Collaboration With Readers Making a Difference at Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics (Updated)

There is somewhat of a transformation taking place at the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi’s blog. For a long time it has been a place where people could read articles and ask questions of Mr. Rossi about his work and progress on the E-Cat, and in that role it has proved to be a valuable source of information for anyone wanting to keep up with the E-Cat story.

What’s happening now is very interesting. Since Rossi appealed for help in trying to source turbines that would help him produce electricity efficiently, there has been a large number of apparently very qualified people sending him suggestions and giving him advice on how to proceed. Rossi has become the student in many ways and seems to be very receptive to ideas that are coming to him.

Rossi recently stated, “Nevertheless I am working hard to make electric power. I will get it, do not worry, because I am receiving a tremendous help from our Readers.”

It all shows what a valuable tool the Internet can be in the development of new ideas, and specifically, new inventions. It is tremendously helpful if you can find ways to attract the best minds to help you deal with difficult problems. Rossi has helped himself be communicating openly and warmly with his readers (he always thanks his readers for suggestions); this encourages people to try and help him.

It also helps that Rossi is working on a technology that can affect everyone on the planet — we are consumers of energy, and we have a vested interest in finding solutions to energy related problems, so there is a great incentive to help Rossi succeed.

So if you want to help Mr. Rossi succeed with his E-Cat invention and you have an idea that you think could help, just go to the Journal of Nuclear Physics and send him a message in the comments area — he’s reading them all.


Since I wrote this yesterday there there are more signs that Rossi’s readers are making a difference in his quest for efficient electricity production at low temperatures. In response to a suggestion from a reader regarding increasing steam temperature, Rossi responded,

“Very good question: yes, it is possible, but the higher we go, the more complicated the system becomes. For this reason we are trying to resolve at lower T. I must say that in these days, thanks to the help of all the Readers who sent comments on this issue, we made enormous progress. Maybe we will be faster than expected.” (emphasis added)

  • d.naugle

    the NI melts at a certain high temp. the NI is particles down to micro meter size.
    the particles of NI are therefore likely to bond and reduce the efficiency until the
    reaction stops. the ECAT was designed by two men without 50 lab assistants
    with Ph D’s. wait until the chi-coms get the catalyzer in hand or maybe DUPONT.

  • georgehants

    At last incompetent science, administrates and (nothing beyond known science)peer review journals are being side-stepped and left in their own crazy little world of denial and stagnation.
    The only two areas of science moving are drugs and quantum computers one for insane profits, the other after being ridiculed for years by the same scientific “experts”, because instant classical code breaking is certain.

    The sooner all science becomes open, like Rossi then real progress can start to be made in all areas, instead of every closed-mind shouting it cannot be done, lets talk about the Carnot Cycle where I feel safe.

  • Roger Barker

    Rossi is yet to produce a single ounce of credible evidence to prove his claims. In fact his claims have been growing bolder by the day.

    It is not too long now until October/November. I hope I’m wrong. I am a believer in cold fusion and believe more work needs to be put into this field.

    • Frank (admin)

      Yes, he’s making bold claims indeed. I guess it’s a matter of trust — do we believe what he says or not?

  • atomsk

    John Atkinson – any alternatives? Last time I checked I couldn’t buy Rossi stock/shares 😉

  • John Atkinson

    TWMemphis–Take a deep breath and just sell your oil stock==everything will be alright.

  • atomsk

    “…but the higher we go, the more complicated the system becomes”
    I think the reason is, that when the temperature gets higher, you would have to use other materials that can withstand higher temperatures, without the machine falling apart after a short time. It’s not impossible, but would take more research time and wouldn’t be as cheap. It’s better if he can build a cheap (low temperature) system as proof of concept in a shorter time than wasting time with possible failures of a more complicated system.

  • Burt

    twmemphis: Rossi for sure has more important things to do than to answer all strange questions. He has no obligation to answer. Much better that he concentrates on getting the product ready, I think.

    • twmemphis

      Burt: Yes, Rossi has maybe more important things to do and he also has no obligation to answer.

      Do you know the meaning of “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.”?

      I want the E-Cat to be real, I really do. But I have a normal human scepticism which everybody should have in life. Before I trust someone, the person needs to show me that I can trust him. I expect to see some things that make me trust.
      Sometimes I think that many of the readers and bloggers about the E-Cat are a bit like “religious”. If anybody says anything critical or skeptical, he is a snake and must be ignored, because he must be wrong. Don’t you think it is good, normal, human to be sceptical?

      What I have seen so far from Rossi, the good things (few presentations) and the bad things (really bad history of Rossi, tons of ignored and unanswered questions with partially really angry replies to serious questions) did not make me trust in him. But I am still here, I am still reading everything, I am writing into this blog, so I am not totally giving up. But I am really disappointed.

      Yes, I will wait for October, like we all will wait for October. But there is no guarantee that there will finally be public independent tests done in October. All we know is what Rossi tells us, which is not really much. A “Yes” to a question here, a “No” there, sometimes we hear a “this is confidential”.
      He says there will be a 1MW plant released in October, but who buys it and why, what for? “Sorry, this is confidential”.
      So when can we really and guaranteed see independent testing? I really hope that this will also be the case in October and that all our patience, our blog-entries, our energy spent in listening to the things Rossi says will really end up with a functional product.

  • twmemphis

    The people stopped asking questions because after hundreds of questions there are no real answers coming from Rossi, just relatively empty words.

    On the point of increasing steam temperature: Inside are very hot temperatures. I wonder what reason there should be why the heated medium (water or other) could not be heated hotter than 100 degrees.

    But again, asking the question will result in a much too general nothing-saying reply again.

    • d3x0r

      Duh, it can be, that’s why he needs turbines. Maybe you get empty words, because a stupid question deserves a stupid answer; but if you don’t have something nice to say, say a lot of nothing.