New Report From Alexander Parkhomov With New Data, Details [Update: English Translation from Peter Gluck and Bob Higgins]

A new updated report from Alexander Parkhomov has been published which includes information from an earlier report he published in December, plus new information and details from further experimentation he has carried out. The new report can be found here in the original Russian. Translation of the text from Russian into English has been providedRead more

Rossi: Parkhomov’s Replication ‘a Good Thing for All’

I sent a comment to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics providing links to the recent data published by Alexander Parkhomov, and the video of his experiment, and asked him what his thoughts were regarding. Parkhomov’s apparent success in replicating the Rossi effect. This was Rossi’s response: Andrea Rossi January 29th, 2015 atRead more

The Parkhomov Effect Could Lead to Cold Fusion / LENR Breakout in 2015

As Alexander Parkhomov continues to speak and publish about his work on the Lugano E-Cat replication effort, it is becoming clear that his work is becoming the major focus of people following the LENR story. For a number of years we have been carefully watching news about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, reading his comments, and studyingRead more

Jack Cole Reports Excess Heat With New Experiment

A new post by Jack Cole on the LENR-Cold Fusion site reports on an apparently successful experiment to demonstrate excess heat from a reactor containing nickel powder, lithium hydroxide, aluminum powder, and iron oxide, with an apparent maximum gain so far of around 11 per cent. Jack has chosen this combination of materials to avoidRead more

Report from Cold Fusion 101 at MIT (Barry Simon)

Thanks very much to Barry Simon for this report from the recently held 2015 Cold Fusion 101 short course held at MIT . CF 101 was again inspiring. Peter Hagelstein is a CF theorist and Mitchell Swartz brings in his experimental data with the NANOR and the PHUSOR. Since 2012 when I first saw aRead more

Current Science Journal Has Special Section on LENR — (Current Science Association and Indian Academy of Sciences)

Thanks to Sanjeev for sharing the following on the Always Open thread. Current Science: a Fortnightly Journal of Research, is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary science journal published twice monthly by twice monthly by the Current Science Association, in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences. The upcoming issue of the journal has a special section titledRead more