If the E-Cat is Real . . . (You Predict)

As October begins the attention of many is turning Rossiwards. Some are already convinced of the validity of Rossi’s E-Cat claims, while others are firmly skeptical. Hopefully it won’t be long before we know which of these camps is right. There are announced events coming up which should prove to convince many uncertain observers one way or another whether Rossi has truly discovered a breakthrough technology.

So while we are waiting for reports from these tests, I thought it might be fun and perhaps informative to ask this question, and see what predictions people came up with:

What if the E-Cat is Real? That is, if as Rossi claims, it really does produce useful energy in a newly discovered way that is far cheaper than anything discovered to date.

I will kick off with some short predictions, and then throw the floor open to anyone who cares to offer other responses (use the comment box). As answers come in, I’ll update the post. Let’s try and keep our predictions reasonably short term, I’d like to review these predictions a year from now and see which were accurate — this is just for a bit of fun — no one will be shamed if they are wrong!

1. Academic textbook publishers will get busy printing new editions.
2. Sculptors and street sign makers will be busy making Rossi statues and streetnames.
3. Oil boomtowns in the US and Canada will see sharp reversals of fortune within a year.
4. Gasoline prices will see a sharp decline within a few months.
5. Railroad freight will drop significantly with the decrease of coal shipments to power stations.
6. The US Congress will hold hearings on the safety of the E-Cat.
7. Wind farm and solar plant projects around the world will shut down.
8. At least fifty new books about the E-Cat will be available on Amazon.com
9. The E-Cat will be featured in political campaign ads.
10. Andrea Rossi will visit the White House.

  • I think not only will this lead to mobile homes that can be located in remote and currently uninhabited areas (as suggested in the post by David Lang) — we will also see how the regions of the earth that are currently covered by water will start to be populated. I can imagine huge fleeting colonies out at sea that rely exclusively on e-cat power for many different purposes (heat generation, desalinization of sea water, electricity, propulsion, hydrogen production, etc.) Fleeting greenhouses for growing plants and vegetables will become commonplace and of course the colonies will also rely on fish farming.

  • David Lang

    people will migrate out of stationary homes and live in e-cat powered mobile homes where they will pay no rent, house payment, or utilities, or they will populate cheap remote land Just in the nick of time as the financial markets around the world tumble from a overload of debt. The biggest expense will be food and water. But with e-cat technology, you can turn cold climates into farmland using insulated tarps and e-cats for heat. The momentum has been in favor of big banks and governments. This is power for the people. A more independent, free life. The possibilities are truly stunning to think about. Oh, be true, be true. The world soooo needs this right now. HOPE! In a little black (or whatever color you choose) box.

  • Phil the drill

    My prediction is that seeing as how the ecat can transform nickel into copper somebody will figure out how to transform platinum into gold etc. Have a look at a periodic table of elements.

    This will finally prove how useless gold is and finally bring down the silly commodities market and the rest of the stock market soon after. Sell everything you have and buy a gun with a lot of ammo 😉

  • Pipmon

    The new “fire” indeed. Any way you look at it, essentially free energy, (automation becomes the norm and extracting nickel and building e-cats could be automated) makes all commodities become extremely cheap. The only things retaining value are those that cannot be extracted or produced in any desired quantity, regardless of how much money you throw at it.

    My guess is that land situated in prime areas will be the only commodity that will increase till it is un-buyable! Head for the hills! (or the beach if that’s your preference).

  • s

    Another prediction: If the much hyped test on Oct 6 fails, is inconclusive, or is delayed for any reason, many people, including me, will lose interest in the ecat/cold fusion. Interest will only perk up again if/when a working cold fusion device is on the market. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…

    • Sebastian

      The much hyped test would be the one at the end of October, not the one tomorrow.
      Though I am quite excited about this next test, especially if it is true what Krivit says.

      • s

        The 1MW test is very important. Let’s think of tomorrow as a preliminary test of the 1MW plant.

  • Dandelion

    An I will give you one example of such change.

    I remember there is a study that shows that a hen that lays eggs consumes less calcium than it produces. This observation led to the conclusion that there happens some kind of biological level transmutation. That is why, in my circle of friends, I am reffering to the E-Cat as “The Hen” :-).

    Now, if the E-cat is real and the scientist understand the mechanism by which it works, and discover that this mechanism applies to the biological transmutation, too, then we could see genetics and biotechnology make it possible to use living cells to produce chemical elements!

    It will not be exactly a fantasy to have a hen that lays golden eggs… or eggs containing high percentages of rare earths – not so rare anymore, China! Or plants with increased contents of certain chemical elements – will we harvest “Fields of Gold”? 🙂

    This will we the most unexpected and clever use of the energy of the Sun – farm mines.
    Agrarian transmutation.

    If the E-cat is real, this kind of line of scientifical pursuit will have more impact on our lives than anything else.

    • Yet another stunningly excellent post. I have not assumed that biological processes are doing transmutations, but if transmutations are possible, why not? I have seriously wondered about the veracity of the current cosmological theory of how the heavy elements got here. My understanding is that in the 16 billionish years that the universe has been around the material in our earth has cycled through the lives and deaths of a number (4, I think) stars. As our star, the sun, has been cooking for at least 4 billion years, this seems odd to me.

      I expect that the scientific world will discover that transmutations have been happening all over the place. If the e-cat then whole vistas of research opportunities exist.

      • Paul Brelin

        Crabs also create far more calcium when molting then is accounted for by the calcium in ocean water and the crab body.

      • qq

        Our universe has 13.7 billion years.
        Very big stars has a life of only a few million years so they produce elements and spread them very fast.

  • Dandelion

    If the E-Cat is real the most important change will not be direct, by the use of the E-Cat powerplants. The most important change brought by a working E-Cat will come indirectly to us, after a longer time, through the changes it will impose in the field of theoretical physics.

  • Rick Gresham

    Don’t mean to sound like a smartypants, but there’s a couple of misconceptions circulating about hydrogen powered vehicles. It can’t be readily distributed with existing pipelines. The hydrogen diffuses into the carbon steel making it brittle leading to fractures, the existing seals and valves won’t contain the small molecules, the pumps used on liquid pipelines won’t pump hydrogen, the compressors used on natural gas pipelines won’t compress hydrogen very efficiently and the pressures needed to efficiently distribute the hydrogen are beyond most pipelines’ capability.

    As a motor fuel, some issues with hydrogen include lack of lubricity so valve stems wear out quickly, it requires a whole new fuel storage, distribution and injection system, vapor leaks/detection challenges. Storage is a big issue, proposals include 10,000 psi cylinders (expensive compression, traveling at 70 mph, poorly maintained as most cars are, mom and kids sitting inches away – I think not), liquid storage (expensive refrigeration, issues with leakage, large expensive storage vessels, small capacity), various solid state storage methods (expensive, experimental).

    Using hydrogen to make DME makes more sense – spark or compression ignition, lower pressure liquid storage – better energy density per dollar storage cost, lower pressure pumps, still a problem with lubricity, still requires a different but less challenging injection system.

    I think the thing that would be most useful in transportation and probably for home CHP is direct conversion of heat to electricity by merging the e-cat reaction with a thermoelectric material. Producing steam to rotate a machine will always be expensive in terms of mechanics and efficiency. Direct conversion elminates moving parts, elminates fuel storage, distribution, consumption issues. It’s a ways off but seems plausible.