The Future is So Bright, We’ll Have to Wear Shades, Thanks to LENR

I recently invited interested readers to submit guest posts for this site. This post is written by Brad Arnold.

Many people reading this may have come to the conclusion that LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) is a valid way of producing heat well over unity.

Estimating that the Rossi E-Cat is burning nickel at 2000 kW per gram, a gram of nickel in an LENR exothermic reaction represents a potential 1.7 billion calories. That would mean that nickel is over ten thousand times as energy dense as oil or coal (but 100 times less energy dense as uranium 235).

Nickel is about 3% of the mass of the Earth, much much more than all of oil, coal, natural gas, and hydrate combined.

In other words, mankind woke up one day with a million times the energy at his disposal than the day before. Huh. I guess a key question is this will affect our economy.

Andrea Rossi has said that he will be selling his LENR produced energy at about one tenth of the cost of conventional forms of energy. With such cheap and clean energy (no carbon emisions or radioactive waste) free market forces should mean that everyone will switch rapidly to LENR. Corporations and individuals will be spending money to save money.

This will mean there will be more money in the economy, and cheaper energy. The cost of energy is everything to an economy. As LENR starts pre-heating water into steam turbines, less coal will be needed. As LENR starts heating homes, less natural gas will be needed. Prices will start coming down. Eventually, less money will be sent overseas for purchases of energy, and the price of energy from overseas will be less because there will be less demand.

With more money coming immediately into the economy from the extra jobs, and more investment capital spent exploiting LENR, budgets start looking better because future energy will be less expensive. People will start having a more optimistic view of the future. This sounds like a positive feedback loop, and the economy could heat up before long.

The best part of this LENR windfall is that it takes about 7 million calories to launch a pound of mass outside our gravity well and into space (remember, each gram of nickel yields about 1.7 billion). Now we’ve got plenty of clean, very cheap energy, so the next constraint on our economy will be raw materials.

With all that energy we now have, let’s run electrical currents through lots of water, harvest the hydrogen and the oxygen, condense it into liquids, and use the rocket fuel with proven technology to boost tremendous amounts of mass into space and develop the solar system.

Visualizing the full potential of turning nickel into copper .(with a little hydrogen, heat, and pressure) takes some getting used to.

When my wife and I visited Alaska, the tour guide described how the early explorers died from a vitamin deficiency, when they could have saved themselves by simply eating a local plant that proliferated in the area. If only the explorers had known!

Today, we have a similar situation. (Partial formula) Ni + H (heated under pressure) = Cu + lots of heat!! It’s unbelievable, but here we have been oxidizing carbon fuel for energy and polluting our air with carbon dioxide big time when all along nickel could have been used in a low energy nuclear reaction.

The future is so bright, we’ll have to wear shades.

Brad Arnold is a USCF National Master at chess, a Senior at the University of MN, and the proud owner of three dobermans.

  • web4YOU

    There is a better way for the generation of electricity.
    A patent-pending engine:
    The Ni-H reactor operates inside a Stirling engine.
    The new thing is that the working medium and the reaction medium is the same.
    Efficiencies of 50 percent are likely.
    And all without water as working fluid.
    It is the generator for the electric cars of the future.

    We will see.

  • We are still waiting that Rossi really proves that it works !

  • Brad Arnold

    I just went on line to convert 517 tons of oil into the equivalent amount of calories, and the calculator says 5.176 billion calories, which according to Rossi’s patient is the amount of calories the E-Cat can release from a gram of nickel. Here I was estimating 1.7 billion calories, a 3x error.

  • Brad Arnold

    The science of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere serving as a greenhouse gas was well established by Svante Arrhenius in 1896, so there is no valid argument that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not cause global warming. It has become well established that other gases, such as methane, in the atmosphere also are greenhouse gases.

    On the other hand, in my opinion, waste heat from exothermic reactions is an underestimated portion of the total heat increase of our biosphere.

    One gram of nickel is the energy equivalent of 517 tons of oil. 517 tons of oil = 1034000 pound of oil = 469436000 grams of oil = 4.7 x 10 to the 8th grams of oil = 1 gram of nickel. That makes nickel even more energy dense than my estimate!

  • Bob norman

    I think the future is very bright for cheap energy. My biggest concern is government jumping in and holding the technology back by not certifying its use and pilling on regulations to slow it down. I’m more afraid of the government being afraid of loosing the tax base on fuels and electricity than I am oil and their lobbyists. If we take homes off grid and make autos to run without gas, think of the government impact. I hope the good of the citizens wins out.

    I think the CO2 is all junk science and we need to get off that kick, it just makes money for the Al Gores of the world.

  • “The Future is So Bright, We’ll Have to Wear Shades.” On this front, well said! That said, as I see the dow down over 200 points again today on Greece worries (with a whole lot of their own), the future looks pretty darn dim. So, as I said to my wife last night “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

    On caveat, however, is that the e-cat will produce a complicated hurricane of socioeconomic effects, not all of which will be rosy by any means. Two examples come to mind. One being those countries and companies who are primarily, or exclusively, oil producers. The other is my brother’s situation, as he works as a geologist in oil exploration. His career will be toast within a year, I fear. Others will go through a lot of turmoil before reaching the sunny shores, such as the auto industry. (There ain’t no way I am buying a new car until it is run by an e-cat.)

    Brad, do check out my blog,, as it focuses on the effects that the e-cat will have on society. It is interesting to peer into this bright future. You may want to join the discussion.

  • Rick Gresham

    Would you care to share your view on acidification of the world’s oceans, presumably as a consequence of increased levels of atmospheric CO2?

  • Rockyspoon

    I enjoyed your article but I take exception to the statement you make that carbon dixoide is an atmospheric pollutant. There is no correlation between earth’s temperature and the content of carbon dioxide–if you have a graph that shows a close correlation I’d like to see it.

    Indeed, I shall offer the opposing view that carbon dioxide is the “gas of life”–at the beginning of this century the atmosphere carried aroudn 285 ppm, which is just 100 ppm above the critical limit of 185 ppm for plants. Now that we’ve increased it to around 390 ppm, plants are doing much better and practically all life forms depend on an abundant concentration to do well. Humans don’t suffer any problems from CO2 until the concentration reaches about 10,000 ppm–a value that will never be reached or even approached by burning all the fossil fuels on earth.

    So please, don’t get sucked into the watermelon mantra of “CO2 is a poison”, or “CO2 is gonna kill us all”, because that’s all just a bunch of hot air!

  • Martin6078

    I´ve printed out and red the Patent of Andrea Rossi WO2009/125444 A1.
    It´s mentionded there one gram of nickel produce the same energy like 517 tons of oil!
    Please cpmpaire page 14 of the document. Therefore ist is even more like any kind of fission and fusion power as well,very much more…!
    We may looking forward to the life test of the 1MW plant the E-Cat in October!
    best regards to all.

  • Cornucopia 11

    My good man, is it possible that we need to consider all ideas in order to find a few that will finally move us forward? With this attitude, mankind will never get to a better way.

    If Rossi is scamming us, then he is sure using all of his own money to do it! I do not know if Rossi has something real, but since March I have claimed that he is ‘worth watching’. Just be patient through October. He has never changed his self proclaimed ‘day of judgement’ since I have been observing him. Know that only in hope can mankind move forward. So I say thank-you Brad Arnold, for writing about “The Future so Bright..”