gas turbine 2.9 kg/kw
    medium speed diesel 10 kg/kw
    nuclear gas turbine (including shielding) 15 kg/kw
    nuclear steam plant (including shielding) 54 kg/kw
    Rossi LENR generator 4 kg/kw

    200 tonnes divided by 45 megawatts is about 180,000 kilograms divided by 45000 kilowatts (I always got marked down in math class when I didn’t show my work on the test, but just wrote down the answer).

    • Brad Arnold

      ‘Furthermore, a nuclear plant averages about 1,000 megawatts of heat, the heat generated by about 22 Rossi E-Cat plants. The cost of a 1,000 megawatt nuclear plant is conservatively estimated to 2.4 billion dollars, while the cost of 22 Rossi E-Cat plants (at about 30 million dollars each) is about 660 million dollars – a little more than a third of the price! With no cost for nuclear fuel, no cost to clean up the nuclear waste and get rid of the nuclear waste, and no cost of Fukushima type of accident!!’

      • sapain

        yes, it`s amazing why nuclear and coal power plants r built with today`s solar tech.
        $3.2 bill solar manufacturing plant will produce 6.4GW/yr, in 10 yrs it will be producing 64GW/yr, 20yrs-128GWs.

        out of the two evils, coal should be knocked out first, it dumps alot of radioactive material (uraninium and thorium) as well as so2,no2,co2 into the atmosphere.
        $3.2 bill would create one massive tidal power plant that would help offset night time energy demand for solar.

      • Joe

        Keep in mind a nuclear plant or even a coal plant is know to be a real thing while the e-cat is so far just a twinkle in a garbage man’s eye.

      • Might want to add to that the cost of the building site and generators.

        The cost and risk to the environment and human health care and the costs for government cleanup would be nearly eliminated.

  • Peswiki has dropped their rating of Rossi due to
    statements in the Florida compalaint.

    I would be wary to draw a conclusion on this because the accusation itself is clearly from
    someone who thinks cold fusion is fission and
    has poor judgement or is no so trithful not to know this basic fact before filing complaints.

    Also as far as the investigator statement goes it is so easy to take a generalized statement out of context. The report is not a direct quote but a short summary and definitly not a scientific paper.

    I have been disappointed in some of the statements Rossi has made but some of the reporting has been reading every sentence with speculative out of context dual meaning accusation.

    He and hs accusers have character flaws but the
    bottom line is everyone wants to see his product
    and there is much stronger evidence for than there is against.

    It’s not a perfect measureable world with the dynamic of human interaction.

    Some of the statements are contradictory and we should have known more by now about things like the who the second purchaser is and if the order for the next dozen 1 MW is being filled but we in the public do not face the problems of running this business.

    Unfortuately all we can do is hope he is basically on the course and ont the time frame set upon toward the end of last year. We would not have to hope if something like one of these secret customers took delivery and disclosed the fact by
    now as was expected. That would boost the credibility of his product and cold fusion enormously. So we have to patiently wait but for how long.

    • Larry Michael

      There is NO evidence that the E-Cat is anything more than a very poorly constructed water heater. Plenty of evidence that it does not produce more heat than generated by electrical resistance. All we have in support of Rossi is “Rossi says”.

      Get real.